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Your next Volvo wagon will be turbo AND supercharged

Kamil Kaluski October 11, 2013 The News! 36 Comments


There a very select group of readers on this here site that maybe a bit obsessed with Swedish turbo bricks. And another group that is equally obsessed with wagons. Rejoice, as there is some great news, which may not be all that new: the next generation of Volvo engines will be strictly four-cylinder and will power everything from the S60 to the big, all-new, XC90.

The base offering will be a turbocharged 2.0 liter with 240 hp and 258 torques, call it the T5, and the optional engine will a supercharged AND turbocharged version of that engine making 302 hp and 295 torques, call it T6. The not so good news is that the new engines will only come with an 8-speed automatic transmission. A shame, as Volvos always had very sweet manual transmissions.

The twin-charged engine is exactly what you think it is. Volvo bolted up a huge turbo to a small engine and thereby loaded it with lag. To get rid of that lag they bolted up a supercharger, which as we know makes instant boost because it is belt driven off the crankshaft pulley. Somewhere in there is a valve that under right conditions seamlessly directs the air from one charger to the other, sending it into an intercooler, and finally into the engine. Direct fuel injection is there to smooth things out.

But wait, there’s more!…


As we have reported earlier, Volvo is also bringing sexy the wagon back in form of the V60. While it’s no square brick, the wagon will come stateside with the new engine early next year. It’s not confirmed if the wagon will come with the twincharged engine, but damn it, it should! And all-wheel-drive, please. With that configuration, the V60 will have a fair chance to succeed where the Acura TSX Sportwagon did not, which would be a shame as the TSX is a good car that could have been a great car.

Volvo says that they’ll be back with a vengeance, soon, modeling themselves after the successes of Land Rover/Jaguar, which were sold from Ford few years earlier. They also say that their new Chinese owner, Geely, have only financial interest in the company and have no influence on design and engineering. We’ll see about that.

There was the Lancia Delta rally car, and I think a 3-cylinder VW… any other cars that were factory super- and turbocharged?


  • Felis_Concolor

    But, but . . . turbochargers are superchargers. < /@#$%ing pedant>

    • compressors…

      • Felis_Concolor

        I usually go for blowers, turbos and nitrous, to underscore directly coupled, indirectly coupled and chemical superchargers. Oddly enough it was an older Car Craft article which delved into the pedantry of various forms of supercharging.

    • hwyengr

      To further the pedantry, there's an RPM range way down low where the power required to turn the supercharger pulley is greater than the power added by the boost, so it's not exactly lag free.

      • Felis_Concolor

        Considering how massive some of those Roots types are, I believe that.

  • Sudzkng

    I think there were some twin charged 1st gen MR2s.

    • NevynPA

      I know some had a switchable, clutched supercharger that could be turned on or off for power/efficiency, but I've never heard of any being twincharged.

      • dukeisduke

        The MR2 setup used a supercharger with an electromagnetic clutch, like the S/C Previas. I don't know about the MR2, but on the Previa, the ECU energized the clutch any time the van came off of idle.

    • crank_case

      This was an aftermarket turbo kit for the 4AGZE engine, rather than a factory model.

    • discontinuuity

      1st gen MR2's had a supercharged option, 2nd gen's had a turbo option.

  • HSA

    Three-cylinder VW? I'm not an expert on VWs, but I think the twin-charged TSI engines were fours.

  • Garland137

    "The not so good news is that the new engines will only come with an 8-speed automatic transmission."

    My interest just dropped to about zero.

  • mike

    Lancia Delta S4, Nissan March Superturbo and VW TSI engines.

    • Rover1

      Lancia Delta S4.The great Group 4 hero and after the big fatal crash in the '86 Tour de Course, the scapegoat. Phenomenal performance when they were current, seeing them being used as intended was unforgettable and even now few vehicles can match their acceleration. 480 to 580 bhp, with up to 1000 bhp (on 5 Bar boost). 0 to 100km/h(62 mph) in just under 2 seconds on a gravel surface. The similar looking Gp A Lancia Delta replaced it.
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    • panokatos

      In Europe there is (at least until 2012) the VW Polo GTi with 1.4TS 180PS using both a supercharger and turbo.
      The same engine is used on the Scoda Fabia vRS … …

      • Rover1

        Courtesy imbed
        <img src=";

  • Rich

    I'm very interested and will be in the market this time next year. The lack of a manual really sucks….but for the last 20 years I've been driving a series of three-pedal cars in and around Chicago and the constant traffic mess has greatly reduced the fun of shifting. This news might not be a deal breaker for me.

