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Redusernab will participate in the 2014 Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge

Jason Connor June 11, 2014 Motorsports 11 Comments

Yes, you heard it right. Redusernab is invited to participate in this years Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge. While finishing up the 5 year restoration of my 1968 Eleanor GT500 the unfortunate thing with long custom restorations is you fail to meet deadlines and I am unable to use that car for the event. No matter, when all else fails use your daily driver. This upcoming weekend at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana California, the Redusernab Camera Car, a 2014 Mountune MP275 Ford Focus ST, will be pummeled by compete on the track with some of the best performing modified street cars in the country.

The Ultimate Street Car Association events are broken down into 5 segments; Design and Engineering, Road Rally, Autocross Time-Trial, Speed-Stop Time-Trial, and Road Course Time-Trial.

Click past the jump to see a teaser filmed from the last event in Daytona and interviews with the drivers of past events.

Now fingers crossed while knocking on wood and lets hope I don’t bend up the ST.

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  • Manic_King

    Red Vette's rear spoiler looks more like an air brake………

    • skitter

      Gurneys are actually fairly efficient. That one may be excessive, but at higher speeds they build up a bubble of basically static air in a wedge shape. The airstream flows over the top of the wedge and the top of the gurney, and the bubble in front makes downforce, or at least prevents lift, which is probably the goal along the entire back of the 'Vette.

      • Kazo

        Pedantic note: That isn't a "gurney". A Gurney flap is a short, usually 1/4" to 1/2" wide strip that sits at the very rearmost edge of a wing or spoiler. It is indeed effective, increasing downforce dramatically at the cost of a very small increase in drag.

        That is a NASCAR style spoiler. These are popular on powerful CP or SSM autocross cars because it's the only way to make downforce at the low speeds those courses allow.

        • The reason you see them on autocross cars has more to do with the ruleset (Prepared doesn't allow full wings, only spoilers) than effectiveness. In classes that allow full areo, you see gigantic multi-element wings that can produce quite a bit of downforce.

    • Brian Hobaugh's Corvette featured on Big Muscle

  • JayP2112

    I'm sooo jealous.
    I missed the event at Texas Motor. The overall winner was Vorshlag's Mustang GT. That car is a beast.

  • PotbellyJoe ❤❤❤❤♡

    I'll be interested to see how that little ST does. Do they break it out by class? I know nothing about this series.

    • It should be interesting to see how it will perform.

      The vehicle classes are broken into 3 categories;
      a. Under 3000 lbs. dry weight – 2 wheel drive (U3-2WD)
      b. Over 3000 lbs. dry weight – 2 wheel drive (O2-2WD)
      c. All wheel drive – (AWD)

      Driver classes are broken into the following;
      Expert, Advanced, and Novice with more stringent safety equipment for the higher groups.

      I will be performing in (02-2WD) / Novice and I will have all safety equipment with the exception a full suit.

  • A buddy of mine is going to be there in his bad ass Fairmont. I love seeing his dork-mobile beat up on some serious muscle.

    • Martin I believe is his name, great guy and loved that they have the matching Mercury Zephyr wagon.

      • That's him!