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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here’s a Sweet 1980 Lincoln Versailles to start your Weekend Right…

Jim Brennan August 16, 2014 For Sale, Weekend Edition 16 Comments

1980 Lincoln Versailles - Google Chrome 8152014 72325 PM.bmp

Welcome to the Redusernab Weekend Edition, where I try to entertain you for the next two days with whatever I can find around the web that is car related. The late 70’s and early 80’s was a weird time for the auto industry, and the term Malaise has been used to describe this time period, and it actually fits. Here is an example of a car produced during this time period… a Lincoln Versailles, displayed in all of its resplendence with a formal roofline, two-tone paintwork, wire wheel covers, and a blood-red leather interior. Is this car Lustworthy?

1980 Lincoln Versailles - Google Chrome 8152014 72317 PM.bmp

We all know the Versailles was an off-shoot of the very successful (US) Ford Granada, which was really a Ford Falcon underneath the upright bodywork. By this time, the chassis was approaching its 20th birthday, complete with a solid rear axle and leaf springs… but does that really detract from this particular car?

1980 Lincoln Versailles - Google Chrome 8152014 72321 PM.bmp

According to the Vancouver Craigslist Listing:

Rare Car. Second owner for the past 30 years. Car has 49,xxx documented original kms. Fully Loaded including P/S’Roof, Leather, 4 Wheel Disc Brakes and EEC Engine Control. Only two small specs of rust in the trunk jamb and the car has no other rust showing. The chrome is in excellent condition and the original paint still shines bright. They only made less than 5000 of this year of car and there is reportedly only about a 1000 left. The interior is also in excellent condition. I am selling on behalf of an elderly owner who is selling his collection. He will be available as a part of the sale process. Collector Plated as of now. Come see this Baby Lincoln, you will love it.

1980 Lincoln Versailles - Google Chrome 8152014 72333 PM.bmp

Asking price for this baby Lincoln/Granada/Falcon is $9,275, which I think is in Canadian Dollars (or about $8,513 in US Dollars). I happen to like these weird and wonderful Lincolns, even if they were a quick answer to the successful Cadillac Seville of the same time period. , and tell me what you think of this stunning car…

1980 Lincoln Versailles - Google Chrome 8152014 72341 PM.bmp

  • Drzhivago138

    I think the 1978 redesign to the more upright, trapezoidal rear windows vs. triangular in the Granada/Monarch made the trunk, which was already just barely big enough to be acceptably proportioned, appear too small for how long the hood was. Doesn't it seem like the proportions of the whole car could be improved with an extra 4 inches of wheelbase in the back?

    • No. It's utterly perfect.

    • Dave McLellan

      The roof and rear doors were significantly changed. It surprised me. This kind of thing rarely happened, usually just a mid-year refresh (lights, grille etc.)

  • dukeisduke

    They look too much like a Granada – the Seville had all new sheet metal and a Cadillac instrument panel, and they lengthend the wheelbase from 111 inches to 114.3. They also used an Olds 350 with Bendix electronic fuel injection.

    • ryelloh

      Actually, Cadillac did the same thing. The Seville is yanked right from GM Parts bin, they used the nova platform.

  • Tim

    Two tone paint, bordello interior and a faux spare tire hump…what's not to love? I think the updated sheet metal was much needed to separate it from the Granada/Monarch visually and made for a look I've craved ever since.

  • mseoul

    The seller neglected to mention the Versailles claim to fame: the leather padded dash. The slightly uneven stitching is evident in the interior pic. Some would have velour seats but the dash was always leather.

  • 2cver

    I remember these things having a disc brake rear end that would fit in an old Mustang. Having owned one I can't say it was good for much else.

  • No Thanks. I'll pass on this one.

  • We had a Versailles when I was little. Same color interior. Burgundy exterior. Even when I was a little runt, there was hardly any rear legroom. It was definitely odd.

  • Ken

    Oh great. A low mileage car that sucked then and sucks harder now.

    • Sjalabais

      What are you saying? More the blowing type? I'll tell you: No turbo – no problem:

  • Joe Dunlap

    On the issue of rust. Caption says only a couple of specks showing……I guess he means on the exterior. If that underhood shot is any indication, We dont really want to see the underside, now do we?

  • Rob

    My buddy's mom had one of these when I was in high school. We hooned the crap out of that poor car. My neighbors got used to seeing us snatch the hubcaps off before we left for a night out. Lots easier than chasing the darn things later. We'd pop them back on when he dropped me off later. Good times…

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat


    I grew up with these around and about, and no…not lustworthy in any sense of the word.

  • baconator

    My mom's retired uncle had one, in that exact color combination. He and his lady companion would road trip back and forth from Pittsburgh to Florida, with occasional detours to come see us in Chicago. He was fully of the Sans-a-belt slacks and Members Only jacket demographic, and he loved that car. I drove it once and found it wallowed, wandered, and wheezed. The experience further cemented my adolescent bias toward foreign luxury cars. I suppose if it held up in his all-day driving stints it must have been plausibly reliable and comfortable, which a lot of cars simply weren't in those days.

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