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Mercedes-Benz E350 Wagon: Long Live the Longroof!

The wagon… It’s fallen out of favor over the course of the last few decades thanks to the rise in popularity of sport and crossover utility vehicles. That’s a shame, because the wagon is the TRUE sport utility vehicle in the market.

Case in point is this 2015 Mercedes-Benz E350 wagon. It’s powered by a 302-horsepower V8 engine, has seating for up to seven people, or it can be used to haul a whole lot of stuff. This longroof drives in a manner that’s far more enjoyable than any SUV or CUV counterpart, and it looks better as well.

Only a handful of automakers are still cranking out wagons… which means only a handful of automakers still get it. Long live the longroof!

[Disclaimer: Mercedes-Benz tossed me the keys to this wagon for a week, and included a tank of gas. I actually got oddly ill while shooting the car, which wasn’t the fault of the Benz. Can you tell I feel like crap during the video? I did love the car though.]

  • Ben

    We are considering an E500 wagon for our next car… either that or an R500. I'm torn. The R class is like a nod to the minivan, without going all the way. I like the space. I like the V8. I'm just a little concerned about how much of a PITA engine maintenance will be on that v. the E500, just purely due to access issues.

    • I like both choices. I like the rarity factor of the R, but love the looks of the E Wagon.

    • Rover_1

      R-Class because AWD V8 Minivan.

  • wunno sev

    i'm a big fan of every E-Class besides the W210. they're all handsome, understated cars that can kick ass if they need to.

    the one that came after the W210 is a little bland, maybe, but you could still get that E55 or E63 wagon version. the current and previous ones? pure class. i am so happy that mercedes still gives us wagons and good midsizers.

  • Guest

    Pretty sure it's a 6, not a V8.

    • audiofyl

      This is correct.

  • Maymar

    As apathetic as I am to diesels, I'd love to see an E250 or E350 Bluetec wagon.

    Still, this is part of the short list of cars I'd immediately go for if I were obscenely wealthy..

  • Kyle

    Jeff, have you thought about including some cross shopping ideas in your videos? I.e.- for the same $70K as this would you rather have a S4 wagon or used CTS-V wagon. Just an idea.



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