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Weekend Edition – A 1972 Dodge Polara with only 529 Miles on eBay

Jim Brennan October 20, 2012 For Sale, Weekend Edition 10 Comments

This is the weekend in which I decided to cruise eBay, and other car market sites, using the search words “Polara”, “Fury”, “Newport”, “New Yorker”, and “Monaco”, you know, the Chrysler Full Sized crowd, and here is an actual time warp vehicle. This is a 1972 Dodge Monaco, finished in a 70s shade of Gold, that has traveled only 500 or so miles during its entire life.

According to the listing:

I am selling my most amazing find! I bought this Gem from the original owner, he purchased it brand new from the dealership he worked at as a mechanic in Pa. . The Gentleman had the Polara and a 1968 Charger in his heated garage for 40 years!! and he maintained, and took care of it for retirement one day! That day came and he sold it to me with 58 documented miles. I have driven it 471 miles! It now has 00529.2 miles. this car is awesome! complete service and removed any quirks! The plastic steering wheel edges are still sharp, the interior is factory brand new and perfect perfect. The original bias ply tires are still on the car of course, This car floats down the road, radial tires and a alignment was my next thing for it!

Now, I don’t know why someone would preserve what was basically a run-of-the-mill passenger car from 1972, but I am glad they did. This was one of the cleaner designs from the era, with minimal ornamentation, and interesting details. The interior is a glimpse of what the early 70s family cars were all about, with seating for six on two bench seats. This car is equipped with Air Conditioning, and Cruise Control, but you have to wind your own windows up or down!

This is a No Reserve auction, which means the highest bid wins the car. The high bid so far is $5,655, but I would say that will at least double over the course of the next five days. Let me know what you think of this great Dodge after you look at the listing here:

  • Mr. Smee

    That guy should have preserved the Charger and drove this one into the ground. It reminds me of so many 70s TV shows like "CHIPS" or "Rockford Files" where if you saw one of these, you knew it was going to go off a cliff and explode in a giant fireball.

    • Hillary

      Why? These are much more rare than Chargers, you see them all of hte time and all over the place. Rarely you see a '72 Polara these days, especially with 500 miles.

  • Joe Dunlap

    Original tires? Thats gotta be scary. Gotta wonder what all the rest of the rubber is like by now. Armorall be D*****!

  • mark

    It's the early 1970's, I can get any vehicle I want, within reason, to store in my heated garage for four decades. Let's see, what will it be? Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Charger, Barracuda? Nah. Polara!

    Odd. Quite the time capsule.

  • Froggmann_

    Thanks for this, buddy of mine has been looking specifically for a 71 Newport that he won't have to do anything with but I figured this is a fantastic backup plan.

  • chrystlubitshi

    no mention of which engine it has or what this guy has done to it in his 471 miles….. but there is a picture with an idiot light that lets you know it has DOORS!!!! jim morrison would be proud.
    [ OCr1YMnqJM8 ]

    • OA5599

      VIN corresponds to a 318 car, and none of the pictures contradict that.

  • aastrovan

    I call bull on this one! Third picture down,look at the carpet and scuff pad,worn down .Starting to see a lot of these old 5 digit odometer cars being touted as "low miles".

  • Hillary

    Oh, now I know what you were referring to… you meant why didnt the original owner preserve the Charger and daily drive the Polara back then. That is strange, because normally the family car would have been used more unless he only used it for special occasions or something. Well, at least the Polara is a rarer car now than the Charger is, so kinda neat it was preserved.

  • John o Connor

    Ca it be exported to Ireland. It's like a car I drove in Tulare Ca.in 1984