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Another Day On The Road And The Unexpected Adventure Continues

LongRoofian July 9, 2015 Road Trip 8 Comments


So here this olelongrooffan is just outside of town containing Billy Carter’s Phillips 66 gas station and feeling refreshed after an overnite in the pilot’s seat of my longerroof and I decided to hit up the local stop and rob for a cup of java. Lo and behold, after consuming some of that solution, this road sign was spotted just around the corner. At the time it seemed somewhat ominous but, overall, everything seems to be rosy.


And I was able to continue to Celebrate Life with the sighting of this rare hatchback less than a mile down the roadway. Surprisingly, it was in rather good condition and other than some fading of the whitewalls on those donut sized tires, there were no other flaws this olelongrooffan could see. No posted price on this beauty but the odo showed a mere 31,000 miles. Not a bad looking car for a not so good car.


And just so my fellow Hoons don’t arrive at the conclusion the only thing that interests this olelongrooffan are cool old vehicles, I do appreciate a bit of old architecture as well. But that’s enough, this is Redusernab afterall, not This Old House.


And this old Datsun tow truck certainly fits the bill of cool old vehicles. I spotted this while cruising up some four lane divided highway in northern Georgia, if I remember correctly Alabama somewhere.


Now back when this olelongrooffan was sitting in theKid’s garage chatting up this adventure with thejeepjunkie, it was realized that for whatever reason, I did not have a map of these here United States. I inquired as to whether thejeepjunkie had a spare road atlas for this olelongrooffan to utilize during this Unexpected Adventure. “Damn, longroof, I just put two out in recycling yesterday, let me see if they are still there.” A moment or two later, he returned with a somewhat Bud Light soaked Randy McNally and this olelongrooffan was in business. thejeepjunkie did state that he wasn’t sure of why this olelongrooffan would need one of these, “just set that factory installed directional device installed above the windshield in your longerroof on NW and you are good.”


Now this olelongrooffan added that bit of information for my fellow Hoons to realize that on this trip, I seem to find myself on broad shouldered four lane divided highways. Not necessarily the Eisenhower Interstate Highway but just a notch down on the limited access highway status. And why do I come to the conclusion that four lane roads seem to be the rule on this Road Trip. I Am Using thejeepjunkie’s Map. Yeah, that guy doesn’t get off Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway other than to refuel and defuel. So it is no surprise to be continually finding myself on the type roadways he enjoys, afterall it is his map. And he laughs at me for taking 3 days to travel 1,200 miles. Oh well.


But it was just a bit further up that four lane roadway that I spotted this old 57 Chevy parked alongside that aluminum picket fence alongside that roadway and knew a stop to check it out would be necessary. Adjacent to that old 57 was a covered car port and inside was this vintage old Bentley. Ironically enough, on my last major Road Trip I spotted one of a similar vintage just inside the Arkansas line while traveling back to the Birthplace of Speed.


Yeah, that old race car was parked in the parking lot of this railroad museum. I can share the fact with my fellow Hoons that the museum was closed and no amount of googling it ever entered my mind.


Afterall, there were Corvettes to be seen. Yeah, there were four Corvettes parked under that carport along with that old Bentley. Three of them were sporting “vintage” automobile license plates issued by the great state of Alabama. I am pretty sure those Corvettes, left to right, are C4 through C7 and all in fantastic condition.


And while this old Bentley was not in as pristine condition as those Vettes, it did sport an even cooler badge on its rear end. Incidentally, years ago when I first posted that image of that Arkansas Bentley, I mistakenly identified it as a Rolls Royce. Well none other than the esteemed chimed in to correct this olelongrooffan on the error of my ways.


Soon after leaving that railroad museum this olelongrooffan finally found myself on a twisty, winding two lane roadway that I had been desiring. And I sure was glad that I found myself there as I spotted this old Corvair wannabe racecar languishing on the side of that roadway in the parking lot of an abandoned gas station.


It was situated just a few yards from this old square Bird that was blocking a 72 Ford Galaxie, Ford pickup and Mercury Cougar from exiting the premises.


And back in the corner was this bunch, including this pair of VW Beetles and old Lincoln from the early 70’s.


And two Beetles and a single Lincoln are not enough, let’s add a Super Beetle and another vintage Lincoln to the mix. Never did quite figure out what was up with this bunch of old cars but there were several more just around the corner which I spotted upon exiting that dilapilated parking lot.


As this olelongrooffan knew what a future destination on this Road Trip would be, I had to stop and gather this image to share with my fellow Hoons. More to come.


And last but not least, another image of some old architecture. And the significance of this sighting? Well, my fellow Hoons, this is the birthplace of Helen Keller just outside Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Yeah, what is a Road Trip without a sighting such as this?

Stay Hooned.

Images Copyright Redusernab 2015/longrooffan

  • stigshift

    So sorry to hear of the end of your travails in the land where the Water is Clear, and sorry I didn’t stop in when the opportunity presented itself. I can, however, as a long time resident of the area and full time car guy, assure you that you are better off no longer being associated with that outfit. They have a far less than stellar reputation in the area. For at least thirty years. Better things ahead, my friend. And enjoy your well deserved road trip!

  • mve

    I’ve been to the Helen Keller house myself, although I was a child then.

    Love the old T-Bird.

  • stigshift

    So does Muscle Shoals love the governor?

    • Madoc

      No, but Muscle Shoals, they’ve got The Swampers.

    • longrooffan

      According to a certain band, they do love the Governor.

  • marmer

    When I grow up I want to be Kit Foster.

  • Poor old Squarebird.

    Oh, and I think the ‘Vettes are C3, C4, C5 and C7.

    • longrooffan

      If that is so, I do stand corrected…

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