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Review: 2005 Acura NSX
Meet your heroes…


I was 25 years old when the Acura NSX went out of production. With its introduction to the U.S. market in 1991, I had been alive for its entire production run, and I never got to drive one much less sit in one. I’d seen them from time to time, and my close friends father owned one for a brief period. Still, I was never fortunate enough to earn any private time with what I assumed to be an amazing machine.

My first car was a 1987 Honda Prelude. My second car was a 1985 Nissan 300ZX. I currently own a 2000 Honda Civic Si, and I once drove a 1972 Datsun 240Z across the country. I’m a fan of Japanese cars. The Acura NSX remains very near the top of the mountain for me when it comes to all time great machines.

That’s why I was nervous to spend an entire week with one. A 2005 Acura NSX plucked from the Honda museum in Torrance, California. It was all mine for seven days.

Seven glorious days… meet your heroes.

[Disclaimer: Acura loaned me the NSX for a week and included a tank of gas. They didn’t give me a mileage limit… so I added 650 miles to the odometer.]

  • buzzboy7

    • I wore the loafers… couldn't do the white tube socks.

      • That was great; I instantly know who that was recalling. Shoulda gone for the socks though…

        This was another well done video. Keep meeting automotive heroes and sharing them with us.

        • haha thanks – looking back, I wish I wore the socks…

  • Number_Six

    tj; dw

    (too jealous; didn't watch)

  • FЯeeMan

    Paging muthalovin, muthalovin to the white courtesy phone…

    • FЯeeMan

      while we've got muthalovin on his way to the courtesy phone, can we get some security for Glucker? Don't need to lose an editor over this…

  • Alls I gotta say is, I like the NSX.

    I gotta get home before I can watch, though.

    • ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq

      because awkward work boner, right?

  • ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq

    <img src="; I was at that Chicago Auto Show, but for me the Sterling area was the most memorable all these years later. For some reason it was much less crowded and I had an easier time getting into the cars.

  • wunno sev

    is that a really small engine bay at 2:16 or is it the world's largest coolant reservoir

  • Van_Sarockin

    Nice car. Content-free milestone.

  • crank_case

    Time has been so much kinder to the NSX than the Ferrari 348

  • michael burnett

    how far can you go on one tank of gas in a Acura NSX