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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – This is a 2000 Ford Focus Pickup… Wait…,What!??

Jim Brennan August 17, 2014 For Sale, Weekend Edition 24 Comments

2000 Ford Focus Pickup - Google Chrome 8172014 110026 AM.bmp

Here on the Redusernab we have featured a number of weird and wonderful creations, as well as a few that have been questionable at best. Well, here is a Ford Focus that has been turned into a Pickup Truck of some sort, and I’m really not sure how I feel about it. There are some odd details here and there, but it looks like a reasonable conversion overall. So, what do you think?

2000 Ford Focus Pickup - Google Chrome 8172014 110036 AM.bmp

This is a very short listing with more than a few images, so let’s get to it:

Custom Made Pickup, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Alloy Wheels.

2000 Ford Focus Pickup - Google Chrome 8172014 110042 AM.bmp

Let’s look at some of the detailing of this conversion, shall we? First, what is with the fairing on the roof? that seems to be a bit of an odd touch for such a short truck bed. Next, why is there a spoiler on what I think is the tailgate (if it has such a thing). The paint is a questionable choice, but it seems to work here. Other than the pickup bed conversion, the interior looks to be standard grade Focus from this time period. No mention as to the mileage in the listing, but I found the mileage on stating 230,274 miles… Asking price of $2,999 seems as high as the mileage… , and tell me if this is worth owning…

2000 Ford Focus Pickup - Google Chrome 8172014 110047 AM.bmp

  • JayP2112

    Two Blue Ovals on the rear deck?
    That's tacky.

  • Joe Btfsplk


    • HSA❄


  • Joe Btfsplk

    ….or maybe a Ford F- Zed 2.0 ?

    • NotJustDucky

      The Ford Focus F-50?

      It fits as both a truck name and with the trend Ford had a few years ago for giving all their cars 'F' names.

  • Mark

    If there wasn't a spoiler on the tailgate, something would be very wrong..

  • HSA❄

    You got pale interior colors in the States? We didn't. But… crank windows!?

    • I think crank windows are the least of this poor vehicle's problems.

      • HSA❄

        Technically you're correct. I'd say the doors have been swapped as the car seems to be loaded with all the options like cruise control and A/C (both were options on all trim levels in 2000), and automatic transmission. I think power windows were standard on all trim levels, but maybe the lowest one came without.

        • PotbellyJoe ©

          Power windows were optional on all but the ZTS sedan. Also, keep in mind this was before the option package consolidation by Ford (remember the 6 million ways you could order a Ranger), so everything was a check box. You could get A/C and cruise control wile still having crank windows. Many fleet cars were ordered this way because power windows are comically under-selected by fleet managers (still of the thinking they break too often).

          An automatic is basically the standard transmission in America, so no shock that they would get that before power windows.

          • HSA❄

            Apparently the Atlantic is broader and deeper than what I've thought. We can't even get an automatic at all, for any price, for several cars – and when we can, it will cost some thousands of euros extra (ok, Volvo only wants 990 e more for an automatic). I can't remember how much it would have been for a 2000 Focus, but judging by their rarity it must have been approximately a wheelbarrow-load of money. I've seen exactly zero automatic Focus Mk1, but they do exist.

    • Dean Bigglesworth

      IIRC this interior was an option on the Ghia when I bought my Focus wagon in -03. I went for the grey interior.

  • nanoop

    I like the BRAT and its companions, so I do like this idea, too. Screaming green and orange lightning, fuzzy spoilerettes – not so much. A little let down is the interior: I'd actually expected rather a SEMA parking lot worthy one.

  • Night Traveller

    One Thing We all Have in common , We are all car guys. Pan scrapers or mud trucks ,we all Take Care of our Vehicles.

  • Looks like he started with a sedan instead of the more logical wagon. Doesn't look like any provisions for a tailgate either.

    A 2000 Focus sedan with 240K is a $1000 car, maybe $1500. (For reference, I just bought my daughter a 2003 Protege LX with 127k for $2000.) The dealer is under the mistaken opinion that the modifications somehow enhance the car's value.

  • BlackIce_GTS

    The watermelon paint looks pretty good.
    The copper stripe does not.

  • MattC

    I like the concept but the execution not so much. (In fact I am lusting over the Smith conversion for 2001-2006 VW Jettas. Same hut who started FFR and branched out on his own).

    Tacky paint= check
    Tacky paint not carried over to the interior door jams = check
    mysterious spoiler thingy on cab = check
    spoiler on rear non functioning tailgate = check

    No thanks

  • dukeisduke

    I'd have left it in red. The front doors are very short, like it started out as a four-door.

    • Rover_1

      Better to base it on the van or wagon version like this (very much earlier) small Ford.
      <img src=";

  • Joe Dunlap

    Definitely a 4 door sedan, from the length of the doors to the sedan's wide taillights.

  • Tim

    With a non-functioning tailgate, wouldn't this be considered a flower car for a funeral procession?

    • Rover_1

      Hopefully it's own?

  • CopterBob

    You could certainly haul a quarter of a cord of firewood in the back. The trick would be keeping someone from lighting it before you got home.

  • Slow_Joe_Crow

    While a Focuschero might not be a a bad idea, this is an incredibly bad execution of that idea.