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A Day With TheKenMan: The Naples/Marco AACA Show At The Depot, Chapter 2

LongRoofian September 29, 2014 All Things Hoon 8 Comments


So as this olelongrooffan mentioned last week, my buddy TheKenMan and I did the trifecta of car show goodness one day last winter and ended up at the Antique Automobile Club of America’s Naples/Marco Island chapter’s annual car show at the Naples depot. Now, other than the 1947 Club Car and the 1909 caboose they have on a section of track there, . The Depot does have a pretty kickass Lionel train layout should a Hoon choose to fork over a fin to gain acceptance. Needless to say, TheKenMan and this olelongrooffan were to cheap too fork over that kind of folding that day. We were, after all, there to see the free car show. And we did.


There didn’t seem to be  a whole lot of overall organization to the placement of the display cars. There was a sweet old wide mouthed TR3 parked immediately adjacent to a pair of BRG Camaros which were parked adjacent to this sweet oleragtop. Much like the Special I remarked about in the previous post, this one is truly a desirable one.


Much like that W30 442 that was situated just a parking slot away. This olelongrooffan doesn’t remember it being a Linda special, it was, much like Linda back in the day, extremely desirable. But then, what drop top isn’t?


And parked just a Chevelle SS away, nestled between that SS and a Unimog, was this sweet 1960 Poncho. This olelongrooffan doesn’t remember if it was one of Uncle Frank’s favored Bonnevilles or merely a Catty. Either way, that tudor hardtop was in sweet condition. Plus it possessed the correct for car show equipped water based fire extinguisher.


Now, this olelongrooffan has professed previously that, while I like them, I am not a huge fanboy of the tri-5 Chevys. It seems like there are more of them at every show I attend and each one is optioned out with more options than the one seen just last week. I certainly appreciate their owner’s interest but, to me, I love that previously seen Poncho so much more. I am a Hoon, after all.


Now, having said that, this ’57 Belair ragtop is red over red ragtop is to die for. Except for the fact this olelongrooffan has seen one just like it at nearly ever car show I have attended in recent memory.


But my fellow Hoons, this 1963 eight lug wheel possessing Grand Prix is so much more desirable to this olelongrooffan than any tri 5 will ever be.


And this olelongrooffan has this to say about that. I freakin’ know I’m getting old when a generic Brown Car Society 1972 Ford LTD hardtop fordor hardtop sedan is admitted to an Antique Automobile Club of America event. It’s time for this double nickel olelongrooffan to go hit the sack and pull the covers over my head.

Images Copyright Redusernab 2014/longrooffan

  • That Gran Prix is way nice, but what is that yellow thing? Its roof looks suspiciously long-ish enough to warrant a photo of its own!

    • wunno sev

      Pantera is my guess
      <img src=";

      • wunno sev

        j/k this is the pantera you're looking for

        <img src=";

        • I approve of both Pantera messages! I actually thought the rear window looked to big for a Pantera, I suspected Espada. But the door handles don't look right.

          <img src="; width=600>

          • dr zero

            I guessed Espada too, found out I was wrong and gave up. So thanks Wunno.

            • Maxichamp

              Ferrari 308 GT4.

  • 66Mustanger

    Hey, OLRF, is that an approved, water-based fire extinguisher at the left front corner of the Brown Ford sedan? BTW, I am totally with you on getting my head around what you and I consider "used cars" as classics. But, I'm finding an appreciation I never had for some of the finer examples of preserved every day cars from all the eras. I'm talking about models that ended up in the crusher because they've served their utility and are no longer loved. There is a 1966 off-white Chevelle tooling around town recently, with skinny bias plies on steelies and dog dish caps, little to no trim, probably a six under the hood. I love it every time I see it, mostly because it reminds me of every day life back then, not just those rare times you'd catch sight of a 396 SS Malibu. It's why I love perusing the posts here from our fellow Hoons.


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