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Upcoming Event: Fort Adams in the Fall Car Festival in Newport, RI

Jay Ramey October 1, 2012 Car Shows 7 Comments

plymouth sport suburban

If you’re going to be in the Boston or Providence area on the weekend of October 21st (and let’s face it, who isn’t going to be there that weekend?) you actually have some options as far as car shows go. While Larz Anderson Auto Museum will host it’s Green Car Day in the Boston suburb of Brookline, an hour and half south the town of Newport, RI, will host its . In previous years the event has attracted an eclectic mix of classics, with the selection leaning towards reasonably rare American cars.

Historic Fort Adams has also been the location of Newport Concours d’Elegance for 2010 and 2011, until the event’s cancellation for 2012 due to a loss of venue and backup venue at the last minute. The last year Newport Concours was held was, ehhhh, not the awesomest year for the event, let’s just put it that way, but hopes were high for 2012’s relaunch. The Fort location itself has some es and minuses, chief among the latter being that there is only one car entrance into the hexagonal stone fort, and the limited space on the inner courtyard itself.

In any case, let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the 2011 edition of Fort Adams in the Fall, with some Mystery Cars thrown in for good measure.

plymouth sport suburban

A great surviving example of a Plymouth Sport Suburban from 1959. These were very commonplace when new, but as with a lot of domestic wagons, they tended to be used up and thrown out. Collector interest remains quite low, which is probably why this is the only example I have ever seen.

studebaker commander

One of only a few Studebaker Commanders that I’ve come across, this one is from 1965 and is owned by Rick Roland. The vehicle in the background is the MS Caribbean Princess.

chrysler new yorker

Not an oft-collected Chrysler to put it mildly, for reasons which are probably apparent. This New Yorker (pronounced Noo Yohkah) is from 1964.

jeep wagoneer

Wagoneers are all the rage in New England right now, as they have seemingly become the summer vehicle for that vinyl siding-bedecked timeshare on the Cape. A small cottage industry catering to Wagoneer refurbishment and restoration has actually popped up, sending values into something just south of new GLK-class territory. This example hails from 1986, and appeared to be in generally good condition throughout.

mgb gt

An MGB GT from 1974 in what is probably my favorite color for MGBs.

lincoln continental bill blass

One of two Bill Blass Edition Lincolns at Fort Adams in the Fall last year, the other being a Lincoln Town Car that we saw just a month ago at Larz Anderson’s Ford Lincoln Mercury Day.

plymouth valiant

A Plymouth Valiant Coupe from 1965, which appeared to be in stock condition for the most part.

chevrolet corvair

This Corvair Wagon was part of a large contingent of Corvairs at the 2011 Fort Adams in the Fall. This was one of the nicer examples, and came in a wonderfully understated color.

buick gn

A sharp example of the Grand National.

ac shelby

An original, unrestored AC Shelby Cobra 289 from 1962. This is a relatively recent barn find, and appeared at the Canadian International Autoshow in Toronto in 2010. In a condition such as this, it’s safe to say that this example is unlikely to be treated to a resto, as it’s almost certainly more valuable in this condition.

chevrolet corvair sedan

A nice example of a Chevrolet Corvair sedan.

chrysler 300g

One of Chrysler’s celebrated “letter cars,” the 300G.

mercury grand marquis

A sharp Mercury Marquis Brougham with just 21K miles on the clock. This one was last seen at Larz Anderson’s Ford-Lincoln-Mercury day this year.

Now let’s see if you can guess these cars just from these detail shots.

guess 1

Mystery Car 1

guess 2

Mystery Car 2

guess 3

Mystery Car 3

guess 4

Mystery Car 4

guess 5

Mystery Car 5

View the , as well as some of the answers to the Mystery Cars on Flickr below:




  • OA5599

    I went to the Larz Anderson site to look at some green cars (presuming them to be more closely associated with British Racing Green than with eco-douchiness). Not only was I wrong about the type of cars likely to attend, but also, it appears the event will not be held that weekend.

  • I don't think Wagoneers – Grand, or any other flavor – have ever gone out of fashion in New England. They were absolutely the rustic preppie vehicle of choice there in the 80s, and they've hardly aged since then. Great example of near-timeless styling.

  • Matt A

    Mystery car 1 is the 61 Chrysler, and number 2 is an early model Corvair. Number 3 also looks like a 61 Chrysler, but I'm not sure.

    • Jay

      Well done, perfect! I don't think I would have been able to guess even half of these if these photos were shown to me cold.

      By the way, #2 is the Corvair wagon that's shown one of the other photos.

  • CJ1989

    Mystery car 5 is a non Studebaker Avanti II

    • Jay

      That's right, definitely an Avanti.

  • I love Newport and I love cars, We have the best summers in RI

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