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First Drive: 2015 Lexus RC F

Lexus is looking to join the big leagues of the sport luxury segment. That’s a hefty road to climb considering it’s currently filled with the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, BMW M4, and the Audi RS5, amongst other machines.

Lexus has an answer to those vehicles, however, and it’s called the RC F. Executive Editor Jeff Glucker heads to the Monticello Motor Club in New York to see if it can compete with the rest of the segment.

[Disclaimer: Lexus flew me to New York and put me up in a hotel. I ditched the after-track after-dinner drink-a-thon to hang out with my buddy Matt… we had our own drink-a-thon. I was tired the next day.]

  • Manic_King

    Wait, did you say it looks fantastic? I'm sorry. It has tumor and glue-on rear lights. It reminds me of Lithuanian foam-car.

    <img src="; width="712">

    • I know I'm typically viewed as a maniac here for liking the latest Lexus design trends, but I will truly stand in defense of the RC styling.

      It looks fantastic in person, especially in 3/4 view.

    • Rover_1

      Lithuania needs more orthodontists.

  • jeepjeff

    My brother is a big fan of Dollar Shave Club. It's a great deal if you like multiblade cartridge razors.

    (Alas, they tear up my face, so hipsterbeardoakland over here is going to keep rockin' his friendly mutton chops and trucker hats.)

  • mappo

    Is that just fisheye distortion or is the rear window really that uselessly small?

    • No fish-eye, but I also had zero issues with visibility to the rear 3/4

  • PotbellyJoe ©

    Did the catch the guy who hit the car with a sledge hammer? I can't imagine that was how the factory wants these things to look.

  • skitter

    I think this is the first Lexus in a long time that is a future classic.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    I should keep an eye out for an IS-F…

  • BlackIce_GTS

    It looks like it's mostly pedestrian impact regulations that push it from weird looking to weird-looking-in-not-a-good-way.
    I could debate about what order I'd buy the cars in the segment in, but way closer to my price range is the probably free music in the video what is it?

  • I'm usually a fan of bright colors and orange in particular, but this color isn't doing this car any favors. There's simply too much going on in this car and the bright color just points out all the "styling" that's been troweled on this thing.

    At NAIAS this year I was struck how different this and the ATS coupe were. Lexus took the bold and brash approach, Caddy the subtle and sophisticated. Of course this particular car's direct competition will be the upcoming ATS-V, not the standard ATS coupe revealed at NAIAS.


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