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Long Shots: Triumph TR6 Tuesday

LongRoofian November 6, 2012 All Things Hoon 12 Comments

At the risk of raising the ire of my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan spotted this immaculate Triumph TR6 on the lot where I schlepe trailers and I thought my fellow Hoons would enjoy a few images of it.  And you can should you choose to make the jump along with me.

I have previously mentioned about these Long Shots posts that this olelongrooffan tends to see like vehicles in groups of two or three in relatively short periods of time.  Well my fellow Hoons it still holds true as I spotted this blue one just a few months ago in the same parking lot.  This one has, to me, the more highly desirable chrome bumpers without those big assed rubber bumper pads as on that 76 blue one.  

This TR6 is a dang nice automobile and it’s elderly owner kept his beauty in fine shape.  I mean, look at the way that decal reflects off that rear bumper return.

I like the wheels on it but think the modern tires are a bit of a stretch.  I would prefer the original red lines that were offered for this car.  But I do understand his need for cost effective purchasing.

Although it might be difficult to determine this buggy is an ivory color and with that tan ragtop and tan leather interior, along with that wood dash, this thing checks off every box on my livery joining checklist.

While the owner didn’t have the top down, it was understandable as it was a bit nippy that day, he did have the rear window unzipped for some serious flow through ventilation.  Remember when ragtops had zip open rear plastic windows?  This olelongrooffan does.

Yeah, I would Hoon the crap out of this beauty and enjoy every minute of it.

I would have to get thejeepjunkie to assist in the hood latch alignment however.

But this owner is no dummy. At least he has enough experience with his British Leyland mechanicals to carry a modicum amount of tools, just in case.

Image Copyright Redusernab 2012/longrooffan


  • rwd guy

    So you would stick some redlines on that i hope you dont drive your cars hard like i do then! I would stick some star spec dunlops or re 11s on it and have a blast in the mountain's!

  • Fritzo2162

    I never liked cars that you spend more time fixing than driving.

    • danleym

      That's part of the allure. You know how girls always like the bad guy, the guy who's going to be a jerk and treat them like crap, but they're still attracted because they think that they're the girl who can tame this guy? That's what cars are for a lot of us here. Deep down, we all know the reality that the relationship won't play out exactly as we want, but we cling to that hope that we can be the one who can beat the odds.

    • Frere P.

      So, how do you like your new Camry?

      • Fritzo2162

        Great! I use it to drive to Autozone to get parts for my Triumph 🙂

  • JayP2112

    The fella has the tools- spanner, carb sync kit and the garage door opener to the truck he drives when the '6 is down.

    That is a sweet car. Even the Panasports made me over look the missing redlines.

  • jeepjunkie

    Tim, from Grass Roots Motorsports, Father is my back door neighbor. He restored a beautiful TR6 a couple years ago. The redlines available thru Coker were all this car needed to put volcano peaks in your seats. Had the chance to go for a couple of drives with Mr. Suddard while sober. In his words, "It is a fantastic car, but it teaches you why the British drink warm beer, Lucas makes their refrigerators."….But I would still Love to have one of these fighting for garage time with my wife's Cadillac.

    • busplunge

      and of course you know why the British never made computers, don't you?

      They couldn't figure out how to make them leak oil.

      I had a 67 Truimph Spitfire once. The memory of owning it far surpasses the reality. Ditto on the 59 Westfalia.

      • They once were almost right on the MONIAC.

        [ bXBuWUQ24vU ]

  • Dean Bigglesworth

    Am i the only one who gets really annoyed by steering wheels that are not straight when parked?

    • jeepjunkie

      What is worse is when the steering wheel is at 6 and 12 and the wheels are ALMOST straight. Find out who did the alignment on this vehicle and stay away from them. By the angle of the tires that wheel should be at about 8 and 2. It's the little things on the classics that just amaze me too.

  • topdeadcentre

    Indisputably a classic. A TR6 is one of the cars that I still want after seeing the first one when I was a little kid.


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