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Last Call- Double Take Edition

Robert Emslie November 20, 2012 Last Call 66 Comments

Vinyl wraps for vehicles are all the rage – mostly for businesses that wrap advertisements around their work trucks and cars in the hopes of generating some business calls. This clever, but heart-stopping, pickup truck tailgate wrap is likely to also generate some calls, but the only business it’ll likely generate is for the local po-po.

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  • Van_Sarockin

    Yeah, it's all fun and games, until the SWAT team shows up.

  • I had a friend in college that gave campus tours to prospective high school students and their parents. We had planned to stage a kidnapping of him mid-tour, maybe when he got to the part about campus safety, pull up, jump out, hog tie him and toss him the back of a truck and speed away. Unfortunately we never did it.

    • ThatGirl

      That was a really great story. So good that it probably should never be told again.

  • wisc47

    Consider it a safety feature. It's like a warning light that tells all your surrounding drivers you're a sociopath!

    • JayP2112

      Dad always drove old Ford F100s and didn't get in too much of a hurry.
      Said if they can't tell you're a crazy SOB from driving a nasty truck, then it's their damn fault.

      • He's right. Beater trucks get you major respect and distance in traffic. Especially if they're loud.

  • Mad_Hungarian

    Pennsylvania plate, so ya can't blame this one on southerners . . .

    • Vairship


    • I'm simultaneously surprised and disappointed that it's not a Florida plate. Apologies to LR, but it was his choice for moving there.

  • derf hwt

    I think that's 80 in NJ look to the left and right those are both NJ plates.

  • Officer Farva

    Talk about tasteless. Kidnapping people isn't funny, ever.

    Gotta love the white trash "sense of humor" in using such a wrap.

    • Olheiser

      Love the generalization of "white trash".
      Even more I love how race comes out of nowhere and not to mention you dont know if the driver is black, purple, green, white, blue, or fuckin pink.
      And ya know what kiddo, I think its a bad ass vynal and laughed pretty hard at the idea.

      So back the fuck up princess and take a joke 🙂

      • Taymee

        It's not a joke. you are right about everything else, but this is NOT a joke. it is a sick portrayal of a person in serious trouble, and it is done in such a way as to desensitize people to actual peril, so that if they ever do happen to be a position where a phone call could be the difference between life and death, they will think it is a "joke"

      • alicia

        Hmm…I hope this never happens to you or a woman you care for because I doubt you'd think it was funny if it did.

      • Jaye

        I was with you right until you implied this is anything but horrifying. Here's hoping no one you care for ever gets kidnapped, I'd hate to see you try to shrug that off as a joke.

    • Dick Fageroni

      "Kidnapping people isn't funny, ever."

      What if you're kidnapping a clown?

    • Johnny

      Spoken like a true-blue liberal weenie.

  • kevin

    The picture is fake look at the bed closely

    • Troll McTrollerson

      No shit, Sherlock.

  • Mr. Queeg

    Freedom of speech blah, blah, blah. How about freedom to not be a disgusting idiot.

    • seguin

      Yeah…damn that freedom of speech, people say things I don't like with it! We should let government officials decide what we can or can't say! There's no way that could go wrong!

      • Mr. Queeg

        I said nothing about the government, I did say something about choosing to be or not be a disgusting idiot. I respect your view, I believe that the ultimate value of freedom of speech is in defending human dignity, which the guy with this truck certainly doesn't.

    • dancer

      A sociopath or one of the many ignorant, devolved disgusting human beings, bad religious leaders and too many politicians masquerading as decent folks while busily destroying lives and laughing about the "joke" without understanding it is subliminal brainwashing- which works best with the uneducated dregs of society. Someone with a sense of humor like you have just shared. Defending it as just a joke makes you another fact deprived sheep or a vile propaganda programmer shilling for the guys who are systematically destroying what America stands… I mean used to stand for and which, to this day, inspires people all over the globe… all this to sacrifice us to the slavers and grifters of the world…the lowest kind of persons who create and enjoy genocidal power and the idiocy that they are superior… If they were truly superior there would be no need to constantly, lie and mislead people, steal the right to vote fom citizens or to train the whole social structure that women are inferior or evil… that garden of eden story has been used to justify the most hideous things so men can delude themselves into believing that they are superior… Very sick stuff…

