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V.I.S.I.T. – Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

After a 45 minute commute, still barely awake and needing my daily dose of caffeine, I strolled upon this little gem of a Nissan. It’s a GT-R, more specifically an R32 generation car. Seeing actual JDM cars on the military bases I’m stationed at or visit is an occurrence that happens frequently.

Still, when I’m stateside I don’t see clean example such as this one outside of car shows. Tastefully modified is the best way of describing this GT-R, since many can go over the top quite easily.

The R32 GTR was revived in 1989 after Nissan cancelled the Skyline GT-R in 1973. This Third Generation model was originally conceived to homologate the GT-R into Group A racing, a series governed by the FIA and regulated for production-derived vehicles. The GT-R was so effective in race trim that turbocharged cars were banned from the 1992 Australian Touring Car Championship.

With vehicles such as the R32 GT-R becoming available to the public through the 25 year NSTSA import laws, we should be seeing more and more “forbidden fruit” specialty cars arriving on our shores through authorized importers.

A fine example of a well maintained GT-R stateside should it remain as is or what could be done to make it even better?

[ Images: Copyright 2014 Redusernab/Jason Connor]

  • wunno sev

    when I’m stateside I don’t see clean example such as this one outside of car shows.

    i don't see any examples outside of car shows. i saw an R33 once in New York, and an R32 outside of Chicago. that's it. (in canada i saw a couple of R32s once.)

    much like supras, RX-7s, and other cars of the era, i don't understand why you never see these things unmodified. this one's not so bad, but i still think i prefer the factory look.

    • We are a bit jaded here in Southern California

    • crank_case

      An unmodified Skyline is wasted potential when you can get to 350-400bhp ish without internal engine mods or ruining usability. Many I've seen here (Ireland) have been modified before import, it's an integral part of Japanese car culture. Like MX5s/Miatas, everyone does something, however modifiying a skyline is something people often underestimate the cost of, a good exhaust system can be surprisingly expensive apparently.

      I've had the pleasure of passengering in a mildly modified one on track on a very wet greasy day, and it's a pretty hilarious experience, there's this sort of delay as the 4WD hooks up out of the corner and the turbo spools and you just get spat out the corner, you feel like one of those cartoon characters who's legs have exited the scene while their head attached to an elastic neck takes a second to catch up. Bit of a contrast to an F360 I managed to blag a spin in which was similarly quick but a more refined, smoother experience. These cars have a rough and ready homologation special feel about them that's quite appealing.

      • 350-400bhp would be my sweet spot, along with good brakes, suspension and tires.

        • M44Power

          I might, just might, be able to live with only 350-400 hp. It'd be a chore getting behind the wheel, though. 😉

      • wunno sev

        this is a fair point, but i meant in terms of aesthetics – sorry if that wasn't clear. i rarely see a modified '90s-era japanese sports car that i think looks better than the factory packages.

        that's not to say i don't think it's possible. i'm by no means against modifications, but nobody with a skyline or supra seems able to keep it down to a nice set of wheels and a gentle drop. they all need to put on stupid scoops and skirts and do weird shit with wings. this one's better than most, but that rear bumper kills it for me.

        i dunno. i'm not a purist at all, but i'm picky.

  • Rich

    Looks like Norfolk. I was there summer of '93 going to electronics school. There were 6 carriers in port for the July 4th weekend…1/2 the fleet at the time.

    • it's in San Diego

  • Rich

    On 2nd thought I'd say 32nd St in San Diego. I went to RTC there in '91 and we all visited. Nothing in port that day besides a couple of DDs.

  • Number_Six

    Is this possibly the only notchback coupe sporting a rear window wiper?

    • Preludacris

      It seems to be a JDM thing, yo.
      <img src="; width="600">

    • The Subaru SVX while not technically a notchback also had one.

    • Preludacris

      I just wanted to round out the manufacturers represented…
      <img src="; width="600">
      <img src="; width="600">
      I can't speak for these other cars, but my Prelude's back window just doesn't get dirty or wet enough to present a visibility issue. I have no idea why the Japanese market got wipers.

      • Number_Six

        Neat, I spent months in Japan and somehow never noticed this.

      • BobWellington

        Apparently that Evo's ballsack is a Honda badge.

        • Preludacris

          The owner must be a civic-minded fellow.

          • BobWellington

            According to who? You probably couldn't even Pilot this thing considering how unFit you are.

            • BobWellington

              Good thing my comment was a joke because it sure does sound mean. 😛

            • Preludacris

              Some in this City say my qualifications are just Legend, but I'll Vigorously defend my Integrity!

              • According to my Clarity of thinking, those who have not taken the Odyssey to the Ridgeline have not experienced…Life!

    • This photo is of a four-door sedan, but a rear window wiper was an option for 1948-50 Hudsons:

      <img src="; width="500">

  • Kris_01

    There's at least six of these things in my population 50k or so city (Fredericton NB). It's easy to get into a Skyline thanks to Canada's import laws. He'll, I've seen two 4wd Delicas here,one Chamonix model ta boot.

  • M44Power

    This, and the R34, were always those forbidden-fruit cars that I would be afraid to drive in the present day. Anything that amazing when you were a kid is bound to let you down when you finally drive it as an adult.

  • mseoul

    Hong Kong would be a good place to get one too. There are lots of them and they are sure not driven fast often there. The one on the pic seems to have an AZ tag on it.

  • tonyola

    Like others, I've never seen a true Skyline (here in Miami) outside of car shows. However, there are people who put Skyline badges on Infiniti G35 coupes. Real cheeze.



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