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Project Car SOTU: The 1968 Twin Turbo Eleanor GT500

Jason Connor July 16, 2014 Project Cars 5 Comments

The GT500 needed some final bodywork, so for the past few weeks she has been getting some final “prettiness” before final assembly. Since I got the car in 2009 many changes have happened since then. With the car came a 351 Windsor which made around 375 ponies, and I wanted to dial the car up to 11. Being a bit crazy I decided a 408 stroker kit with a twin turbo setup was something I wanted to do. Eventually it would cause the downward spiral in what has taken so long to complete.

Here is the GT500 2 weeks after I purchased it.

Since it’s been painted the car has been moved several times and started to get nicks and scratches as well as some stress cracks in the body kit. The fuel filler cap on the sail from Scott Drake just didn’t fit right so it needed to be cut and welded properly.

The car will come back from paint at the end of the week for final assembly, and a few weeks later first fire up and dyno testing. The car should make right around 800 wheel horsepower at 9 lbs of boost. Here is the current build sheet:

Engine & Power Adders:
408 Windsor Eagle Stroker Kit, Twin Precision 57mm T4 Turbos
X02 Racing Air-to-Water Intercooler
Bosch 150GPM Intercooler Water Pump
Rear Mounted Console Switch Controlled Intercooler Heat Exchanger / Oil Cooler from Frozen Boost

Edelbrock Super Victor 351W Intake
Edelbrock Victor Jr. 70cc Heads
Wilson Manifolds 90mm Throttle Body

Fuel System:
Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump
Custom X Baffled 24 Gallon Fuel Tank

Ignition System:
MSD Pro Billet Distributor
Optima Yellow Top (Trunk Mounted)

March Deluxe Serpentine Pulleys

Tremec TKO600 5-Speed
Quick Time Bell Housing (SFI Approved)
King Cobra 2 Disc Clutch

Rear End:
Currie 9″ 3.50:1 Traction Loc 31-Spline Axles

Chassis & Suspension:
Front – Rod ‘N Custom Mustang II
Rear – Custom 4-Link 300lb Springs
Custom 8 point Cage
Custom Subframe Connectors
Lokar Pedals
Fox Body Steering Rack
Flaming River Steering Column
LeCarra Wood Grain Steering Wheel

Wilwood 12.19 Big Brake Kit 4 Piston Calipers
Black Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotors
2001 Cobra Hydro boost
Wilwood Tandem Master Cylinder & Proportioning Valve
Hurst Line Lock

Wheels & Tires:
Raceline GT2 2 Piece Forged Aluminum
BF Goodrich G-Force KDW NT
Front: 18×8 / 245/40ZR18
Rear: 18×12 / 335/30ZR18
Finished with brushed aluminum faceplate with black accents and polished
drum all powder coated clear

Custom Stitched Recaro Style XL Front Buckets w/ 1″ Pleating
G-Force 5 Point Camlock Harnesses
JME Enterprises Billet Aluminum Dash Bezel w/ Stewart Warner Maximum
Gauges in Grey
Custom Center Console with polished Aircraft switch gear

[Images: Copyright 2014 Redusernab/Jason Connor]

  • What are you doing for fuel delivery? Blow-through carb or EFI? If EFI, whose engine management?

    • FЯeeMan

      Fuel? Where we're going, we don't need fuel…


    • Precision Turbo and Engine's Big Stuff 3 EFI and if my mind is right from being up for an exorbitant amount of hours with little sleep, 74lb injectors. All on a custom pro tune.

  • Van_Sarockin

    That's really going to be something, when you're done!

  • Nice build Jason but the larger question is: Does every GM van of that era have chipped off white paint on(or off) its hood?


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