    • dancer

      Oh.. forgot to make the distinction between the people who know exactly what they are doing and can afford to make long range plans, the brain-washers who are working on ruling the entire earth and making us all slaves or very dead… and those who are so brainwashed via the invaluable assistance of Elmer Gantry style thieves, living the high life by using the pulpit to fleece and program their flocks. (people SO terrified of eternal hellfire they will do and believe anything their preacher/pastor/pope tells them they believe) these guys "sell" their huge blocks of votes to politicians so they can have some of the wealth and power the elites reward them with…. there is a reason they are called sheeple… they follow unquestioningly and do not think independently, nor are they usually educated well enough to understand what passes right in front of their eyes.. If hat they want us to see as a joke were refersed making them the victims you would hear a hue and cry it would shake the world…. and bring on vicious retaliation too. Maybe men cannot stand the fact that women can create life while they are merely our mindless little seed carriers.

    • dave

      And yet, there you are.

  • MVEilenstein

    Oh, I see what's going on here; those are fake bikes! Look how they're cut off on the bottom!

  • pizzahoon

    Truck Nuts should be obligatory with this vinyl

  • Citizen

    The vinyl is not clever or funny, neither is violence against women, and that's what this person is representing. Why would someone want to show a woman bound and tied like this in their pick up bed? Its not about freedom of speech, its 2012 and women derve more respect than this.

    • Maddie

      Let me ask you a hypothetical question. Imagine you had a daughter. Would you feel good about her going out into a world where males find this kind of thing humorous? Or feel ok about her driving away with a guy who had this on his truck? See, you might think this is just a joke but it's a real for females. No, not every man is a rapist but I can tell that by looking at anyone. We get slammed when we treat every man as a potential rapist and slammed again for "asking for it" when we are too trusting and get raped. Rape occasionally happens to males but it's overwhelmingly females who are the victims. It's bad enough that we have to live with that fear constantly in the back of our minds and that so many of us have been the victim of the crime depicted in those vinyls. Is it really too much to ask that you not make a joke about our worst fears and reinforce our fear of all things male? Do you also think it's bullshit that women treat every man as a potential attacker? If you condone crap like this, you really have no right to complain. Try putting yourself in someone else's shoes sometimes. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

      • Kalgorath

        So when was the last time you were tied up in the back of a truck?

        • Officer Twunt

          I'm guessing never….

        • Hopeful

          Does it really matter if it has actually ever happened to her or not? If that is the only point that you walk away asking, out of everything that was said, then you have some serious issues yourself. The fact that there are so many people posting comments on this topic that find humor in it, shows the complete deterioration of ethics, morals and values in our world today. I can appreciate a sign company trying to drum up some business, but to do it at the expense of, as was said above, every woman's worst nightmare, is disgusting. Yes, it happens to men too, so it would make no difference if it was a man tied up on that tailgate wrap. When someone sees that, it does not entice a positive, empowering or motivational thought or feeling. . . it prompts fear and disgust, at least for any intelligent person with a heart.

        • Tikidoc

          We 1 in 5 women in the United States has been a victim of sexual assault. Do most end up tied up in the back of a pick-up truck? No, obviously not. But by making a joke about violence against women, we make it more acceptable. We normalize it.

    • Pendie

      How is this in your pea brain even a joke? The spirit it was intended? Which spirit would that be? That it's 'cool' to have a picture of a woman tied up in the back of your pick up? If anyone even for a nano second thinks this is okay, they need to get themselves to a psychologist or a shrink to get their heads on straight and their issues resolved.

      • jkim

        If we continue to joke about brutalizing women as humorous we also contribute to the mass amount of subliminal messages that barrage our children. They internalize all of these messages and the result is acceptance and apathy. Why not speak out and let folks know that destructive humor is not acceptable? I mean really let's raise the bar and expect humor to be at least a little clever and intelligent.

    • guest

      What if it was a child? What if it was a cow? You make no sense. Not sure the stupid thing depicts rape but it certainly depicts violence and is not even close to being a joke or funny.

