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Weekend Edition – Videos brought to you by the American Land Yacht Society

Jim Brennan November 10, 2013 Aural Pleasure, Weekend Edition 13 Comments

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While exploring , there were more than a few You Tube Videos that some of the members have highlighted, and I thought I would share them with all of you. So sit back, and relax because this is going to be on interesting show…

The last one, the Imperial Introduction, could never be repeated in this day and age… What do you think?

  • mike tuley

    i replaced the ignition cylinder on my bro's 92 roadmaster today (no joke). I kinda dig it for some reason lol

  • Bruce

    This fascination with land yachts is getting out of hand. What do land yachts have to do with hooning? Please give it up or rename the site. It looks like grandpaverse.com is available.

    • Bean Digglesworth

      Hooning is like poetry; sometimes it's a land yacht, sometimes a moon yacht sailing to Uranus. But it's always a yacht. Except when it's a Saab. Or a finely sculpted ice-cream cone with the perfect crunch, filled with the most delicious turpentine-flavoured microwave popcorn. Topped with rusty Volvos and a dash of Cosmo for that extra Panhard.

      • MVEilenstein

        You said diggle.

    • Are you suggesting a LT1 possessing nine passenger Roadmaster longroof is not Hooniworthy? I take exception to that thought. I Hooned in just for that Roadmaster longroof voice over by Peter Graves, then hung around for the Arnie Palmer plug and wait, Jack Jones is here in the Redusernab? Google any one of those names and you will discover those dude's worthiness. Stick around for some more of the goodness and then you can call yourself a Hoon. Otherwise, don't waste yours, or ours, time with silly comments such as this. Although, you and your thought out comments are always welcome. But I believe virtually every one of these videos are deserving to be Hooniworthy.

      • Bruce

        I lived in Detroit (suburbs) for one year during the era that a lot these land yachts were built. Moved there from California, where people I knew drove VWs, old Datsun 501s and new 4 door Honda Accords. Detroit was deep in denial at that time, it seemed to me. Yes, they had to use older celebrities to sell their cars. The celebrities reminded everyone that the cars were American and reminded them of the relatively good cars Detroit made a decade before, when the celebrities were younger.

        Our “company” car in Detroit was a new T-Bird, which could only be driven safely by someone who was 5’6” to 5’10". Shorter than that, you couldn’t see over the dashboard. Taller, and the top of the windshield blocked your vision. To get reacquainted with driving in snow, I took it out to a parking lot covered with about an inch of snow, and threw it around some. So, yeah, I hooned it, but I wouldn’t go near one today. It was a terrible car.

        While I lived in Detroit, friends of mine were asked to park cars for a party at a local country club, which was attended by many people in the automotive industry. They told some interesting stories afterwards. Many of the new cars did not have the seat belt interlocks required by federal law, and some of the new cars did not have seatbelts at all. Literally these automotive execs would not drive the cars that they sold to everyone else. I don’t think that those involved in making these cars truly believed in what they were making.

    • Van_Sarockin

      Every post is not for everyone. They certainly aren't for me. Feel free to click through. And be sure to take advantage of that triple your money back offer.

      • Bruce

        OK, OK, I hear you all. Diversity is important, and everyone has different tastes. I liked the video on American Muscle where they took their enormo-wagon camera car to the local drag strip and raced it. No question that was hooning. It’s just that when things head into white shoes, white belt, and burgundy polyester pants territory I’m well out of my comfort zone.

        • MVEilenstein

          Some of like white shoes, white belt, and burgundy polyester pants.

          <img src=";

          Regardless, we love all kinds of cars here at Redusernab. If these cars really turn you off, though, just remember you'll likely see them only on the weekends. I love Jim's posts and even though i don't comment on them half the time (I'm usually under my truck on the weekend), I always read them.

  • dukeisduke

    I can remember the Cadillac print ads from around '74, using real owners, targeting middle income buyers, like one that featured a hospital lab technician. You can afford a Cadillac – just go deep into debt!

  • Ross

    Was I the only person watching the Roadmaster vid who thought "Nooo. It' can't take that corner. It's going in the water!" at 5:09?

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    New for 1974, the Cadillac instrument cluster which will be used for the RWD deVilles until 1992.

    I still miss both my '73 Coupe deVille, and to a lesser degree, the '85 Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance. Both like driving your living room, though the '85 was only slightly quicker, as it had the HT4100.

    135 HP and 4K lbs. is a very bad combo, unless it's a large-displacement diesel.

  • Roger Asay

    Looking for that 1967 TR4A with Buick V8. You had it listed in 2011. I'd like to find it, I built that car in 1982/3. Buick engine, Turbo 350 from. Monza and Nissan posi. Custom wire wheels, Surry and hard top. Any info, please respond [email protected].

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