    • For what it's worth, the 8-speeds on BMWs and Jeeps are excellent.

  • Rich

    I live within walking distance of a Volvo dealer and almost bought a C30 last year. The added usefulness of a wagon (and NOT the hideous XC70) is very appealing. I have no interest in a 4-door that isn't a wagon.

    • ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq

      You'll probably recognize this location then 😉 NSFW

  • Sjalabais

    What I see is a lot of machinery with the potential to break. And I'm a bit jealous that the 240hp engine is going to be your "base" motor. Holy crap. I'll guess Europeans will have to content with barely-three-digits of horsepowers when the lineup is complete.

  • Rich

    That's why new with a full warranty would be a neccessity IMO.

  • <img src="; width="500">

    Should I ever go looking for one, I hope my next Volvo wagon will have turn signals on the B-pillars and a trailer hitch.

    • topdeadcentre


  • wunno sev

    part of the charm of volvo wagons is how unashamed they are to have huge back windows and tailgates. makes lane changes, reversing, and loading easy. from the amazon to the 240s, there's actually a bit of a downward slope in the wagon beltlines. though the 850/V70 and V50 kept relatively flat beltlines and slightly downward-sloping roofs, there was still a preponderance of glass and a vertical tailgate. besides all the practical benefits, i like that the big square shape announces unequivocally that this is a big, stupid station wagon.

    i don't know if the safety goons or the styling goons are responsible for them, but i don't think the V60's rear windows will be as nice to have, nor do i personally think they look as good. i'm not saying it's ugly or impractical, but to my eyes it's not very volvo.

    but as is the way with so many changing car brands, that is probably in volvo's best interest. i guess you do what you have to to stay afloat.

    • Sjalabais

      Agreed. Volvo has announced their smaller station wagons to be "lifestyle"-cars. Meaning the customers are expected to be looking smart when cursing themselves for not having bought a properly shaped wagon.

      • topdeadcentre

        I agree with both of you… I don't want a "lifestyle vehicle"… I want a freakin' WAGON….

    • ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq

      It is incredible how much better the rear visibility of my amazon wagon is compared to my wife's odyssey. This new v60 compared to that minivan even does not look very promising at all in the rear ward viewing.

  • craigsu

    Sadly, no turbodiesel for the US of A in the Volvo V60; actually, no diesel at all.

    I really don't like that upward sloping side and the smallish rear window. Guess I'll be shopping for a late model V70 (maybe R) instead.

  • Metric Wrench

    Meh, I disagree that Volvo's have sweet manuals. My 2007 V70R is more difficult to shift smoothly than my E36. Those two ginormous intercoolers and the resulting, oh, 4 seconds of turbo lag add to the challenge. Combine that with her nasty habit of sidestepping on a downshift, despite careful rev matching and AWD, and she's a handful.

    But, she's still a riot to drive. The pedals are perfectly set for heel and toe, and the clutch has excellent back. It's a shame you can't get a big wagon with a manual nowadays stateside, save a VW.

    • Maymar

      To be fair, the Subaru Outback is still available with a stick-shift. It's a little tall, but still unabashedly a wagon available with three pedals. Plus, lower profile tires and a mild suspension drop compensate for a bit of the faux crossover.

      • Available, but only just barely, at least in the US. A friend of mine bought one new in 2011 with a MT, and waited quite a while for it. She was told it was one of 6 in the States that year.

        Of course, the dealership could have been completely full of bull$hit.

        • Sjalabais

          1 of 6? If she keeps it nicely, that fact should pop up again on BaT when selling the car in 2045.

        • Maymar

          I suppose I wouldn't be entirely shocked. That said, of the 32 2011+ Outbacks on Auto Trader within 100kms of me, there's one manual. I've seen several in the inventory of my local Subaru dealers as well. They're not exactly common, but apparently we're still buying them in the Toronto area.

  • topdeadcentre

    I'm definitely one of those obsessed with the turbobricks. I had '94 850 turbo and traded it for an '04 V70R (which, incidentally, makes roughly 300hp/300lb-ft torque with five cylinders and a whole lotta turbo.

    One small engine for the whole range of vehicles, from lightweight S60's up through heavyweight XC90's? Sorry Volvo, I don't think it'll work. I'm not looking forward to the turbosupercharger lag.

    I still need a wagon, but I may either need to find a way to keep the V70R going forever, or get a current T5 XC70.

    • ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq

      There will also be an electric motor for the rear wheels available, so there's that, doesn't really ring my bell though either.


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