    • dancer

      Reading a book (the latest stupid fad) is not anything like the deliberate programming of young and/or unformed minds and of keeping women in the subservient victim mode that makes men think it is just a joke and what women deserve anyhow. It is programming.. right out in the open. clearly POLAЯ is a TROLL and I am done wasting time on his ilk. Don't want to address this anymore .. besides… the people in this discussion are far more equipped to think on their own and face truths even when they do not flatter us. Am enjoying the excellent discourse.. thank you!!

    • NBBBMO

      Explain why this decal is funny. Can you do that?

      • private citizen

        actually I can. To me, the decal is funny because it would have made me jump, and made me look closer. If that had been actually a woman in the back I would have tailed that mother fucker until the cops took over while being on the phone with a dispatcher.
        Personally I feel that to not acknowledge violence toward women is to do them a disservice, sure this might be an especially dark method but it is their chosen method. This shit is real, it actually happens. To turn a blind eye to it in the name of "respect" or "Sensitivity" or any other word you choose is simply that, sweeping the matter under the rug in the hopes that it will go away. It won't, and so it MUST be combated, we must faced down this devil often. If this person (and myself) feel the need to laugh at how hopeless our struggle to see it end before our lives are over so be it. And for you to judge me, well honestly you're no one in my life so take your opinion and find creative obscene things to do with it.

  • Angel

    Thats just like putting a big ass bumper sticker on your ass saying hey c mon abd pull me over…I aint got no werevto go in mt truck, I aint in no hurry!!!! Gotta love it I wasvtrippin. Till I realized its just faked!!!!!

  • Whitney

    if you're sick enough to find this funny or want one for the back of your truck then that is just plain tragic. Hope most women are keeping a good distance from you.

    • dancer

      I wish it was true that ALL women would steer clear of these types….. Many women are drawn to the "bad boy" stereotypes… Many many many women are also brainwashed to believe this is what God wants … I have seen this in action… how women are constantly taught that if they were "better" wives their men would not stray, beat them, abuse their children, whore around and bring home diseases…. the list is long and puts women in the always wrong and satanic pile of garbage. I worked in a woman's shelter and saw these so-called men of God talking women out of pressing charges and even of going to the hospital for their broken, bones, teeth, traumatized children and legal protection or assistance of any kind…. because of men who twist the bible to their own uses and get away with things they would hound parishioners out of the flock forever for doing.. or even thinking about… preaching to the choir here.. Sorry. I'll stop now…

  • Guest

    This isn't a joke, it's misogyny, plain and simple. The portrayal of a bound, helpless woman as a source of humor is pathetic, disturbing, juvenile, and sick. By the standards of some of the people posting here, would ANY violent image be okay? What about a photo of a child? At what point is the line of decency crossed? Suppose another driver who sees this had experienced rape, or their daughter or sister or mother had? Would you tell them they need to get a sense of humor about it?

  • Maddie

    To those who defend this: Imagine you had a daughter. Now imagine how it would make her feel to see something like this. And imagine how you would feel about sending her out into a world where this is not only acceptable but a joke! Next imagine that you are a female seeing something like this. Remember that for females violence and rape is a very real threat that you will face throughout your life. What is the stat? 1 in 4 women will be the victim if sexual violence in their lifetimes? Then take it a step further and imagine that you are a female who has been the victim of physical or sexual violence and you have to live in a world where this exists and a lot of people think it's really funny?A lot of people would say it hurts no one, it's just a joke, and to ban something like this would be a violation of freedom of speech but you can't honestly believe that. If this depicted a bound and gagged child would you still think it was funny? Why not? Because violence against children is no joke. So why is violence against women so damned funny? Why is violence against women acceptable to you?

    • Officer Twunt

      I have two daughters. Now imagine you're a man. You will need to fight. You might go to prison if you win a fight. You will be raped there. Violence in general is not ok. Violence against children is not ok. Are you saying that women are children? Who's the mysoginyst now, Maddy?



    • guest

      how do you know it was a violent attack. Some couples are into bondage and shit… just sayin..

      • rex

        my sentiments. exactly.

