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Video Review: 2012 Lexus IS-F

We love odd-duck cars. Not just because they’re unique pieces of the automotive landscape though, they also have to be good at something. The Mazda2 is a sub-compact machine that happens to enjoy being treated very badly. The Fiat 500 Abarth drives like a school bus, but sounds like Darth Vader singing smooth jazz. Just like these and other odd ducks, the 2012 Lexus IS-F is a luxury four door from Lexus, which doesn’t sound very exciting until you realize there’s a 416-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 engine under the hood.

Is that enough of a reason for us to love it though?

[Disclaimer: Lexus gave us the keys to the 2012 IS-F and included a tank of gas. We apologize for shortening the life of the rubber a little bit.]

Images copyright 2012 Redusernab/Jeff Glucker

  • Scandinavian Flick

    Come now, Jeff, you know as well as we do, just because you don't include yourself in the lead picture doesn't mean I am not going to grace your review comments with some Photoshop work.

    Now, gather 'round children, while Jeff plays us the song of the Lexus!

    <img src="; width="550">

    I like that one of my previous Photoshop jobs comes up on the second page in a Google search for your name now. [insert maniacal laughter here]

    • that is fantastic…

  • DasWauto

    Carefull, he might be packin'
    <img src="; width="600">

  • smalleyxb122

    Jeff, I cannot disagree more vehemently with your assertion that the car will look better when updated with the corporate “spindle” grille. Less bland? Perhaps. More aggressive? Probably. But certainly not better. The Lexus “spindle” grille is hideous. Not quite Acura beak hideous, but hideous, nonetheless. This car carries hints of the latest corporate grille without being so in-your-face about it. This car looks fairly anonymous, yet with a touch of class. I like it.

    • I disagree… the new grille looks pretty good on the GS F Sport, very good on the LS F Sport, and helps make the RX have less of the dumb.

      To be fair though… I don't hate the Acura beak as much as everyone, so take that bit of wisdom with you.

      • Devin

        It does look terrible on the ES though, so it could still go wrong.

        • Kogashiwa

          In all fairness the ES is the one Lexus that absolutely no one cares about, including the owners, who just wanted a posher Camry.

  • dude…your videos just keep getting better..great job and great review but at 66 large, it'll be 20 years before I can even think of affording this year's offering. That is if I'm still around and driving at 73. still nicely done, Chief Blooger.

  • Mr.Smee

    I truly hated the 'spindle' grille, but having seen the GS F-Sport I'm definitely coming around. I love the concept of the IS-F and would love to have one. The funny thing is, around here nobody keeps one for more than a couple years. I think there are more used ones for sale than new, and we only have two Lexus dealers in town.

  • BobWellington

    I definitely like this look much more than the spindle grille.

  • Juan B

    Having owned an IS-F for a year, I believe that sound wasn't the exhaust, but the intake noise coming into the cabin.

  • SweLex

    In June, I picked up a silver 2011 IS F for about half the price as new. This is my best deal ever. Love my car and its split personality: below 4000 rpm h and luxurious, above 4000 rpm screaming for vengeance. Running costs are acceptable. Jeff Glucker seems to be one of the few auto-journos who understands and appreciates this machine. Greetings from Sweden!

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