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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A Rare 1969 Pontiac Custom S with only 50,000 miles…

Jim Brennan June 7, 2014 For Sale, Weekend Edition 16 Comments

1969 PONTIAC CUSTOM S - ONE OWNER - 50K MILES - RARE! - Google Chrome 672014 95840 AM.bmp-001

Welcome to another edition of the Redusernab Weekend, and I thought I would start out with this rather rare 1969 Pontiac Custom S Hardtop Coupe. I know what you are thinking… But Jim, that’s just a damn Pontiac LeMans or Tempest… How rare could it be? You would be surprised…

1969 PONTIAC CUSTOM S - ONE OWNER - 50K MILES - RARE! - Google Chrome 672014 95813 AM.bmp-001

In 1969, Pontiac had four nameplates for their intermediate sized lineup, and they were in descending order: The GTO (Yes, during this time period, the GTO was a standalone model), The LeMans, The Custom S, and finally the Tempest. I’m not sure why the division heads decided to have a Custom S instead of a LeMans Custom (like the did in 1968), or at least utilize the Tempest name like the Tempest Custom, but I guess they knew best at that time.

1969 PONTIAC CUSTOM S - ONE OWNER - 50K MILES - RARE! - Google Chrome 672014 95912 AM.bmp-001

What is really interesting about this car is the options, or should I say, the lack of options. The engine under the hood is the Pontiac Exclusive 250 CID inline OHC Six Cylinder, making about 177HP at that time. There is also a Three-Speed Manual shifted on the column, and when was the last time you saw one of those? The rest of the car is pretty ordinary for the time, probably mis-ordered from the factory because it has a vinyl roof, full wheel covers, no A/C, and an AM Radio.

1969 PONTIAC CUSTOM S - ONE OWNER - 50K MILES - RARE! - Google Chrome 672014 95945 AM.bmp-001

The listing states that the price for this timewarp is $18,000 which is just a bit high for a car with really nothing special going for it. Of course, we all want it, but the asking price has to be a lot more reasonable. Oh, and about how rare the car is, according to the listing, there were 3,918 1969 Pontiac Custom S Hardtop Coupes produced. I wonder how many were equipped with the OHC Six and a Stick. Take a look at .

1969 PONTIAC CUSTOM S - ONE OWNER - 50K MILES - RARE! - Google Chrome 672014 95903 AM.bmp-001

  • tonyola

    I agree that there's nothing special about this Custom S that warrants the asking price. Three on the tree – ugh. Much as I like stickshifts, a 45-year old column shifter doesn't sound like much fun. A few options would have been nice on this car. The only thing of interest is that this was the last year for the OHC Six.

    • wisc47

      A column shifter doesn't sound like fun? Lies.
      [ 6se7UKjARmY ]

      • tonyola

        It's when a car gets old and the linkage loosens up that makes a three-on-the-tree such a trial. Now what gear am I in…or am I in gear at all? CRUNCH!

    • SAVE THE THREES ON THE TREE! (Three on the trees? Threes on the trees?)

      • Van_Sarockin


    • "…a 45-year old column shifter doesn't sound like much fun."

      A 46- or 47-year-old column shifter, however, can be a lot of fun either on the road or on the track, respectively.

      <img src="; width="450">

      • Van_Sarockin

        It all depends on your definition of fun. Going from first to second used to be like completing some wild assed dance move.

        • skitter

          Please. That's not even first base anymore.

          • Vairship

            It's the shift from first to second base that's fraught with peril…

  • ptschett

    I'd forgotten how strange the non-GTO's looked.

  • Van_Sarockin

    I used to really enjoy wrenching on those odd engines. Rest of the car is sort of boring, especially for the asking price.

  • mallthus

    The sheer variety of build permutations goes a long way towards explaining why build quality on US cars was so uneven.

    It reminds me of my parents' 72 Buick that had a V8, but was built with the radiator for the 6-cylinder mill.

  • Pete.z

    The one problem I always had with the column shifters, when in 3rd, they would hit my knee. Had a 1975 Camaro and a 1977 Nova, and both had that problem, or at least problem for me. To long legs,I guess.

  • tomcat630

    "…how strange the non-GTO's looked."

    The "non-GTOs" were more common, kids. Also, this was during the height of 'supercar' market. They were not called 'muscle cars' until the 80's, when Boomer nostalgia kicked in. Now any RWD car is called such.

    Anyway, this car is 'special' with the DeLorean OHC I-6, and no 'ughs' about it. Getting rarer by the day. Sure, it's too much to pay, but it's not 'scrap' nor 'junk'.

  • tomcat630

    Pontiac A body 1970-72 naming convention

    Tempest* > LeMans > LeMans Sport > GTO

    *1970 1/2, Tempest renamed 'Tempest T-37', with available GT-37 package

    T-37 > LeMans > LeMans Sport > GTO

    LeMans** > LeMans Sport** > Luxury LeMans
    GTO reduced to option package**, LeMans name was 'based out', and Luxury LeMans debuted.

  • Coach

    I loved my 3-on-the-Tree ! It was a 65 Chevy with a non-original 327, a possible original 3-on-the-Tree and Im pretty sure a 513 rear, yep ! It was a P/ UP. It was a blast to about 65-70 mph. I loved the 3-on-the-Tree cuz my hands were right there by the streeing wheel ! Never had any trouble with linkage on that one. However, we did have a '63 with a lot more miles on it and we had trouble with the linkage on that one.