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In Memoriam Of One Of Our Own

Deartháir February 2, 2015 Announcements, Featured 20 Comments

Joe Lynn, aka chrystlubitshi.

We have a sad announcement to make from behind the scenes at the Redusernab-Atomic Toasters Galactic Central Command. We have lost one of our own. One of the original group of commenters who followed us here to our new corner of the internet, back when we first started Redusernab so many years ago, has passed away at a very young age.

Those of you who have been here since the early days will no doubt recognize his screen name, and many of you may have known him in person or on Facebook; Joe Lynn, known here as chrystlubitshi, passed away suddenly on January 27, at only 32 years of age, leaving behind a young son.

Joe had been going through a very rough time in his life in recent months. I had personally been talking to him almost nightly, trying to help him navigate some very stormy seas; to that end, there was some concern that perhaps he had succumbed to the weight of depression or despair. It comes, then, as some small measure of relief to report that his death was ruled accidental, with no foul play or negative influences suspected. Joe passed away in his sleep, as peacefully as one can hope for, and we wish him clear roads ahead for his journey into the great beyond.

Joe managed to keep a positive attitude thanks to the two things he held most dear in his life; his passion for cars, and his unrepentant love for his son, Walter. Those who knew him, knew he was scarcely able to go more than a few minutes without mentioning Wally, his “greatest accomplishment ever”.

To that end, we here at Redusernab and AtomicToasters have set up . We thought it would be a nice gesture to pass the hat and collect what we can from the people Joe considered friends from our own little online world. I’ve heard from several of his family members, and they said he frequently mentioned Redusernab, and spoke of the great group of people he’d gotten to know here. We thought that the least we could do was to let his young son know that we thought just as highly of him.

Whatever money we collect will be invested in a long-term savings bond in Wally’s name, timed to come to maturity in 15-16 years, roughly around the time Wally will be graduating high school. We’re hoping that a gesture from us, received when he’s graduating, will help young Wally know that his dad was a man he could be proud of, and one that earned the respect of his peers.

If you can’t afford to contribute, we completely understand. If you can afford anything, even $20, that donation will be welcomed and received gratefully.

To contribute, please .

  • SSurfer321

    I didn't personally know CHRYSTLUBITSHI. But, damn, this is heartbreaking. We're not supposed to go out this young.

  • chrystlubitshi Replied to a Post by Tanshanomi 11/13/09 5:37pm
    @Tanshanomi: just how have i never heart clicked you before… you constantly have above-average comments/info to offer/humor.

    In case I never took the time to say so, thanks. And back at ya, Joe. You made the past five years more enjoyable.

    • That was the earliest interaction I could find between us at REDACTED. If you aren't sure if you know Joe, you do if you're a regular here. Read back through and enjoy some comments from an obviously cool guy:

  • This is incredibly sad. Strength to the surviving Lynns.

  • Han_Solex

    Tragic. Thanks for this piece, and thanks for setting up the fund. I didn't know Joe, but I wish I had.

  • The Professor

    It's truly tragic when one so young passes in such a manner. He will be missed.

  • What a great group of folks. Tonight I shall do a burnout in Joe's honor.

    (And by burnout of course I really mean just peeling out a little in the dirt… but you do what you can.)

  • Tramp

    So young, so sad. Rest in peace Joe, from a YankTank driver in the UK.

  • jeepjeff

    I didn't know Joe IRL, but I knew him on this board. As an inmate of the MOPAR Madhouse, I loved seeing his nickname pop up. It worked so well as a wordplay on the terrible greatness of DSMs. We had some good discussions (I thought), and I am going to miss him.

    I wish all the best to Joe's family. And I'm pouring out the first shot of my next oil change for you, Joe.

  • skitter

    The world was better because he was in it.
    And now it's a little bit quieter with him gone.

  • Smells_Homeless

    And now we retire the name Chryslubishi. Sleep well, Joe.

  • Joe was one of the voices that made this place great. He is missed.

  • So long, Chrystlubitshi, but not goodbye, I'm pretty sure there's some of your DNA programmed into this site somewhere. Wishes of eternal peace and happiness are being broadcast from this callsign.

  • So sad.

    He will live on in our thoughts.

    • BTW, you're a good man for doing this Deartháir.

      • Deartháir

        Don't give me the credit. This was a group effort by a whole bunch of people who wanted to show that we care. I'm just the one who still has a login here at Redusernab that the powers that be haven't noticed to post it and let people know.

        • " I had personally been talking to him almost nightly, trying to help him navigate some very stormy seas"

          Shut up and let us love you, you stupid jerk.

  • Damn. Kids with kids aren't supposed to die. Very sad to hear of this. I wish his son well.

  • peakobooST

    Hello all! I am Ben, Joe's youngest brother. I wrote a few on Facebook, but I want to express mine and my family's appreciation to all those who are active on the site. Joe is a big part of the reason I am deeply interested in cars. Always full of information, intricate details and insight into cars, both past and present, Joe taught me of the Redusernab. Joe talked often about the car community, it has been comforting to see how deeply he impacted those he interacted with. I can't fully express how comforting it is to see the efforts of the car community tying together to put up funds for Joe's son, Walter. Wally already expresses his love for cars, and I can't wait to see that grow. Thanks again, everyone!

  • longrooffan

    I am saddened that I received this reach out from Joe last year as a comment on one of my posts and while I responded to him to me at my personal email address, I never received anything and did not further follow up. RIP Joe and wishing all the best to your surviving family. Death is always a challenge but how the surviving family and friends handle it is the best reflection of a person's life.

    Wishing all the best that can come of this situation.

    God Speed Joe.

    John, olrf, which ever you prefer. Never excuse your digressions. that is why we read your wandering articles… we learn about you now, in the past, snippets of cool shit you know, have experienced, people you've interacted with. and efffff me if I'm wrong, but you celebrate life in the moment. with a camera too, so you can share. I hope you might this young fan of your works to offer some friendly adfvice and council. …… you know how to connect. thanks and congratulations again



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