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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Rescue this 1969 Saab 96, because you can do it…

Jim Brennan September 21, 2014 For Sale, Weekend Edition 19 Comments

1969 Saab 96 - Google Chrome 9212014 103751 AM.bmp

Once in a while, there is a serious Craigslist listing that seems to take the form of hero worship. This is one of those listings. Here we have a seller of a vehicle that he personally rescued from sitting in a pasture for a few years, but knows his limitations, and wants to see it go to a good home. Make the jump to read the entire listing…

1969 Saab 96 - Google Chrome 9212014 103802 AM.bmp

According to the seller:

What we have here is an unloved vintage Saab for sale. I rescued this little swedish wonder from a pasture where it sat for the past 6 years. I now have it in a garage waiting for a vintage Saab enthusiast to give it some TLC. This car is good for one of three things. It could be restored to its original swedish glory (or converted into a rally car), parted out to its swedish brethren, or it could be fixed up and driven as is.

1969 Saab 96 - Google Chrome 9212014 103805 AM.bmp

I want this car to go to an enthusiast and for the car to live on. I am willing to negotiate the price. I won’t sell it to you if you plan on scrapping it unless you save absolutely every usable part of it first. I can’t restore it myself as I’m in college and don’t have the time or money. The rust (detailed later) is fixable, but it will take a bit of metal work. Just call up Bruce Turk (http://youtu.be/tQxD0E62m7s) and ask him how to use a MIG welder. Maybe I’ll buy it from you if you restore it. I would love to use this 96 as a daily driver.

1969 Saab 96 - Google Chrome 9212014 103838 AM.bmp

The good:
– The headliner and sun visor’s are perfect.
– Literally all of the electrics (gauges, lights, etc.) work. I haven’t tried the radio.
– The engine fires just fine. As I said before, the fuel line is clogged so it needs to be bottle fed.
– As far as I know there is nothing wrong with the transmission.
– It’s a Saab 96 long-nose with a four-stroke V4! How cool is that?

1969 Saab 96 - Google Chrome 9212014 103907 AM.bmp

The bad:
– It was given the world’s crappiest respray at some point in its life, and it’s peeling everywhere. It was originally Hussar Blue
– It’s been sitting for a while and the fuel tank needs cleaning and the fuel lines are clogged.
– The brakes don’t brake. I’ve been told it needs a new master cylinder.
– The tires are totally shot. Just throw on a set of used ones and you’ll be good.
– The seats all need reupholstering.
– Now for the really bad part. There’s rust. Lots of rust. That is by far the biggest problem on this car. I’ll to describe it in good detail as to not hide anything. There are rust holes in several body panels. The only panels that have little or no rust at all are the hood, front fascia, roof area, and the right front fender. By far the worst damage is in the floor pans. The sides are pretty much gone, but the middle of the floor pan is totally fine (as shown in a picture or three). This is the same story in the trunk’s floor pan. The bottom of the door’s are also rusted out. The rest of the rust damage is just small holes. Don’t be afraid to email me if you have any questions.

1969 Saab 96 - Google Chrome 9212014 103805 AM.bmp

The asking price for this neglected Swedish Import is $800. Well, there you go, a listing that really grabs you and won’t let go… and really, how bad can this car be? Ok, I know I have lost my mind, for yourself, and tell me what you would do with this car…

1969 Saab 96 - Google Chrome 9212014 104038 AM.bmp

  • Sjalabais

    Are this weekend's listings taken from recent ments?

    • Joe Btfsplk

      Needs to go back to the pasture.

      • Sjalabais

        <img src="; width="600">

    • mac350

      That would be me from the latest Last Call.

  • Maymar

    Not a good sign that the first good feature they list are the headliner and sun visors.

    • I wish there was a picture so we could make a fair assessment. Maybe they really are in that good of shape!

      • <img src="; width="450">

        I'd say they look fair. The 96 headliner, unlike some models, isn't prone to sagging and collapse anyway, so it really isn't much of a selling point.

        • To my interested but relatively untrained eye those look quite nice!

          I just realized that in the lead image on the Craigslist ad, the gentleman seller has drawn a sads face…

          <img src="; width=500>

  • 2cver

    That's quite a 'Saab' story! I kill me!

  • Rover_1

    Can Le Mons stand another Saab like this racing?

    • paxman356

      That was my first thought. Don't know if the current owner would like to sell it for that, but if I had the drive (i.e. money and time) to do LeMons, I would love to do it in this.

      • Rover_1

        Sooo…….., yes, then?

        • paxman356

          LeMons can always use another interesting car like this, yes.

    • Yes.

      Besides, nobody has yet raced a 96 V4 in LeMons with its V4 still installed.

      • Rover_1

        And one can never have too many 96s.

        For parts.

      • I am actually a little surprised no one has tried to race the V4 yet. This one fires just fine, and as far as he knows the transmission is good too, so I'd say she sounds like a winner!

        • The V4 has appeared in at least one Sonett, just not a 95 or 96.

          <img src="; width="400">

          Come to think of it, I don't believe anyone has campaigned a 95 at all yet.

  • pursang

    Someone call Wayne Carini!

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