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Event Preview: Tutto Italiano Autunno at Larz Anderson Auto Museum

Jay Ramey October 9, 2012 Car Shows 11 Comments

alfa romeo 8c

Everyone knows that in Italian autunno means rain date, right? Well, actually autunno is the season that we’re now technically in, or would be if the temperatures on the right coast received the memo that it’s now October. Last year’s Tutto Italiano, Larz Anderson Auto Museum’s immensely popular annual Italian car day held on the first weekend in August, was rained upon with rarely seen ferocity (though the show went on), necessitating a second Italian car day to mollify the enraged mobs of car fans. So a second show was held in October, to much acclaim.

Last year’s October show could safely be called the Tutto Italiano: Supercar Edition, as Italian supercars dominated the event. Add to this perfect weather – sunny with temperatures in the mid-60s – something which would be scientifically impossible to achieve in early August, and you have the right combination for a great car show. Add to the mix supercars doing powerslides out the gates, Wayne Carini chatting with everyone, a dozen new Fiat 500s, and you pretty much have a perfect day. This year’s will take place on Sunday, October 14 at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, just outside Boston. Let’s take a look at some favorites from Tutto Italiano Autunno, aka Tutto Lite from last year.

alfa 75 milano

What Italian car show would be complete without one of these? There are usually around at dozen of these at Tutto in August, but this year they were surprisingly absent from the main event in August.

lancia montecarlo

One of my favorites from Tutto Autunno 2011 was this sharp Lancia 2000 Montecarlo, which appeared to be in near-concours condition throughout. Last seen at Tutto Italiano 2012.

alfa romeo giulietta

This Giulietta Sprint Speciale took Best in Show at this year’s Tutto in August.

ferrari 400i

Perhaps one of the easiest/least painful ways into V12 Ferrari ownership. A lot of people whine about a lot of these having autoboxes, but in a car the size of the 400i, I think I’d just take it easy and enjoy the ride rather than try to race somebody.

detomaso pantera

And if you are out to race somebody, then the De Tomaso Pantera is still one of your best friends decades later. These have aged very well, mechanically speaking, even though the aesthetic of the color combo on this example is clearly from a different era.

ferrari daytona

And here’s one of the more expensive ways into V12 Ferrari GT ownership, but the Colombo V12 is worth it from what I’ve been told.

fiat 600

A sharp example of the Fiat 600. There are usually half a dozen Fiat 500s at Tutto every year.

wayne carini

Wayne Carini is the host of Discovery HD/Velocity Channel’s Chasing Classic Cars, and a noted Ferrari expert and restorer on the east coast. Carini started his career by getting involved in his father’s professional car restoration business. A couple months ago I took a drive to his shop in Portland CT in a 1972 Citroen SM. [Redusernab also interviewed Wayne last May.]

fiat spider

A nice example of the Fiat Spider in a lovely color. These are still quite popular, and probably had the best survival rate of any Fiat stateside.

to see large versions of more cars from Tutto Italiano Autunno 2011 on Flickr.


  • Van_Sarockin

    I'm there. Thanks for the heads up!

  • gamecat235

    Loving the Miami Vice edition Pantera.

  • RWB

    I'll be there.

    I've attended several of these recently, though it looks like you arrive earlier than I. I tend to stumble in around noon after shaking off the Fridays.

    • RWB

      You get some great pictures, btw.

      • Jay


    • topdeadcentre

      Larz Anderson lawn shows seem to peak at around 10:00 to 10:30 am, and lots of cars start leaving not long after noon. It's tough to wake up early, but usually quite worth it!

      • Jay

        Its even tougher to wake up in a neighboring state : )

  • lilpoindexter

    The 400i's had GM TH 400's….I think…if that's the case, than maybe that means there's a Ferrari to GM bolt patter adapter on the back of the engine…which means a T 56 would bolt in.

    • sporty88au

      Yes, they did have the TH400 – based on the parts lists which can be found at , it appears to be a standard GM bolt pattern version with an adapter plate to mate it to the Ferrari V-12.

      It looks like there would be a host of other issues to deal with in such a conversion – selecting the appropriate version of the T-56 so that the shifter location will suit the car, adapting/modifying the transmission crossmember, changing the flywheel (they are different between the automatic and manual versions of the Ferrari V-12), adapting a suitable clutch (a standard Ferrari clutch will probably not match to the input shaft of any version of T-56), installing a manual pedal box (looks like it's a bolt-in, but not sure), different tailshaft lengths, etc. – all of which would be standard fare for workshops that specialize in gearbox conversions, but being custom work, and for a Ferrari, costs are going to add up very quickly.

      Of course, the hardest part would be finding a suitable candidate for the swap at the right price. According to Wikipedia, there were only 1545 automatic models of the 400/412 built over 13 years, the bulk of which appear to have been sold in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia – none were officially sold in the US. Being one of the less desirable Ferrari models means that many have fallen into the hands of owners who could afford the initial purchase price, but could not afford the 'normal' running expenses (obviously 'normal' in this context is a relative thing). Any car at the lower end of the price range for these cars is almost certainly going to have other, potentially very expensive, issues (you don't want to think about what body repairs or engine rebuilds for these cars cost relative to the purchase price), and any car at the upper end of the market is likely too good to modify.

    • Jay

      That's right, they were 3-speed if I recall correctly. Not a bad thing, all things considered.

  • wisc47

    Fuck yeah Fiat Spider! I own one and can't stress how much I love the damn thing.