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Cars and Coffee: BAC Mono

Jason Connor May 6, 2014 Car Shows, Cars and Coffee 11 Comments

Once again Cars and Coffee Irvine does not disappoint. A few weeks back nearing the end of the show I went on a final walk through the lot before departing and to my surprise I found a . created the Mono from the perspective of a “pure driving experience.”

I made sure to shoot what the rarely-seen Mono had to offer: simplistic, functional and quite beautiful design, the Mono seats–as you guessed it–just one, defining itself with just a numerical prefix representing anything single.

Powered by a 2.3 liter Cosworth mated to a Hewland sequential six-speed gearbox, it develops 285 horsepower. Utilizing the Hewland gearbox defines what the intent is for the Mono: A street legal racing car much like a Formula 3 car.

Would I want one? Yes. Would it be practical? No. But who cares, think of it as a budget Lamborghini Egoista but that much prettier, much more functional and wont break your budget if you can afford either of them.

Now if I could just get one and drive the Malibu Canyons.

[ Images: Copyright 2014 Redusernab/Jason Connor]

  • FЯeeMan

    License plate, "Scatter!!!"?

  • Scandinavian Flick ★

    I like the cantilever suspension that seems to be left exposed for no other reason than to show it off.

    • FЯeeMan

      You say that as though it's a problem…

      • Scandinavian Flick ★

        I like how, in writing, the term "I like" comes off as sarcastic regardless of the context. 😉

        • FЯeeMan

          I was pretty sure you weren't being sarcastic, but thought I'd make sure.

    • Tiller188

      I'm wondering whether there are damper adjustments (or maybe even adjustable spring perches) that you can get to through there, but if it is just for looks, I think I'm OK with that.

      • Scandinavian Flick ★

        Looking at the BAC site, there definitely are.

        <img src="; width="500">

        "Suspension is a fully-adjustable pushrod suspension with damping elements made by SACHS Racing."

        Which is awesome, and I likewise am totally okay with them being proudly on display. But that panel in the front is held on by a flush mount hood pin. It would still be quickly adjustable without them exposed. It seems to be just for show.

  • PotbellyJoe ❤❤❤❤♡

    Jokes on him though, Mono isn't bacteria, it's a virus.

  • windbuechse

    How was this able to be licensed in California?

  • I hear this guy wears a monocle and is a real monomaniac.

    I hear this car has a monophonic exhaust note. I dig the monochromatic paint scheme.

    I hear monopoly is a one word contradiction in terms.


    Needs flames