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Truck Thursday: Let’s Take This Thing International

LongRoofian September 20, 2012 All Things Hoon, Redusernab Truck Thursday 8 Comments

Well, this olelongrooffan doesn’t want to appear as if I am storming the gates here in Redusernab but as many fellow Hoon contributers apparently have a life and I know I don’t, I thought I might drop in another post about a cool ole Wagon Truck SUV International I spotted during my drive down US1 last weekend.  (That wins the longestrunonsentenceaward of all time.) 

Yeah, over in the Redusernab Marketplace a similar era Travelall is featured and with its slight modifications and location on the left coast, it is pretty damn cool. Have my fellow Hoons checked it out yet? 

 But this one, less the horn button on the steering wheel, yeah that’ll be hell to find, is complete and boneass stock.  Just like this olelongrooffan likes them.

With this big ass receiver it is definitely 24 Hours of LeMons tow vehicle ready. Hell you’ll probably get the IOE award just for showing up with this thing regardless of what your race car is. It is finished in light ivory over mint green with dog dish hubcaps FTW.  See that gas cap on the front fender?  I first spotted something like this on an old IH tow truck I spotted up in Indiana last spring and thought it fed the heater or something.  I can’t remember if I was corrected in the comments but I crawled down and took a look under this beauty and the gas tank is mounted on the passenger’s side of the driveshaft.   And here I thought old Willy’s were the only ones with suicide gas tanks. They just don’t make badges as cool as this anymore.  And talk about utilititarian, check out the exposed screws on that tailgate hinge.
Finally, this olelongrooffan sure got a kick out of the juxtaposition of these SUV’s beside each other.  

But I gotta say, at $6,500.00 that ole Travelall is sure a nice ride.

Image Copyright Redusernab 2012/longrooffan

  • Scandinavian Flick

    At $6,500, I think this one is a better deal than the yellow one that was posted a while ago. This is a very attractive looking truck.

  • Tom Lee

    Why didn't you find this ealier, before I sold the Super C, would be a perfect tow vehicle to take that Super C to parades, parties, or whatever.
    So the C is gone, so I guess I'll pass on this one

  • The Professor

    An automatic? I've never seen a Travelall with an automatic, and I've seen a shitload of them. It looks to be in pretty fair shape, but I don't think I'd give them $6500 for it.

  • Scoutdude

    Tons of T-alls had automatics, in this era it would have been a Borg Warner unit though they are more common on the IFS models like this one than solid front axle rigs whether driven or not.

    This guy is a lot more reasonable on his price, much better paint job and while it is not a 4×4 it is the most desireable of the 2wd trucks with its IFS that makes if ride and drive as good or better than a lesser car framed station wagon and make no mistake about it a Travelall is a station wagon, not a SUV.

  • danleym

    An ever bigger juxtaposition is that Travelall next to the Humvee on the other side.

  • dukeisduke

    Beautiful. Back in the '70s, there were a couple of Travelall DDs of this generation, in my neighborhood. I could rock this thing as a DD, but of course it would have to have a/c, and seat belts.

  • busplunge

    My wife's father had travellalls. He used to them to pull his travel trailers. I would like to find a 78 to match my 78 Airstream.

    Nice post,. But try as hard as I could— where's Waldo?

    • Scoutdude

      No such thing as a Travelall as they stopped production of the full size line in 1975. So if you need a 78 you'd have to make due with the Travelall's replacement the Traveler. That is a ScoutII with a 18" stretch and a fiberglass hatchback style of tailgate. Those are rated for a maximum of 5000lb towing capacity and a 10,000lb max combined gross weight. So depending on which exact Airstream you may have to make due with an earlier Travelall which could be equipped for a 10,000lb trailer.


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