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Ornch Car Saturday – A Groovy 1977 Dodge Van on Craigslist

Jim Brennan September 29, 2012 For Sale, Weekend Edition 17 Comments

This is the last posting for the Ornch Car Saturday, where I drew some inspiration from the This is a Very Groovy 1977 Dodge Custom Van that is for sale from the place where they brew Coors Beer… Golden Colorado. The pictures suck, but you get the general idea of what this van is all about…

According to the listing:

This is a old but so cool van. It has orange shag carpet a seat that fold to a bed. Two captin chairs and seat belts in back. I will sell for $1000 cash firm. If your not really intersted then don’t respond. It is running. But needs work.

I wonder if needs a companion to the current Dodge Van Project… and tell me what you think about this STD on wheels…

  • $kaycog

    It would be real groovy if it had this interior.

    <img src=";

    • much cooler….and cleaner

    • I like that afghan, it's a real nice touch. My mom used to crochet them in the same garish colors back in the day, and there was always one draped across the back of the living room sofa, ready for a nap. Acrylic yarn, FTW.

      • jeepjeff

        It really ties the interior of the van together.

  • Manic_King

    Oooh, murals! Not quite Murilee's “jousting knights battling Aztec kings in a zebra herd at the Mars Base.” level but still, medieval castle, volcano and an gorge? Fantastic! Unusal windows, too. Interior….well, it needs work, but potential is there, after new shag carpet there's 50% less risk of STDs. Price is quite OK, No?

    • I think it's an open pit copper mine, like in Bisbee, AZ, not a gorge. That makes it even better.

  • lilpoindexter

    It looks like the love seat fabric and carpet were changed in the 1980s. I still wouldn't want to sit in this thing without a space suit on.

  • Just $1000?

    That leaves plenty of money leftover for this

    <img src="; width="500" />

    and this

    <img src="; />

    for the interior.

    • Irishzombieman

      Fire would accomplish to same, and would require less effort.

  • If you could somehow distill all of the illicit chemical traces from that carpet and scrape the resin from that paneling, I'll wager you'd be able to get an entire Peter Frampton backstage party fucked up enough to end up in the emergency room. Just looking at this thing makes me remember the smell of stale spilled bong water.

    • Plecostomus

      oh MAN there is NOTHING worse than spilled used bong water. It stinks like no tomorrow and NOTHING gets the smell out. And it stains. permanently.

      It was enough that I started engineering bases for the bong to prevent such things from happening again.

      • BlackIce_GTS

        If you make the… chimney thing where the smoke goes out, helical, then water won't spill out when it tips over.
        I forget where I saw that, it seemed like a pretty smart idea.

  • Van_Sarockin

    The mural looks like it's doing better than the rest of the paint, so that's a . It'd be a lot better with a naked Aztec princess wresting a giant boa constrictor, but I can get around to that later.

    This isn't the best or the worst of these party palace conversion vans. I don't think there's anything sadder than beat down, grubby shag carpet. Especially when it doesn't even go up the walls. It's got fender flares, running boards and mag wheels going for it. But it'll need a lot of work all around, before it will be the pride of the Rush concert parking lot.

  • I don't want to know the results of any forensic inquiry of this truck.

    • jeepjeff

      <img src=";


    If this was in GA. I'd buy it for the American Vectors on it!

  • BlackIce_GTS

    Saw the inside pics.
    Going to take a shower.
    No coincidence.