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Weekend Edition Last Call – A Lincoln Limousine with an open view…

Jim Brennan July 6, 2014 For Sale, Terrible Ideas, Weekend Edition 14 Comments

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Let’s call it a Weekend with this very unusual Lincoln Town Car Limousine… This is a 1988 Lincoln Town Car Limousine that was converted by Southampton Coachworks in Farmingdale, NY… and I think it had the tin top on it when it was converted, but now it’s an open view Stripper Show, complete with a Candy Cane Pole…

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I am just going to let the short listing speak for itself…


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The car has 72,000 miles on the odometer, and it looks to be in OK shape, but what the hell can you do with this thing? I mean there are only a few events in which a Stripper Pole equipped Limousine is appropriate… I think I will include a few more images in this post just to keep you all amused.

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There is no asking price for this divine Limousine, so make an offer for it if you dare…

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  • Rover1

    Well that looks really professional doesn't it?

    • Need some air quotes in there.

      • nanoop

        "Professional" just means that somebody is earning sufficient money from doing something for a living. It doesn't necessarily imply that this somebody is doing that something in a high quality.
        (Life lesson from Mr. nanoop Sr.)

  • mac350

    I'm thinking that this would make a great pick-up truck -a Lincero.

    • eggsalad

      If I eyeball it right, the TownChero can haul 12' sticks of lumber. Try *that* with your F-250!

  • Van_Sarockin

    I've never had an open limo with a stripper pole before, so it's a must buy, obviously. The tonneau cover doesn't bother me much, since this is clearly just a fair weather ride. That's cool, I've been meaning to move.

  • stigshift

    Hmm, I guess it must be a power top.I wouldn't get in that on a dare, even if I was a stripper.

  • OA5599

    "…but what the hell can you do with this thing? I mean there are only a few events in which a Stripper Pole equipped Limousine is appropriate…"

    True, but they closely overlap events for which a stripper is appropriate.

    A friend who used to be in the limo business once told me that the build quality of a limo varies significantly from one conversion company to the next, and that many low-budget cars can't be towed by a wrecker; they fold in half when one end is lifted. I imagine cutting the roof off makes the chassis less stiff than the passengers.

    • Rover1

      "less stiff than the passengers"

      Though that, of course, may depend on the stripper.

      Did I just think that or say that out loud?

      • Van_Sarockin

        "You should see some of the stiff I haul around", said the funeral director.

  • dean bigglesworth

    Needs more bowling alley.

  • nanoop

    I ran into two media shows these days:
    One is For the Love of Cars (or similar), kind of a re-spun Wheeler Dealer that's aiming for the upper end, specialist market. The mechanic is your kind mechanic type, but Mike Brewer's car enthusiasm is replaced by some grumpy Phil, who will eventually, reluctantly, admit that he kind of had some fun in the car, a little. Entertainment.
    The other one is the persona of Scotty Kilmer – I like his attitude of "Fixing it is simple, or bad engineering", and most of what I saw was sound, and will help to ease up the learning curve for new wrenchists – which is good. I wonder why I never came across his name within the Redusernab, but maybe I did and just never had the time to dig into that deep…

  • PotbellyJoe ❤❤❤❤♡

    A rare example of Polestar's early work with Ford Motor Company products?

  • JamesGreen

    Wow… I bet the driver will struggle to get . Pretty cool idea though!