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Fastback Friday: Love The Kenman

This olelongrooffan has a buddy, The Kenman, who summers in Door County, Wisconsin and winters in Naples, Florida.  I first met The Kenman when I was mowing the lawn of my first home back in 1989 down there in the FantasyLand that is Naples, Florida.  His nine year old son was walking down the sidewalk and stopped to watch me do that job that I freaking hate. Anyway, I ended up getting Big J to mow that lawn for ten bucks and we became life long friends as a result.  It was his house I helped to renovate out in Ms. Martin’s home town last year.  After Big J and I started hanging out, I figured I should probably head down to his place and introduce myself to his folks.

As it turns out, Big J’s dad, The Kenman, is also a total Hoon.  He owns something like 12 Mustangs, an Avanti, a rollback car hauler, at least 3 or 4 street rods and his daily driver is a Chevy HHR.  Every year he sends out Christmas cards with an automobile theme with some witty comment or action going on.  The above images shows a couple of different years.  In the first one he has a pistol in his hand and is putting that Torino out of its misery.  The second one is self explanatory.  The Kenman is also the Hoon who first christened me with the moniker longrooffan.

Until last year The Kenman had owned this Mustang Shelby since the day he drove it off the new car sales lot.  The Kenman, as is also the case with Bus Plunge, feel they are getting up there in years and are starting to liquidate some of their vehicular possessions. A couple summers ago, The Kenman sold that beat up old Shelby, “primer gray, but garage clean,” as he said for $75,000.00. “Yeah, I know, Too Cheap.” The nickname Batmobile was christened on it by fellow members of the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) the board of which The Kenman is a longtime member.  He told me the nickname came about because he put a Flapper trunk lid, big fender flares, big tires and ten inch rear rims. “Hey, it was the 70’s,” he told me somewhat sheepishly.  “It still carries that name within the SAAC community to this day.”

“At least the restoration shop I sold it to returned it to the way it should be,” he related. The Kenman told this olelongrooffan that he had an estimate some years ago to restore it and was quoted a $50,000.00 price for it.  Yeah, that would make The Kenman’s old junker worth $125,000.00.  Well my fellow Hoons, that restoration shop sold The Kenman’s freshly restored Batmobile for $175,000.00 to some Hoon up in The Windy City. I understand he Hoons it around some country club-like race track just for fun.

Damn, this olelongrooffan is in the wrong business.

Image Copyright Redusernab 2012/longrooffan

This olelongrooffan extends a note of thanks to our Finnish Hoon contributor for his photo editing skills for this post.

  • Note to self: buy fast car for half a year's pay (at time of purchase), drive/race/paint funny colors for 40 years, sell for two year's pay (at time of sale.) Somewhere along the line shoot a sedan in the headliner.

    Okay, life lesson learned! Thanks, Kenman!

    • Sedan? No, it's a hardtop, despite the misplaced effort to turn it simultaneously into a soft top and a two-door post.

  • Mike England

    LOL. that 'country-club-like race-track' wouldn't happen to be The Autobahn Country Club would it?
    I would like to buy me a race-car like ride and do a couple hot laps there just for the pure hell of it.
    But, I bet I would feel much more at home at Blackhawk Farms raceway instead.
    Also Chicago area, also a road course, also pretty non-competitive, but there the similiarity ends.
    Blackhawk is more of a redneck version of the whole road-course-club-for-race-fans-who-refuse-to-gorw-up thing.

  • Alcology

    that's purdy. Shootin' old yeller up there looks just as tough with a car

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