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Robert Emslie October 26, 2012 Mystery Car 36 Comments

Well, well, well, what has been going on these past few weeks? It must be the turn of the seasons as seems as your batting average has been dropping right along with the Fall temperatures. You’ve recently gone oh for two, and for those of you jonesing for the solution to last week’s contest, you may find it after the jump. But before that, let’s have a gander at this week’s contender.

This is a car that presently lives in the Pacific Northwest, so one would hope that it comes with substantial cup holders for all those mega mugs of joe they supposedly drink up there. It also is owned by a proud Hoon, but of course I’m not going to tell you who that is. That’s all the clue-giving you’ll be getting, and I expect that , now that you have hopefully acclimated to the new cooler clime, you’ll be able to bring you’re a-game and someone will be able to identify this ruby red machine.

Of course, when you do, you’ll want to include the model of the above car or truck, as well as its make, likely engine, and year-range. That’s just how we roll around here. Okay, give it your best shot, and once you’ve expended every last brain cell and Google search, click through for the surprising soultion to last week’s Mystery Car. 

The solution to last week’s Mystery Car is. . . . . a Renault Alpine A108. . . Wait, no it isn’t!

This is in reality a Willys Interlagos, the A108’s Brazilian cousin, built under license by Willys Overland from 1962 through 1966. This blue beauty happens to be a ’66. 

Yes, it’s damn strange seeing that Willys brand poking out from under the engine cover, and that’s probably why so few of the cars exist today. This is reportedly the only one currently calling the US of A its home, and like its Latin brethren, is powered by a Gordini-modified Renault Ventoux engine, hanging out in the back. 

Images: [Interlagos – ©2012 Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved, Mystery Car – TBD, All Rights Reserved]

  • Those tires look a little dirty. How about a wash? From Senna to boot.

    <img src="; width=550>

    • joshuman

      Even out of the F1 car he is in the flow.

      • I'm a big fan of his but he was just a little squirt.

        • Number_Six

          This photograph brings a wave of nostalgia.

      • Scandinavian Flick

        He certainly knows how to make the hose gush.

        • Devin

          That's just dirty.

          • Scandinavian Flick

            I'm just calling it like I see it. He is clearly using his fingers to make the hose gush harder.

    • buzzboy7

      I'm not gonna lie, that is my desktop. Yes I have a man washing a car as my wallpaper. I feel pretty good about it too.

  • PowerTryp

    For a second I was in disbelief that you put Tanshanomis Town cow up as the mystery car. Alas I was wrong.

  • Number_Six

    I really don't have a clue, but check out what I found on classicporscheblog:
    <img src="; width="500" />

    • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Driver is mulleted and 'stached. ZSM is envious.

      • chrystlubitshi

        ZSM is not the only envious one……. …(my hair is long…… not mulletted…. and I have a full beard/mustache… but I trim it frequently…)

    • topdeadcentre


      …and nice 1970's VW fuel cap.

    • PowerTryp

      I wonder how much it would cost to have my 924 coach built to look like that because I love it. There are a few of them out there. Apparently but I've only seen vintage photos.

  • kyle_a_m

    Dammit. That blue even had me looking at Alpines for a bit before discarding them. I daresay you're getting downright deviously dastardly, sir.

    As for this week's, I have no earthly idea.

  • Limey

    The view looks like a late Rover Maestro with the larger plastc bumpers, where the fender meets the bumper.
    Could be the fron or rear view …

    Engine is likely 1.6L, and the year range 1988 – 1994?

  • I'd be very embarrassed if I said Sterling and was wrong…. But it does look ever so like one….

    • ……right company, wrong model. For shame.

  • Limey

    A quick bit of additional digging……

    Its a 1993 1.6L (R series engine) Austin (never actually sold as a Rover) Maestro that was featured on BAT on Aug 20th 2012…… …

    • The R Series engine was only used in 1983-84, however, not 1993.

      • Limey

        I assume you bought it in the end.
        yes, my skills need honing, BAT even said 83 not 93

        • Well, yes, I did, but only because I made the mistake of looking at it in-person. It… it talks!

          [youtube F5zs6TU32pY youtube]

    • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Congrats and good work!

  • Limey

    A quick bit of additional digging……

    Its a 1993 1.6L (R series engine) Austin (never actually sold as a Rover) Maestro that was featured on BAT on Aug 20th 2012…… …

    • Masterfully accomplished. Hats off to you for not just determining what car it is, but the very car it is.

      • Agreed, although I think the additional fact that it's specifically a Vanden Plas could have been deduced from the presence of the bright strip in the photo. I'm not entirely certain on that point, however.

  • It has this motor…

    • I should be so lucky.

  • Definitely no Ford Tempo.

  • Van_Sarockin

    I was so hoping it was a Fiberfab Avenger.

    • The seller didn't have any of those. He's collecting Ladas now.

      • Van_Sarockin

        I really hate it when people come to their senses.

        • He gave up all this!

          [youtube VYVg_6g2XyU youtube]

          • Van_Sarockin

            Magnifique! That inspiring song sounds like Chumbawamba, crossed with R.E.M.

            • "Wonderful Day" by Stackridge, on their "Sex and Flags" album.

              • Van_Sarockin

                Must to be with the check!


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