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Long Shots: 1975 Plymouth Gran Fury Coupe Brougham

So this olelongrooffan has to share with my fellow Hoons that there have been a lot more pit stops than increasing radius curves in my life the past coupla months. Yeah so much so that thehorsefarmer told me to head on up to spend some time with him and thebarngoddess being “.” “Besides, there is this thing about a Coupe.” My fellow Hoons who have been counting along with me will remember many moons ago when I was bamboozled out to Haven Lee Farm to assist with a Coupe then as well. Only that time it was a chicken coop. Well this time around it was a bit different.


Yes, my fellow Hoons, this time it really is a actual coupe, even if it is on a lot just this side of the tracks over there in that cool burg known as Dade City, Florida. It is a Plymouth Gran Fury Coupe Brougham and it is gorgeous. A mere 55,000 miles showing on its clock and nary a scratch to be seen.


It was bright maroon in color with a maroon interior with checker patterned seat seat cushions front and rear. No rust, cool half landau roof and those full size wheel covers. I couldn’t tell it from a 1975 or a 1976 as both years appeared to be identical to this olelongrooffan these days. Update while editing…looking closer at the ass end grill, it looks closer to a 74 model year so I am sticking with a 75 for this one, but remember for memory, it’s not the age, it’s the mileage. I do know we sported around in a 1976 Gran Fury Custom Sport Suburban longroof back in the day in this color with a white crème colored interior and it was a blast. Although I am sure TheGentlemanFarmer cringed every time he stopped by Mason’s Log Cabin, just up Highway 66 a piece from Paris Springs Junction and Marcal’s Gay Parita Sinclair station whenever the bill for the petro for that ballast needed to be settled up.


But back to this coupe. It is just gorgeous and the fact the seller is asking nearly 7 large for it but is willing to trade for a Maserati that based on what some Maseratis I saw sell for a few weeks ago at a couple of auctions, this seller is not that far off. This olelongrooffan just wished I could specify correctly the specific age of this one.

76 burb

I even went back into this olelongrooffan’s archive, this one entitled “Dad’s Cars” to see if I could find anything specific on his longroof to assist in delineating the year of this sweet old coupe. Nope but that sighting sure did bring back some sweet memories. Thanks to thehorsefarmer for that bit of sentimentality.


But Wait!! What is that over there?

Image Copyright Redusernab 2015/longrooffan

  • neight428

    It’s hard to imagine how anything out of the Big 3 in the mid-70’s could have been continuously loved for nearly 40 years to have remained in such condition. Perhaps it was abandoned in some kind of desert cave.

    • Please Stand By

      Cave finds are going to be the next big thing.

  • William Robinson

    I think id want to keep this car rather than a Maserati. I can just imagine the all kinds of hell a seven thousand dollar could be. Also alignments for $39.99 wow, up here in eastern canukistan a single axle alignment is at least a hundred bucks.

  • Mr Smee

    Gawd that’s ugly! Like some weird mash-up of an Olds, Buick and a T-Bird. Hard to believe the sleek fuselage Plymouths of just a few years earlier led to this.

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