      • dancer

        This disengenuous guest knows exactly what is being discussed here….. what a joke it is…violent kidnap,imprisonment and rape, possibly murder…. how amusing and funny… the BDSM community operates on the core principle of ~safe, sane, consensual~ which is a far cry from how deceitfully, disrespectfully and horribly most "vanilla" couples treat each other…. Much of it is role- playing and playacting anyway. Point is this is agreed to and satisfies particular needs and effects no one outside the participants.
        Rape, torture, rape and murder are not amusing to the sane.. and definitely not the same things.

  • Pendie

    In what world does anyone even think this is okay? What ass wipe company is doing this? They should be boycotted.

  • Sarah

    From the standpoint of a woman that can take a joke, I think it's pretty funny. I'd put one on my truck if it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass getting pulled over everyday.
    (Note to the critics: I've seen a similar wrap with a man bound and gagged, so get off your Women's Lib high horse.)

    • dancer

      BOTH are bad images to treat as funny and okay, lady. BOTH are traumatic things children should not be exposed to. And BOTH male and female pictures could end in tragedy on the road… I know people (and I bet most of us do) who would have chased that truck down and had their guns drawn before they realized it was fake… Frankly, I'm amazed this has not happened already. things can happen that will endanger lives… so., from your tune, I guess you'd like any violence directed toward you, your mother, sister, daughter, etc. to be treated (IGNORED & unpunished) as a joke because the perp was laughing at the time? You should go out and champion "stand your ground and rape" laws too… She was looking sooo so pretty I couldn't help it judge… she made herself look good on purpose, so she deserved it! She was ASKING for it!!

  • Rich

    I just want to say, there is a male version of this out there too.. it's actually more popular. this is the only female version I have seen of this.

  • Jeff Phillips

    Actually you are incorrect in that it additionally creates business for the decal printing company.

    • I'm a guest

      What an amazing display of ignorance. My best friend in high school was bound, gagged, raped and then murdered. I'm not a feminist, just a survivor of sexual violence, lost a friend to it, and have two daughters of my own. I'm offended by the comments made here by small minded, ignorant people. How about we tie you up, rape you and leave you for dead on the side of a road, or better yet in the back of a pick up? Your mamas raised a fool. Not to mention an asshole.

  • Jane G

    I say equal time for women…Where's the castrated guy tailgate covers with blood dripping from his penisless crotch?

  • Red

    yes the lady is bound and gagged in the decal….way to jump to the rape conclusion right away you ignorant twits……how about you get off your high horses and stop making shit up that has no context in the picture for fucks sakes….start shit online because no one listens to your "PC" bull… (oh and to pull the rape card when the more popular one is the male form of this is just sad….sad….sad.

    • DeMon

      your right it's not a big deal — 'cause it's *your* Mother in the back of that truck … on her way to a party

  • Ta'int Foolin'round

    I've never seen so many blowhards in a single thread before. You people whining about this picture need to get over yourselves and stop it with all your trumped-up outrage. No one is going to give you an award for being "most offended". Find something constructive to do with all that pent up energy rather than blowing up about something that was obviously just meant to be funny. So what if you don't find it funny, plenty of people do. Get a hobby.

    • DeMon

      it IS very funny — 'cause it's your Mother in the back of that truck … on her way to a gang bang

  • Jim

    more brain washing bull….

  • Koop

    This is a horrible and offensive image. I would hate to be driving around with my young children in tow and having to explain something like this. Violence is not a joke. Sure, this situation could arise as a result of a weird bondage fetish, but does it really need to be where kids can be exposed to it? I think I AM the most offended, and I morn to downfall of our decent civilization.
    Do I get a medal?
    In a better time, the person who put something like this on HIS truck would be shamed and possible arrested. Why must we revel in such depravity?

  • Paige

    Clever? This is not clever. This is repulsive and further glorifies violence against women.

  • Salsify

    Many recent gun permits have been issued to women. A display like this could get your pickup shot up or sugar in your tank. And that would be getting off light.

  • Chris

    It's illegal to post the plate publicly like this. I suggest blurring it out to avoid lawsuits.

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