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Quick Shots: just sign and drive

When I first encountered this van, I thought it had been vandalized. After all, seeing anything scrawled on the side of a car is always unexpected, especially when there’s so much of it. Fortunately, we were stopped in traffic, giving me just enough time to whip out my phone and grab a picture. I need to follow olelongrooffan’s idea and keep a cheap point & shoot camera handy.

As it turns out, this family has been travelling across the US of A, and somewhere along the way, decided it would be a good idea for people they meet to sign their big brown van. Sort of a rolling yearbook, you know. You can see some people simply signed their names; others wrote novels, recounting their favorite memories, I suppose. This is certainly one of the more unique vehicles to cross our northern border, and Canadians have interesting taste in vehicles.

It gives a new meaning to a wall post, though, doesn’t it?

[Photo Copyright 2013 Redusernab/Marcal Eilenstein]

  • cruisintime

    A sign of the times? Or just the writing on the wall?

  • No wonder the comments are so long – they had to be written in english and french.

  • Van_Sarockin

    It looks like the LeMons 'Write Your Crime' penalty.

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