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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1982 Lincoln Continental on eBay; The Other Fox Body Lincoln

Jim Brennan June 14, 2014 For Sale, Weekend Edition 19 Comments

Lincoln Continental Givenchy Sedan 4 Door  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 111210 PM.bmp

I thought I would run this particular eBay auction as the last post for the Saturday edition of the Redusernab Weekend, and it really is a tasty little number, don’t you think? This car was designed a little later than the other two “Bustle Back” luxury cars that were offered at nearly the same time period; The FWD Cadillac Seville, and the 2-Door Chrysler Imperial. Lincoln designers actually tried to tone down the Bustle Back very late in the game with a last minute addition of a horizontal brushed-chrome strip that ran along each side of car. This added trim (along with the in vogue two-tone color combinations) gave it a more conventional appearance in comparison to the Seville. This is also a Fox Chassis underneath the Bustle Back, with a 5.0L V8 that was the last carbureted engine found on a Lincoln. So, is this Fox Bodied Lincoln desirable, or not?

Lincoln Continental Givenchy Sedan 4 Door  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 111204 PM.bmp

Did you know that the 5.0L V-8 engine under the hood of the Continental produced only 131 hp and 229 pound force-feet of torque? This was pretty ordinary during the emasculating times of the early 80’s, but then again, Fuel Injection was only a year away, which improved power and efficiency. There was also a one year only option of the 3.8L V-6 that you could order for 1982 only, but the V-8 was emasculating all by itself.

Lincoln Continental Givenchy Sedan 4 Door  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 111241 PM.bmp

According to the listing:

62000 Rust fee Southern California and Florida car. All Leather interior, working 8 track stereo all new window motors and new Tires, Newly Refreshed Dash. New Alternator, wires, plugs, Fuel Pump. Front end and the list goes on, Over $4000.00 spent . Needs A/C Updating everything else is just great.

Lincoln Continental Givenchy Sedan 4 Door  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 111231 PM.bmp

This is a Lincoln you won’t see everyday, and with only a few hours to go until the auction ends, the top bid so far (as of this writing) is $1,225, with an unmet reserve. The Buy-It-Now price is an astonishing $4,500, which is just a little too dear for me, but what about you… Is a Baby Continental something to bring home to your garage? See the eBay Listing here, and tell me what you think!

Lincoln Continental Givenchy Sedan 4 Door  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 111218 PM.bmp

  • I'm about as big a blue oval guy as you're likely to meet and I'd have a hard drive even driving it ironically.

  • OA5599

    Bidding topped out at $1975 when the auction ran out of time. That's about where I expected it to be, particularly with nonfunctional a/c.. At least it doesn't have droopy suspension.

  • JayP2112

    $1000 and I'd bother.
    Some Fox racer bits and a tuned 302 would make this an interesting Lincoln.

  • dukeisduke

    Hey, it's a 5.0, light-years better than the 3.8l Essex V6.

  • Marc

    Like the dash!

    • Marto

      Me too! Where have strong simple dash designs gone? I really liked what they were planning for the Bugatti Galibier. But they have cancelled that project…

      • Sjalabais

        Me too! The dash is definitely the most pleasing bit of the entire car. Well photographed ad, I hope the seller gets closer to what he wants.

  • mallthus

    Needs this (and an engine swap)…then we can talk.

    <img src="; width="600/">

    (That's a 99-04 Cobra bolt in IRS)

    • dukeisduke

      Wow, I'll bet that isn't cheap. Ouch.

      That, front end bits, a SEFI 5.0 out of a later Mustang GT, and a built 4-speed auto, and you'd have a sweet ride. And add a set of wheels from a Mark VIII LSC

      • mallthus

        Ultimate sleeper. Sure, a Mustang or Camaro would still stomp ya', but only after they figured out it was a race. LOL

      • John Young


  • dukeisduke

    It's been re-listed, with the BIN again at $4,500.

  • Rover1

    Where can you still purchase eight-tracks?

    • You mean new releases? Arlington, Texas:

  • stigshift

    Unlike the '76 Seville,which was a smaller true Cadillac, these unfortunately carried no inherent Lincoln-ness. I agree that a 5.0HO motor and suspension upgrades would make for an awesome sleeper. However, in stock form, the most likely sleeper will be the driver. I'd take a Versailles over one of these. And I'm not that fond of the Versailles.

    • John Young

      "New kinds of cars for new times" as some automotive exec said in the day. That's how the Lincoln-ness got lost. Even the full-size Town Cars lost their Lincoln-ness. Just like the Caddys lost their Caddyness. Looking at '76 and '85 De Ville sedans parked side-by-side leads to considerable cognitive dissonance, and lots of owners of the '77-'84's yearned for the days of the REAL Cads of the 1960's.

  • mrh1965

    So they spent four grand fixing this up yet did not address the a/c? In Florida? That seems like step one.

  • John Young

    Now, don't go around talk down something you haven't tried…….sometimes the homeliest folks at the dance make the best spouses……

    These were nice driving and reliable little cars – think four-door Thunderbird or Cougar. The '82-'83's weren't the best of them, though.

    The '84-'87, upgraded with air suspension and fuel injection, redesigned front ends and side trim were a considerable step up. I bought an '84 because it was dirt cheap, owned it eight years and drove it to 190,000 miles. The CFI 302 would startle a new driver by smoking the tires (remember, these were the years when people were accustomed to four-cylinder K-car Chrysler Le Barons) and MPG would be in the low-mid 20s. The 4spd AOD did shift with the usual Ford "chuckle-clunk," but you got used to it. The interior was surprisingly h, and unlike our '76 Seville that proceeded it (which was a glorified Nova powered by an Olds 350), the seats and door panels did not disintegrate, and the fuel injectors did not leak gas all over the top of the engine (we learned to always carry a fire extinguisher!) Toe room on the passenger side was limited by the heater/air conditioner unit, but, after all, the car shared the same cowl as the Mustang/Fairmont. The air suspension was not a problem if you had some mechanical ability and were willing to visit a salvage yard every couple of years. It gave an excellent ride and decent handling. (Note: this system did not integrate the air bags with the struts, as did the more troublesome system used on later Continentals.) The grille shell was cast and chromed metal, not plastic – probably the last such a thing to be seen on an American car. Lastly, if you approached the car from the front and let your eyes loose focus, it was pretty good looking. The lemonade to be made from the lemon of the bustle-back trunk was it's capacity – I once hauled 22 386 desktop computers home from an auction, deck-lid closed and no sagging back end, thank you, air suspension.

    We replaced the Continental with an LSC Mark VII. They were very much the same car under the skin but with some of the upgrades mentioned.

    You can be sure that the advertised car, with 62K, would be a comfortable, solid vehicle just waiting to become old enough for its quirkiness to be appreciated. You know, like Nash Ramblers, '59 Pontiacs, rubber bumperd Corvettes and the like. As mom likes to say, "It's so homely, it's cute."

    • tonyola

      Good argument, but the looks are still the hardest part to get past, even on the smoother later cars.


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