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Project Car SOTU: The Exalted Collection Of Cameron VanDerHorst

Bradley Brownell May 11, 2015 Project Cars 4 Comments

Cam Lead Image

[As a member of the Cammed and Tubbed Podcast *Every Friday Morning, available exclusively on the Redusernab Network Of Podcasts*, Cam sent me this blurb to include in the project car SOTU today. Hopefully you enjoy hearing about his quartet of lovely project cars. If you listen to the podcast, you’re likely already familiar with them! – BB]

Hi, I’m Troy McClure Cameron VanDerHorst. You might recognize me from “The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast,” the “other” podcast here on Redusernab. Since it’s PCSOTU time, I thought now was as good a time as any to introduce my projects to you.

Pulleys N’ Flows!

11253779_10205986778203934_1546601584_n (1)


This is my ///M3 CSL LCI sDrive 46i EfficientDynamics 1996 Ford Mustang SVT Mystic Cobra. With its wild color-shifting paint from BASF and its complex, all-aluminum, 32-valve DOHC V8, the 1996 SVT Mystic Cobra was 7-year-old me’s dream car, briefly dethroning the Porsche 911 and Lamborghini Countach. I only ever saw one in person in the intervening years, and through serendipitous circumstances (read: the owner’s impending divorce) I ended up purchasing the car on the 29th of December in 2011. Of particular note is the car’s status as a Canadian export model, with bilingual English/French warning labels, metric speedometer, and engine block heater (!) as standard. Just a few bolt-ons for now; this year I hope to do some suspension work, fit a set of new wheels & tires, and personalize the well-preserved stock interior. Here’s a picture of it with some large-by-huge Nittos that were given to me by a friend.

The Deuce



Up next is my 2011 Mazda2. Ordered new in September of 2010 and picked up the week of my birthday in December of that year, my Mazda2 has been a faithful daily driver ever since, racking up over 60,000 miles as of this writing. Easily one of my favorite cars I’ve ever owned, it’s economical, reliable, comfortable, well-built, and it handles like a four-door Miata. Even though I take it for granted sometimes, it still manages to put a smile on my face and has lately proved itself a worthy opponent to many bona-fide sports cars at a local autocross event. Plans this year include suspension & brake upgrades, with an exhaust & tune if the budget allows for it. If you listened to the podcast (and you should!), you’d know by now that after months of agonizing indecisiveness, I ordered a set of 15×7” Enkei Classic Compe wheels in gunmetal with wide, sticky Yokohama S.Drive tires for it. This is probably the car of mine that you’ll be seeing the most of in the coming months.

Helga The 911



This is Helga, my 1984 Porsche 911. 1984 was the first year for the Carrera 3.2, the ultimate evolution of the original 911, prior to the introduction of the 964 series in 1989. With a stripped-out interior, wide Fuchs, loud exhaust, and aggressive street alignment, she well on her way to becoming totally rad. She is currently under the knife at an undisclosed location in Michigan (fat camp), undergoing a slow transformation into a coked-out Magnus Walker-esque hot rod. NO, I’M NOT GOING TO BACKDATE IT STOP ASKING YOU NERDS!

This car is so rad, it even has .

The Basket-Handle Rabbit



Last is our (I say our, but it really belongs to my lovely girlfriend) 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible. Purchased last year, we’ve been working together on catching up on deferred maintenance and restoring it mechanically before we tackle the bodywork and paint. Plans for this year include suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires.

All photos ©2015 Redusernab/CVDH, All Rights Reserved.

  • JayP

    Just don’t do any Walker-ish, oddpaint panels. It look cool the first time. Then it looked lame.
    That maroon is almost brown. Keep it.

    • Cameron Vanderhorst

      The color is one of my favorite Porsche colors ever, Rubinrot. I assure you that any body panel mismatch is only temporary…it will be repainted in the factory color at some point in the future.

  • Hey, you’re from Ohio! Howdy from Columbus.

    Nice little stable of vehicles. Don’t see many Mystic Cobras. The color shift paint was never my thing, but I always thought it was cool that Ford made them.

    • Cameron Vanderhorst

      Hey! Hello from up north (Cleveland area).

      Thank you for the compliment. I always loved the color; it’s why I bought the car in the first place. It’s effectively rekindled my love of Mustangs and now I can appreciate them in any color. 🙂



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