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Truck Thursday – A Fetching F-150 Find

For your Truck Thursday viewing pleasure, I’d like to present to you my nomination for induction into the Orange Car Appreciation Society. This is a gorgeous 1979 F-150 Custom.

From the ad:

  • Original 460 motor, gas shocks. Original Holley Carburetor completely rebuilt – just installed.
  • Exhaust installed in 2000. 3″ stainless into a triple flow “meanstreak” muffler. 3″ stainless out the back with chrome tip.
  • Original 66 mustang racing orange factory paint
  • Interior: original interior tan and black – except brand new black carpet
  • Sun roof installed in 1981 – NEVER LEAKED
  • Old school CRAGER SS WHEELS installed in 1981
  • Tires: Michelin XL RADIAL LT tires. REAR: 31 X 10.5 R 15 LT FRONT: 30 X 9.5 R 15 LT
  • XLT with complete CHROME package…includes Diamond plate chrome around bed and diamond plate chrome tool box.

Considering the modifications done to this truck when still relatively new, this truck must have been a looker in its day. This is not my favorite model year, but this particular example is in excellent condition. That orange paint looks great with the chrome, doesn’t it?

Diamond plate isn’t for everyone, and I’m willing to bet there’s some paint damage under those bed rail and tailgate covers, but I like the toolbox. In fact, I think that’s the same toolbox in my F-150. However, I think we can all agree that Cragar wheels look great on old trucks. Growing up, we lived next door to an older couple who owned a truck much like this one, but in a nice two-tone green. Theirs was an F-250, which they used for many years to tow a fifth wheel.

This is another truck that ticks almost all my boxes for a classic car or truck. It has just enough mods to make it stylish, comfortable, and fast. The prices seems a little steep, but considering the condition of the truck, it’s not unreasonable.

What say you? Would you drive this truck? Would you pay what the seller is asking? Let us know in the comments.

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  • dukeisduke

    I knew a guy around that time that bought a new '78 F-150 Ranger Lariat, orange and white. He doted on that thing, waxing it with an electric buffer.

    • MVEilenstein

      They were the King Ranch edition of their day.

  • Mmmmm…ornch.

  • JayP2112

    A lot going on with this one. Diamond plate, tiedowns, orange and sunroof. No interior pics?
    The 460 is a .

    I'd rather have a earlier round headlight F150 shortbed.
    But that's just me.

    • MVEilenstein

      I agree with you. Ad says the interior is black and tan, which I can only imagine looks fantastic.

  • CherokeeOwner

    That is a ludicrously pretty truck.

  • mappo

    My first car was a '79 F150. Lord, the things a guy and his girl could do on that big bench seat….

  • racer139

    Id like a high boy, with the round headlights and a short box. Id nix the old cragars as I dont like the slotted universal fitment idea.

  • boxdin

    I love these and the vans too. I have a full set of ford shop manuals for 78 ford truck, nobody on craigs list wants them even for free.

  • ptschett

    I always liked these, but I may have a bias. When I was an infant my dad's daily driver was a black '78 F-150. I'm told that "Ford" was one of my 1st words. Later, I daily-drove the family's brown '78 through the winter of '96-'97:
    <img src=";

    That said, the mirrors on this orange '78 are affecting me about the same way that Megan Fox's thumbs affect me… I much prefer the style that both our black & brown trucks had, as pictured above.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Too nice to be used, and perfectly mid- malaise.

  • Maria Latigo

    How much are you asking for it!!


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