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P.B.O.C. Weekend: It’s Always Fun To Meet A Fellow Hoon

So this past weekend this olelongrooffan was sitting in one of those provided director’s chairs out in front of my cube when I see this Ornch Car pull up and park over by the Nationwide Garages.  A small SUV pulled up and parked beside it and a bunch of dudes piled out of it.  As I was heading over to the Nationwide Garages to check out a certain yellow Porsche anyway, I thought I would head that way.  Meanwhile, another car in  their party arrived and there were no parking spots remaining in that lineup.

“Just pull into the garage area and park at the end of that white building,” I told the driver. 


“Sure, it’s cool around here this weekend.”  

And she did.  As I was walking into the garage area itself, the Hoon you see in the above image asked this olelongrooffan, “Do you blog over in the Redusernab?”

“Yes,  I do” and I introduced myself, as did he.  We chatted it up a bit and he, without any prompting, mentioned he likes my stuff. I was pretty flattered. We chatted it up a bit and he mentioned he was out at the autocross event  and ended up doing pretty well.  5th behind a couple Formula V’s, including that Formula V I posted about last Friday and two go carts.  Pretty impressive as this is his first track car. Well, eventually they all headed off in one direction and I in another.  But not before I told him to stop by and let me grab some images of his car.  

Hell yeah!  I got to meet two of my fellow Hoons in as many weeks and both of them were cool as hell.  This olelongrooffan has met four of y’all thus far and all of youse guys are cool as hell.

Our fellow Hoon picked it up 3 weeks ago down in MickeyMouseLand and the very day he picked it up, he drove it to an autocross and autocrossed it. “If something is going to break, it’s going to break anytime,” he rationalized.  He is a Hoon afterall.

Well that Miata driving Hoon, actually two, as his daily driver is a Miata also and he says it is a stripped out beater he was planning on converting to a race car until he found this thing on the List that is Craigs, anyway, he and another Hoon buddy with the same name as mine, no not olelongrooffan my silly Hoon friends, started talking about the power plant and my eyes kind of glazed over.  

You see my fellow Hoons, unless it is an old and simple vehicle motor, this olelongrooffan almost never works under the bonnet of one, that is unless thejeepjunkie is around. 

And after this impromptu photo session during which that Hoon introduced me to his Hoonimom (I thought she was his girlfriend as she looked that youthful), this olelongrooffan mentioned to him to take a gander around the back of my temporary cube.  He laughed when he saw my olebeaterpickemup truck.  “You should back that truck up to the front of this trailer and grab a shot of it.”  I replied, “If I hooked that trailer up to my bumper, the weight of it would probably pull that bumper off.”  

Well my fellow Hoons, on Sunday this olelongrooffan did something very similar for a bud, who coincidentally is captured on that pit bike in the background of the above image, and it had a pretty damn cool racecar on that flatbed.  That to me is a great tale and I’d say y’all stay tooned my fellow Hoons.

Also, as our fellow Hoon, ralstig, was unaware of the Ornch (sp) Car Society on the book about my face, would one of my fellow Hoons post a link to it for him in the comments?  Yeah this olelongrooffan doesn’t have the tools or the talent to do that.  Thanks.

One more thing.  Can our Redusernab Overlords get this entry level autocross racer a  sticker for his race car.  This olelongrooffan is willing to pop for it.

Next up a few more details about that yellow GT3 and that pit bike riding dude’s tale will follow, again, God willing and the creek don’t rise.

Image Copyright Redusernab 2012/longrooffan

  • MVEilenstein

    A windshield decal across the top would look fantastic.

    • jeepjunkie

      The windshield decal is a Fantastic Idea….Somebody send him one…put it on my account…. on account of it isn't a Jeep I won't pay for it…but you can still put it on my account…I'll just forward it to the Longrooffan….he will then forward it to BBB who will forward it to the busplunge who will forward it to the horsefarmer who will forward the sungoddess who will forward it to the kid wandering what the hell he bought and then the kid, trying to cover his ass, will catch me one evening after happy hour with the goodattorney and the race dude and ask me for some cash to pay for some decal he knows nothing about that went to some Ornch dude..and again I will end up paying for the kid…so go ahead and put it on my account…I'llpay for it, I'll just never see the bill….

      • MVEilenstein

        Isn't that how family works?Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

      • Oh Man, have I started something fun or what?

    • I think we may have a windshield banner laying around!

    • Ralstig

      I would agree, but then I would have a hard time with it blocking my vision. :/

      How about some sticker decals instead?

      • MVEilenstein

        That's the price of fashion!Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

        • Ralstig

          But functionality is fashionable.

  • Aside from myself (resident jerkstore), the Redusernab is filled with pretty nice individuals, it seems.

  • failboat

    There is an Ornch Car Society? My car is sort of Ornch! I want in!

    • Ralstig

      I searched , but couldn't find it.

      • check it out.

  • OA5599

    "…anyway, he and another Hoon buddy with the same name as mine, no not olelongrooffan my silly Hoon friends…"

    Supertaster is a hoon?

    [youtube CRgEkek-sb8 youtube]

  • I have personally met a Hoon or two in person and they were just fine outstanding people. We Don't Suck.

  • Ralstig

    Here are some pics of my Daily Driver and my lovely "instantaneous" windows.

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    ; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

    ; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

    ; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

    • See, you can drive anything on the streets in the state of Florida.

      • Ralstig

        Haha, You say that like it's a bad thing. 😛 The car is mechanically perfect. Just looks like crap.

        • Hey Man…did you ever get a Redusernab sticker? I have a few sitting in my desk drawer. email me…longrooffan at aol.

          • Ralstig

            No I haven't. I would love to get one though.



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