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Cologne Coffee Contribution – Ligier Canta DLX Microcar

There is a very nice coffee shop and roastery on Körnerstraße, Ehrenfeld in Cologne, Germany. Not very far from the spot where the awesomeness that is the Carver was seen, either. The coffee shop is called Van Dyck Kaffee, and the latte macchiato I had there was definitely in the top five of lattes I’ve ever had, so if you ever stroll the streets of Ehrenfeld and look for a cup of coffee, do pop in.

But it’s not coffee talk that brought me here today, but the white wheeled appliance that can be seen on the street in the coffee shop’s promotional photo above. What on earth is it?

Luckily, Carver witness Joe provided me a few detail shots to help with the identification.

*fanfare sounds*

It’s the Ligier Canta DLX, of course! Undeniably made out of plastic, the Canta must be the narrowest four-wheeled conveyance I have ever seen. You get a single wiper, which probably comes from a TGV train, but surprisingly the microcar isn’t a single-seater!

Nope, you sit there jammed shoulder-to-shoulder, looking at the instrument pod undoubtedly stolen from some other car. The steering wheel is a random ’80s aftermarket object, but it would appear all Cantas have this wheel.

Round the not-round back, you just get a door and a pair of what appear to be Espace taillights. I do think it’s possible to convert the Canta into a mobility vehicle, into which you just roll with your chair. There are some conversion job photos circling the web, too.

The late-’90s Canta is powered by a 5-horsepower 163cm³ engine and has a semi-automatic gearbox. With the “25” stickers slapped all around it, I’d say it probably reaches at least that speed. You’re able to drive it without a German driving licence, and it’s exempt from any inspections.

[Photos: Joe W, ]


  • I think the "25" stickers mean it can't exceed that speed. Or at least that it's not allowed to.

    • Sure. Those are there to prevent that from happening. 🙂

    • I would think that the sheer weight of those stickers would cause considerable handicap…

  • Opel Corsa "A" Tail-lights, (or Vauxhall Nova in Brit-Speak).

    Carry on!

  • boostedlegowgn

    fairly brave of the driver to take the training wheels off.

  • Bren

    These microcars are called 'Sans permis' in France – no licence required !

  • JayP2112

    Like a cross between a lion and a tiger. Awesome!!

    • MVEilenstein

      It's pretty much my favorite animal. Bred for its skills in magic.

    • Devin

      If you do an image search of Liger, you get an image of the process of creating one. Also, this, which is the CUTEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED!
      <img src=";

  • You know, I bet mdharrell will keep visiting the 'verse even without posting these toy cars he's so fond of.

    • Shhhh! Don't encourage them to call my bluff! Besides, if the powers at Redusernab really want to pander to my desires, my interest in Ligier voiturettes is more along the lines of the JS4 or JS6.

      <img src="; width="450">

      This one looks to have an aftermarket windshield defroster.

      • Fitting, as it's about the size of a case of Costco TP.

  • Ed Kim

    Whoa, Formuling steering wheel!! I haven't seen one of those since like 1989.

  • Marto

    Spoiler! ha hahahahahah

  • Narrowest? The Tango Electric is 99 cm. But it's tandem seating.

    <img src="; width="400/">

    I've seen one on the road, they're ridiculous until you understand they're not trying to be cars but four wheeled motorcycles. That's when the comedy kicks in. They can travel two abreast in one lane (if you can find two of them) though not legally. With all those batteries way down by the pavement and 4 tires on the ground they evidently corner like they're on rails, maybe not as well or as familiarly as a leaning motorcycle.

    Anyway they're over $100,000, so screw 'em. I'll have a Brammo Empulse thanks.


    Some Ligier models came equipped with 0.5l diesel engines. They make an amount of noise that's pretty incredible for the size of the car.

    In Holland you can drive these with a license for a moped. 16 year olds put big stereos in them and drive them to school….. I guess it beats riding a bicycle in the rain, but it looks incredibly dorky

  • failboat

    Anyone up for some Liger Canta DLX Spec racing?

    I think a go kart track would do quite nicely.

  • Justin Rajewski

    I just walked by VanDyck not 10 minutes ago while walking my dog. Never had a cup though. Hate the stuff.

    And the 25 is the car's speed limit. Faster than that and there are big bills in the mail.