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Weekend Edition Real-Quick Hit – A Blue 1977 Honda Civic, with a Brief Listing…

Jim Brennan September 7, 2014 For Sale, Weekend Edition 13 Comments

HONDA CIVIC - Google Chrome 972014 10357 PM.bmp

This is going to be brief and to the point… The first generation Honda Civic is a Milestone Automobile, and there are few left for anyone to admire (They have virtually disappeared from the Northeast years ago). So, when this Craigslist listing popped up, I knew it was perfect fodder for the Weekend.

HONDA CIVIC - Google Chrome 972014 10402 PM.bmp

According to the all to brief listing:


HONDA CIVIC - Google Chrome 972014 10406 PM.bmp

No extraneous words, not a lot of pictures, and at $4,000 not really a lot of money. So, I’ll be as brief as this listing, and you can tell me how desirable this very Blue first generation Civic really is.

  • MrDPR

    That would be $4K well spent. Drive it for a year, do a little fixin & polishing, sell it for $5K.

  • stigshift

    I learned to drive in a '74 Civic. You NEVER see gen 1 Civics anymore. That's a hell of a good price. Just try to find another.

    • Synchromesh

      I know a couple of places in SF with first gen Civics. One red and one yellow. They do exist but mostly in California. Last one I've seen in Northeast was many years ago at the junk yard.

  • mac350

    In this condition this one is a steal. These are hard to come by in any condition. I found one in Missouri for a grand but it would take more than $3k to get it to the level of this blue one.

  • stigshift

    1973 was the first year Civics were offered here…

    • dead_elvis

      Yes, and?

      • stigshift

        The CL listing posted by mac350 is for a '74, which the owner claims was the first year for them.

        • dead_elvis

          Ah, thanks. Thought maybe there was a stealth edit in the article I'd missed.

  • 2cver

    It's hard for me to look at this car and not feel like running a guy down carrying donuts and listening to the Statler Brothers.

  • zetep

    In hindsight, great little cars.
    To bad 99.9% of them rotted and rusted away in a year or two after they were buildt.

  • Lokki

    I had one of these, new, as a college-student gift-car from my parents. (A little late but Thank You Mom and Dad!) As an American boy weaned on 60's muscle, I would have rather had the old 69 Camaro that my dad had traded in a year or so earlier. Still, once I got used to the shock of how small it was, I became very impressed with the quality of the engineering and construction. It would hustle right along on the interstates, although acceleration wasn't noticeable. It always ran perfectly, and I never did anything for it, although I suppose the oil must have gotten changed somehow. I first realized what a nice little car it was when a friend received a Chevette from his parents as a school car. It seemed to have been built by drunken Russian peasants from old tractor parts in comparison to the Civic.

  • CopterBob

    My second car was a '73 Civic, purchased used in 1974 upon graduating high school. Fondest memories of any car I've ever owned. Light, incredibly nimble, and stone reliable. And you could replace the timing belt in about 30 minutes! But as mentioned earlier, they rusted quickly and the paint started turning to chalk within months. Living a mile from the ocean in FL didn't help in that regard.

  • In 2000 my dad inherited a '77 Civic from his elderly aunt who had recently given up driving. She bought it new and it had only 35k miles on it. But being in Massachusetts, rust had taken its hold. My dad fixed it up and drove it around a bit on antique plates. But it rusted even more when he parked it in the yard for a while. I ended up finding him a virtually rust-free shell in Indiana of all places; it had been used as a race car nearly since new. And the best part was it was free. So I towed it home to Kentucky and he came down a few months later to pick it up and bring it back up north. He's currently in the process of swapping all of the low-mileage mechanicals into the good shell. I can't wait until it's back together. In the meantime he's been collecting all sorts of cool original accessories for it.

    They are fun little cars!


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