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Project Ugly Horse is stampeding ahead

If you’ve been following along with our favorite Autobloggers descent into Fox Body madness, you might be ready for an update. Well, it’s arrive because Zach Bowman has put up another post covering the ongoing saga of Project Ugly Horse. For those not familiar, .

In the latest installment, Bowman details the trials and tribulations involved in swapping out his automatic gearbox. In its place he’s installing a five-speed of the row-your-own variety.


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  • Rover1

    Man, this is inspiring !

  • Manic_King

    Umm, this was on page 2 (out of 5) in now seemingly dead Mustang's thread at Redusernab forums so not really fresh news. Still, enjoyable read. Great project and superb storytelling from Zach.

    • True… I think he probably had to stop spilling the beans in the forum, so he could cover it on Autoblog. So we should start posting the updates from there as they appear on AB.



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