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Hot Hatch Update: The Focus ST gets Mountuned!

Jason Connor May 2, 2014 Featured, Project Cars 17 Comments

It’s been 3 months and 6,000 miles of driving since I picked up my 2014 Focus ST. No issues or problems to report, and I have been getting very well adjusted to the comforts, capabilities and reachable performance this SVT platform has delivered.

Hearing the growl form the 2.0L Ecoboost in the daily grind and enjoying the occasional canyon run, each day I am reminded what a delicious little car this is. Things have changed, however, since I decided to turn to the aftermarket and make this beast a little more beastly at the hands of UK-based tuner .

Mountune has been tuning all kinds of Fords for close to 30 years, and with a history like that I was more than willing to give them a crack at my ST. After joining the inevitable forums and doing search after search I remember seeing a  with a Fiesta ST, stating that the UK Ford Dealers were installing the performance package. With additional research it appears that Ford honors it’s warranty in the UK with Mountune performance packages which is very important to me as this is my daily driver.

After picking up an intake and catback exhaust, I was approached by Ken Anderson who is the CEO of Mountune USA. Needing a test vehicle for CARB certification, we worked out the details and would be fitting the full MP275 performance package (MTune ECU Calibration, Front Mount Intercooler, and Intake). Needless to say I was very excited about being the first customer car with this certification, complete with warranty intact, in the United States.

Opting for a few more package options, Mountune was also needing a test vehicle for their prototype springs for the ’14 model year. The front spring perches are different from the ’13 to the ’14 so a bit of work would have to be done to get them fitted properly. Still, lowering a car is great and all, but I needed new shoes too! I picked up a set of Mountunes 18 x 8 OZ Formula HLT in “Grigio Corsa”, which serve as a fine looking set of wheels.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this package. The throttle response is linear and smooth, and the overall power delivery is much stronger than stock. Mountune changes the timing, boost, and fueling to match the power targets. Also changed is the throttle map slightly to provide a smoother more linear profile.

All of the Ford OE features are still there such as “over boost”. The stock Focus ST has a tendency to dart around at highway speed. With the suspension upgrades and a ET45 offset from the OZ wheels it has widened the track by a half of an inch. The Mountune MP275 ST has a more planted and confidence inspiring feeling that really enjoys being driven hard.

There have been several questions about why this package stops at 275bhp. That’s because it’s what Ford would
sign off on for warranty backing. Of course more power can be made, but it’s important to emphasize the ethos of the MP275 kit. This package is not chasing the dyno numbers looking for 1 hp here and there. The goal was to offer a well engineered kit with factory like integration much like if there was a ST-R version of the car. This overall feeling preserves and enhances the Focus ST’s great features.
With this setup, the Focus should do quite well serving occasional duty as the new Redusernab Camera Car. The Redusernab Highway Hooning Grounds (of Ortega Highway) have provided a wonderful platform to test the car while also capturing other vehicles.
 [ Images Copyright 2014 Redusernab/Jason Connor] 
  • wunno sev

    sweet ride! off-topic tho, am i the only one seeing this in the instrument cluster?
    ; title="Hosted by imgur.com" />

    • Guest

      No, but now I can't unsee it either.

  • JayP2112

    I did a check of the local dealer inventory.
    New Fiesta ST $18k.
    New Focus ST $19k.

    Damn. Damn.

    I reported my finding to the boy and he picked the Focus. Asking why- 300 horsepower dad!

  • Evan

    Where are you finding these deals? Locally even a used one is $24k.

    • JayP2112

      I found them in autotrader in DFW.

      Sorry- the Fiesta is now $19k …

      Focus up to over $20k. …

      • You have to be careful of the deceiving deals you see on Auto Trader. These are dealers advertising full rebates and trade in assistance into the price as listed. Also to consider those are going to be cash prices and you will not get lower interest financing for that price.

        • JayP2112

          These 2 dealers have a pretty good reputation. I checked my Xplan and they were close. Maybe the trade-in is the difference?

          I've got nothing to do tomorrow. Maybe I'll price a Fiesta ST?

          Anyone flying in to get the cars I want a 12 pack finder's fee.

          • If you can find a blue Fiesta ST with Recaro seats, no nav, I will drive up from Austin for test drives and beers.

            The rebates that the dealerships are offering are pretty impressive on the Fiesta ST. Some with maxed out options going for 22-23k when MSRP should be 25+. Crazy.

  • Ben

    I paid 23k for my ST2 Focus new.

  • nigelmgb

    Wow, what a package. But those beautiful center-lock O.Z. wheels slay me…

    • I couldn't ignore not purchasing them since I was upgrading the suspension. The stock wheels look good but to me out of place once the car is lowered.

  • JayP2112

    I'm about 18 months away from a 'new' car purchase.
    Initially I wanted a long hauler in the shape of a white Challenger. New RT 6 speeds are $26k now.

    Then Farrah and you get the little turbo hatches and has me bent. I want a MkI GTI. The Fiesta comes close. The prospect of tuning the Focus to insane torque has me looking that way.

    • Ooooh, I say get the MkI GTI!

    • jon

      Dont get the GTI unless you want to get it fixed every 3 months. Might as well buy spare parts up front. German car reliability.

  • SSurfer321

    There was a used Fiesta ST (3k on odo) with a sticker price of $22k here in Lexington. It sold in a matter of days, before I could go look at it.

  • I was told to check out Mountune for Fiesta ST upgrades after I posted about Cobb's offerings. Pretty damn competitive.

    That said, there is a Cobb dealer in town.

    • Mountune will offer the packages for the Fiesta ST shortly just as they had for the Focus ST. The big thing to remember is the performance numbers. There are other packages that are faster and offer more horsepower and torque, but the warranty factor was big in my decision to go with their kit. I like COBB's packages and their cars are very fast, but some of the options they have are a bit too "loud" for me as a daily driver i.e. catback exhaust.



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