• Ben

    We are considering an E500 wagon for our next car… either that or an R500. I'm torn. The R class is like a nod to the minivan, without going all the way. I like the space. I like the V8. I'm just a little concerned about how much of a PITA engine maintenance will be on that v. the E500, just purely due to access issues.

    • I like both choices. I like the rarity factor of the R, but love the looks of the E Wagon.

    • Rover_1

      R-Class because AWD V8 Minivan.

  • wunno sev

    i'm a big fan of every E-Class besides the W210. they're all handsome, understated cars that can kick ass if they need to.

    the one that came after the W210 is a little bland, maybe, but you could still get that E55 or E63 wagon version. the current and previous ones? pure class. i am so happy that mercedes still gives us wagons and good midsizers.

  • Guest

    Pretty sure it's a 6, not a V8.

    • audiofyl

      This is correct.

  • Maymar

    As apathetic as I am to diesels, I'd love to see an E250 or E350 Bluetec wagon.

    Still, this is part of the short list of cars I'd immediately go for if I were obscenely wealthy..

  • Kyle

    Jeff, have you thought about including some cross shopping ideas in your videos? I.e.- for the same $70K as this would you rather have a S4 wagon or used CTS-V wagon. Just an idea.

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