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Video Review: 2014 Mazda 6 First Drive

Jeff Glucker February 12, 2013 Featured, First Impressions, Mazda Reviews, Reviews 11 Comments

Style, allow me to introduce you to Substance

2014 Mazda 6 lead

Happy-happy, joy-joy no more.

Say hello to crisp, angular aggression. Say hello to an exterior wrapper finally matching the driving dynamics that lurk beneath. Say hello to the 2014 Mazda 6, and what I hope is the precursor of a whole lot more style injected into a family that always gives back to the person in the important seat.

Yes, I’d prefer to spend time with the upcoming 2.2-liter diesel variety, but I’m not exactly settling when given the keys to the all-new gas-swilling 2.5-liter-equipped 2014 Mazda 6. Click past the jump for the video review.

[Disclosure: Mazda flew us to a swank hotel that used to be a hippy-dippy meditation center, located outside of Austin, Texas. Once there we drove the new Mazda 6 as well as the updated CX-5. On top of that, our belly remains full of delicious BBQ, and TSA stopped us to examine the Salt Lick Dry Rub we were given as a gift.]

Lead Image copyright 2013 Redusernab/Jeff Glucker

  • dukeisduke

    A hippy-dippy meditation center? That sounds like pretty much the whole city of Austin.

  • Hatchtopia

    Saw a white one on the freeway commute yesterday. Honestly think this may be the best looking 4-door sedan I can think of. Truly a beautiful car.

    • wunno sev

      <img src=";
      hatchtopia, a word in my office, please?

      [ing stolen from edmunds]

      • I think the Mazda 6 looks better. Yes the Fusion looks good, but the Mazda 6 makes the Fusion come off as if it were almost trying TOO hard to look good… whereas the 6 is a natural stunner.

        • schigleymischke

          They're both good looking, especially in person. In photos, the Fusion's nose looks too big and all the curves and surfaces on the Mazda don't blend. But in person, they both make you do a double take.

        • Hatchtopia

          The Fusion looks like a fullback in a fancy suit. The 6 looks like his hot model wife.

        • pj134

          In person I don't like the Fusion. Looks like a jellybean that someone took a belt sander to the front end of.

  • SSurfer321

    So is Redusernab's production values increasing or are you cutting in stock Mazda video footage?

    • They had an on-site video guy and we spliced in B-Roll.

      Normal, no money spent videos will use the regular Redusernab intro – videos we're spending money on will use the new The Redusernab intro, which was created a day ago.

  • Ol'Shel'

    No info on handling, brakes, steering feel, ride?

  • e24tony

    Besides the Camry, which really needs to get its act together, I think this new generation of midsize sedans are pretty good looking.

    Fusion, the macho one of the group.

    Accord, probably the most conservative but still good looking.

    Optima, poor man's Audi, in a good way.

    Sonata, my least favorite, but still handsome.

    The 6, sort of menacing look, great front end.

    There isn't really a bad car in this group, but I'd have to choose between the Accord or 6.

    Also I can't believe I wrote all that for FWD midsize sedans, I need my meds.



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