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Redusernab on Xbox One – We are growing!

Jason Connor January 26, 2015 All Things Hoon 9 Comments

Ever since we started the Redusernab Car Club on Xbox One, things have been growing quite well thanks to you our dedicated readers. We would like to increase our online presence and perhaps have some car meets or just mess around the the great expanse that is Forza Horizon 2. For those who have joined, let us know what you would like to see and we can schedule an online session. If you haven’t joined yet and have an Xbox One you can find us on Forza Horizon 2 by searching for the Club Title: HNVS or search Redusernab.

Going even further we are also on Grand Theft Auto 5. Thanks to grabbing our crew title early we finally have the rights to HOON as our crew name.

Images: ©2015 Redusernab/Jason Connor, All Rights Reserved

  • Eric Rood
    • Don't buy into that IBM hype. Commodore BASIC 4.0 still has a lot of life in it.

  • GregKachadurian

    No Xbox One for me but I just joined the GTA crew. Is anyone else getting it for PC?

    • I'm a Mac guy, unless I partition my drive I wont be on the PC versions unfortunately.

  • Krash Kadillak

    Can I get access to that on X-Box 360? Just got a system.

    • GregKachadurian

      GTA Crews are cross platform I believe. I was able to join and all I currently have GTA on is 360 as well.

  • Maymar

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    XBox One seems entirely too modern for us. My newest system is over a decade old. I would like to bring our attention to though,

    • Works on a Mac, I was playing with that a bit last week

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