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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – What do you think of this 1975 AMC Matador Coupe?

Jim Brennan July 13, 2014 For Sale, Weekend Edition 19 Comments

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Contining on with the Sunday Edition of the Redusernab Weekend, and take a look what popped up on … This is an AMC Maador Coupe from 1975, and it’s for sale in Sacramento California. So, is this sunny yellow coupe calling out your name?

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According to the Craigslist Listing:

I have a beautiful condition amc that I am selling , car runs great it has current registration till jan 2015 , clean title in my name . this is a great pre smog gas saver with the straight 6 motor , interior is near perfect , drive anywhere ! please call or text. might consider trade for something cool.

Fullscreen capture 7122014 94638 PM.bmp

This is a large car to be saddled with an AMC Straight Six and an Automatic, but this could be the basis for a truly kick-ass Jeep 4.0L Six Upgrade. It is practically the same block, and it was backed up with a Chrysler Sourced Torque-Command (Basically a Torqueflite) Automatic, for a practically bullet-proof powertrain.

Fullscreen capture 7122014 94701 PM.bmp

Now take a look at that interior, and tell me when the last time you saw upholstery in this pattern. Marvelous… Anyway, the asking price for this Matador Coupe is $5,000, which seem a bit high, but what the hell do i know? and tell me what you think.

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  • fhrblig


    • Whoah, a fhrblig sighting on Redusernab! That's almost a s rare as this Matador.

      • fhrblig

        Surprise! Though, I can always be lured out with anything AMC.

  • karonetwentyc

    "Boss! Boss! De plane! De plane!"

    <img src=";

    The idea of the Jeep 4.0 swap in one of these is intriguing to me as I've been contemplating something similar with a Pacer – but doing it as a 4.5-litre-ish stroker motor. The specifics of that upgrade are covered at more comprehensively than we can get into here, but either car would be a good sleeper candidate for that engine (and the AW4 automatic transmission, which would give an extra cog over the Torque-Command unit already in there).

    On an unrelated note, I see that this is yet another vehicle where the owner has repainted the current-style California plate black-and-gold to match what he (presumably) thinks the car should have had originally. Two things:

    – The black-and-gold plates were replaced by blue-and-gold by 1970, and this car is a 1975 model
    – California never issued 7-digit black-and-gold plates (only blue-and-gold came in both 6- and 7-digit formats)

    I understand the owner's likely motiviations for doing this – I wouldn't want to have one of the dull current-series plates with 'dmv.ca.gov' plastered across the bottom of it on this car either – but it irks me when I see this. Hell, I've even seen it on a couple of obviously late-'90s cars, and it's just wrong.

    • That was absolutely the first thing I noticed. Is that really becoming a thing? Occasionally I see blue plates on something wrong, but that's almost always a vanity plate that someone has had for decades.

      • karonetwentyc

        I'm fine with the ancient vanity plate on something modern, particularly if it's one that was issued in the 6-digit era and has the obvious stampings, sun fade, and battle scars to prove it. Nice to see that someone has hung onto it for that long.

        But I've now seen two sets of 7-digit plates painted black-and-gold on hellaflushed IMPORT TUNER YO cars, and it's far, far worse than people doing this with Mustang IIs or similar. Spotted on the 10 freeway East of Downtown LA (and heading east) in both cases.

  • nicjasno

    I absolutely love it! 🙂

  • nanoop

    That upholstery pattern: is it the Enron logo?

  • My first thought is, at least it's not a Maverick. That's pretty much been my opinion of the Matador for 30 years, though. My second thought was, Hey! That's a really nice Matatdor! I could see myself in that, if the stars were aligned differently.

  • Rover1

    Just a paint job and engine swap away from a Penske replica. But that would be a waste on such a tidy six.

    Who knew 5mph girder .bumpers could be so aerodynamic
    <img src=";

  • Rontube

    Actually you can now order these black plates from the California DMV. At a price of course!

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    That upholstery gave me an instant headache.

    Plus, I'd rather rock a Matador, if I have to give up my '98 AMC Grand Cherokee 5.9L.

  • JayP2112

    I want this.
    The right people will dig this car.

  • mr smee

    Dick Teague, genius on a shoe-string. The 'floating' bumpers were a cost saving instead of using a half dozen painted filler panels like everyone did. Very pretty in a lot of ways. Then they mucked it up with vinyl tops and brocade in a misguided attempt to match cars like the Ford Elite.


    Eh…that's a little hard on the eyes…

    She may be ugly now, but she was someone's baby, once.

  • mechimike

    Barcelona or nothing!

  • Is that the longest front overhang on a production car?


    I'd kit it out with Lambo doors and call it Aventatador!

  • Love it. Loose the vinyl top, side moldings and bumpers and it'd be a standout.

    Matador Coupes are cars that simply beg to be de-bumpered:

    <img src="; width=600>

    <img src="; width =600>