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Stance Wisconsin’s 2013 Summer Car Show

Robby DeGraff September 13, 2013 All Things Hoon, Car Shows 24 Comments

Little it be known, but Wisconsin has one heck of a good car scene. A trip to one of car shows proves it.

Trying to explain what “Stance” is to an older person or non-gearhead is like trying to build a 3,000 piece Lego set in the dark; it’s just  impossible. Heck, I may  not understand it 100% but I’m on a quest to learn. The term “Stance” is a bit broad, but in this case a good type of broad. According to , “Stance” is all about aggressive fitment. Take a cool European or Japanese car, slam it down a few inches and stretch some tires around a foursome of offset wheels. That’s just the beginning.


As temperatures rose to around 100 degrees, vehicles of all makes and models rolled into the empty parking lot. It was like a United Nations calling. Rotary-powered Mazdas, Nissan GTRs, 240sxs and 350Zs, Acuras of all sorts, Mitsubishi Lancer Evos, Honda S200s along with Civics and of course the Toyobaru twins were just some of the import models that hailed form Japan. What’s a Stance show without Vee Dubs, Audis and Bimmers from Deutschland? America was represented by Camaros, Mustangs, a sick Ford GT, hopped-up Rangers and Mopar galore. There were even a few Brits that had made their way from across the pond. The variety was beyond impressive. You name it, it was there. Everything and everyone were welcome .

I walked around for hours, snapping photos and  talking with the owners to learn more about their ride. There was an explosion of creativity and uniqueness amongst every single vehicle that was parked in that lot. It was neat to see new vehicles that have recently hit the market, already being taken into the enthusiasts’ hands, like the Dodge Dart and Toyobaru brothers, or for those of you not up-to-date on lingo the Subaru BRZ and Toyota FR-S. 

Here are a few highlight photos from Stance WI’s 2013 Summer Car Show.

Want to see more photos from  Stance WI’s 2013 Summer Car Show? View the gallery .

Images Copyright 2013 Redusernab/Robby DeGraff 

  • I usually try to be a go-with-the-flow guy, but "stance" is one of those terms* that leaves a sour taste in my soul. Modifying cars' suspension for style instead of performance is only mildly objectionable to me, but I can't stand the entirely too serious posturing about poke vs flush vs tuck vs hella, slam vs low vs lay. Get over yourselves. So you futzed with your suspension and bought wheels that don't fit. We get it.

    *another is "cafe build" — grrrrr.

    • Scandinavian Flick ★

      The posturing types are the same people who argue the semantics of specific genres of electronic music. Personally, I still don't know the difference between dubstep, trap, and hardcore DnB…

      I still kinda dig the lowered look in general. But if it's that low, it's gotta be on airbags. I don't want to be dragging pebbles with my front bumper due to my static drop.

    • I'm with you. Us old farts gotta stick together.

    • Yes, many of them need to get over themselves. Ask any old school muscle car restorer if what they're doing really makes sense and they'll admit that it doesn't. Its a hobby. Its a passion. Its all good.

      The "stance" guy, or gal, that admits that theirs is just another wacky hobby gets my respect. Until they have to slow down to 1 MPH to clear the entrance at the Gas & Sip that is.

      • My knee-jerk objection to the whole stance "thing" is from living through the "dropped on fats" mini-truck era twenty years ago. I am fearful these cars will cause 'Nam-style flashbacks.

        <img src=";

        • I promise that doesn't handle any worse than a stock minitruck but looks a good bit better (I've been there, on both sides of that equation). Where automotive trends go wrong is when functionality is sacrificed in the name of appearance. Unfortunately, that may well have been GM's corporate mission from the 70s through the 90s.

  • OA5599

    I guess I've never noticed a stance car on the street. Do people drive them, or are they trailered? I would imagine the more extreme ones have the tire beads unseat while cornering hard, and it wouldn't take much of a pothole to bend one of those rims.

  • Van_Sarockin

    "Arcjitecture is the event of a mis-proportioned window." Le Corbusier (loosely translated). Those photos are like a quick tour through a rehab clinic for cosmetic surgery disasters. I just hope everyone had fun and enjoyed what they did.

  • To each his own.

  • Ol' Shel'

    People are so obsessed with creating conflict and division.

    If they're into cars, they're cool with me.

    • Lotte

      Yup! They went through the effort of putting on an event, with all these cars for us to ogle. Not that I'd personally want to ride in most of these but I do appreciate the work that went into these machines; they all look well done.
      Great show and great pictures!

  • Sjalabais

    I am sorry, but with most of these cars, one particular piece of clothing comes to mind.

    <img src=";

  • wunno sev

    am i the only one who not only tolerates, but likes stanced cars?

    i think they look cool. they're not practical, but neither is a hot rod, and you can't tell me a "VIP stance'd" A8 hasn't got its charms….
    <img src="; width="640">

    • Sjalabais

      What's broken with this little fella?

  • Dean Bigglesworth

    I'm not into huge lips, wild camber angles and stretched tyres, but from an aesthetic point of view that Soarer, BRZ and RX-8 just look right to me.


    The random hipster moustaches haphazardly jammed into graphic design will be the everlasting marker of a skippable generation. And I'm one of 'em! Nice cars, though. Makes you realize what a porker a modern entry like the Dart is compared to cars that are only ~10 years older.

    • RegalRegalia

      Skippable generation, that's pretty rude dude. Be old, but don't be a dick.

  • Alcology

    Perfect timing! I saw a honda crosstour on the road yesterday with stretched tires and severely lowered. The rear wheels had crazy negative camber. It looked terrible! That car was just not made for it.

  • BobWellington

    That H2 is beyond cringe-worthy. I just can't imagine what goes through some peoples heads.

    • RegalRegalia

      H2 is beyond cringe-worthy in any form, the mods are an improvement, but you can't fix fundamental flaws.

      • BobWellington

        True, though those wheels are anything but an improvement.

  • Lotte

    There's always a contrarian. So awesome!
    <img src=";
    Oh but this:
    <img src=";
    Oh god this. I love everything about it (maybe except the blue knock-off nuts.) It's gorgeous. I can't stop staring. I want it so bad. Hnnnggg…


    I want more pics of that red MkIII Supra. Looks interesting 🙂

    And I kind of love how the guy did the fixed headlights on the red FC RX7 in the gallery. Now giving very serious thought to doing this on my own FC….

    I love pop-ups on principle, but 3 headlight motors later, I'm willing to give them up. Weight savings on the nose too…

  • I appreciate the lowered, fill the wheel well look. I don't get the "I stretched a 5" wide tire on my 7" wide rims" look and I bet it doesn't ride, handle or wear well. Reminds me of the reverse-rims-on-a-Neon look that was popular a decade ago. Looked silly adn I bet was heck on wheel bearings.

    I must be old, though, because I thought all cars had a stance, some were more attractive than others.

    I wonder if my T'bird counts as 'stanced' (is that how you'd say it?) with the 17"x8" Boyd's in place of the 14"x5.5" original equipment? If so, what kind (I didn't know there were kinds)?

    ; width="640" height="383" alt="#3 done &amp; ready for cars &amp; coffee next week.">

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