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Video Review: 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Le Mans Edition
A wolf in Woolf’s clothing


If you spy a Bentley on the road, odds are that it will be a Continental GT. It’s cool to spot an older car, and interesting to see a new sedan as those rides are fairly rare. Still, there exists a variation of the Continental GT that is fare more interesting than the V8-equipped variants plodding from the business park to the golf course. You see, Bentley has a rich history behind it filled with wild men who enjoyed pushing all manner of machines to their limits. That’s why Bentley has been successful in a number of races long ago, and more recently with a Le Mans win a few years back.

To celebrate that history, Bentley has produced a number of limited-edition Le Mans cars. There are six variations offered across a variety of Continental GT and Mulsanne coupes, convertibles, and stately sedans. The most interesting of that bunch? The GT Speed, of course. Thanks to its W12 engine, Granite over Hotspur color combination, and Bentley Boy inspiration, the Woolf Barnato-honoring GT Speed is the one we’d take given the chance.

We were, in fact given the chance.. and we took it, if only for the weekend. 

UPDATE: Bentley reached out to correct my math. It seems there will be just 288 total Le Mans Edition cars produced. This is a far lower number than I originally thought, and makes the Le Mans Edition that much more appealing.

[Disclaimer: Bentley let us borrow the GT Speed for a weekend, and threw in a tank of gas. I threw in more gas, because the W12 is a thirsty mistress that demands to drink… and drink she shall.]

  • TheAnnM

    OMG I really, REALLY love that red interior. Like, a lot. Really a lot.

    • Rover1

      My white Rover P6 with red leather interior always got admiring comments.I wonder why red leather interiors are not more common.

      • Do you have pictures? That sounds like an excellent combo.

        • Rover1

          Just like this, but mine was a TC with the rev counter. White cars came with Sandalwood, Ebony, Buffalo or Toledo Red. Red was very common on white P6s made in NZ. I have no pictures in digital format of any of my P6s so googled these..
          <img src=";
          <img src=";
          <img src=";

          • TheAnnM

            That is freaking awesome.

  • BlackIce_GTS

    I'm totally sold on the LeMans package, that's a really great deal at that price level.
    On a Cayenne Turbo (which is 100K cheaper butnevermind) you can spend that on painted air vents and beige seatbelts.

    • It's a package that makes sense on a car like this…

  • skitter

    Properly compared to a locomotive. Which I could equally afford.

    Also, the wheels look too large, even for that enormous car, but then they entirely fill the fronts with brakes.
    As it should be.

  • Rover1

    They've been a great way to use up all those Phaeton parts.

  • topdeadcentre

    I'm waiting for the 2015 Bentley Continental GT Speed LeMons Edition.

    Hopefully they'll offer it with a freshly-updated Bordello Red Crushed Velvet interior.