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Lime Rock Sunday Concours 2012: German Cars

Jay Ramey September 5, 2012 All Things Hoon 11 Comments

ford sierra

The historic Lime Rock Park in Connecticut’s less-than-accessible northwest corner needs no introduction to hoons across the nation. While the circuit is well known for its racing heritage, perhaps lesser known is Lime Rock’s own Sunday in the Park Concours event, which has grown steadily over the last several years. Hopes were high this year, as with the untimely demise of Fairfield County Concours and Newport Concours, Lime Rock essentially became the last and the largest event on New England’s concours calendar.

This year’s Labor Day weekend schedule featured racing on Friday and Saturday, a judged Concours with hundreds of cars ranging from pre-war to modern on Sunday, followed by another generous helping of vintage racing on Monday.

Oh yeah, and if that alone wasn’t enough to lure you there, Sir Stirling Moss was in attendance, along with more than 10 of his original race winning cars. I rest my case.

Obviously, one (or even three) posts are not going to be enough to take it all in, so let’s start out with the German cars.

ford sierra cossie detail

Returning this year was the 1989 Ford Sierra Cosworth Sapphire, which gained some notoriety last year after being featured on this one internet site called Bring a Trailer, of which at least a couple of you have probably heard of. A 2wd RHD example originally from the UK, the car was stated to have been brought into Canada in pieces, and later purchased, still in pieces, in Ohio, prior to being offered for sale in November of 2011 out of Connecticut. (We’re probably missing some in-between parts of the story here). The engine in the car is a US-spec 2.3 turbo, instead of the 2.0 Cosworth engine that these originally came with, so it was not really a Cosworth as it sat. Built in Belgium in RHD and LHD form in 1988 and 1989, the Sierra RS Cosworth featured a 2 liter inline-4 with Garret turbochargers good for 204bhp, and with 0-60 arriving in a brisk 6.1 seconds. Just over 13,000 cars were built in 1988 and 1989, with only the UK versions bearing the Sapphire badging on the rear doors.

If nothing else, this car reminded me to glance at my watch and realize that in just a few months plain old LHD examples of actual Ford Sierra Cossies from 1988 are going to be importable with little to no trouble at all, rendering the whole importation/engine swap acrobatics seen here kinda moot. Gentlemen, start your eBay Motors!

audi quattro

A wonderful Audi Turbo Quattro Coupe in a rarely-seen color. This was one of several Quattro and GT Coupes at Lime Rock Sunday in the Park Concours this year. The Audi contingent appeared larger than last year, and had a number of very interesting cars in attendance, including the RHD Audi 100 Coupe which we saw earlier this year at Larz Anderson’s German Car Day in Boston.

bmw 6er e24

A schweet-looking silver BMW E24 6er, which cognoscenti will immediately recognize as a Euro-spec example. So Euro-spec in fact, that it even sported nothing but a German plate in its Euro-size plate niche on the rear.

bmw 3.0 cs green

A nice BMW 3.0 CS in a charming green color. This particular CS was last seen here at Lime Rock Sunday in the Park Concours in 2011.

bmw 2002 red

One of a few dozen BMW 2002s that were present at Lime Rock this year. Always nice to see a chrome grilled example.bmw baur

A rare BMW 318is Baur Convertible. There were at least a couple of these at Lime Rock this year.

porsche 356 green

What else does one need? I’m just going to leave this here.

porsche 993

These are aging really well, I have to say, even if they do have that 1990s ovalness to them. These are famous for, among other things, using the doors from the 964. To me these have always represented the end of an era for a number of reasons, including the fact that this was the last air-cooled generation of 911s. These also came from a time when German manufacturers did not try to fix that which wasn’t broken (I’m looking at you, BMW!)

glas gt

Owned by Axel Coelln, this wonderful Glas 1300 GT Cabrio from 1966 was one of three Glas GTs present at Lime Rock this year, the others badged as BMWs. Designed by Frua and engineered by Glas, these GTs were first available with Glas’s own 1.3 liter engine, before BMW bought out the company and began selling these coupes as the BMW 1600 GT, with BMW’s own engines. Glas was of course known for its range of small-displacement micro cars and scooters.

mercedes benz 190sl

A Mercedes-Benz 190SL in a wonderful azure blue color. These were made from 1955 till 1963 alongside their larger cousin, the 300SL, which, to be fair, sat on an entirely different platform, while the 190SL shared its underpinnings with the W121 Ponton sedan. This was the sole 190SL at Lime Rock Sunday in the Park Concours this year, and a modern SLS AMG also made an appearance. The values for the 190SL are finally starting to take off, after being stuck in $50K territory for what seemed like ages.

Next up in our Lime Rock Sunday Concours coverage are classic British cars. Stay tuned!

  • Great photos, as always.

    1. Baur BMW convertibles never appealed to me. They look so awkward.
    2. A 993 is high on my list. I want one, bad.

    • Jay


      Yeah, the 993s have aged pretty well mechanically, and I think they're very user friendly, which cannot always be said of the 930 or the 964.

    • joshwebster84

      I have a powerful lust for those 993's. My favorite 911 for sure.


    Those are awesome pictures. I can tell they're not a simple point and shoot. I saw a D800 on the Flickr page, good stuff 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more great pictures of more great cars.

    Never heard of Glas before….. Never too old to learn

  • TurboBrick

    Even the brownness of that car cannot hide the fact that the Baur Cabrios are hideously ugly.

    • Jay

      It was a more goldish hue, but yeah, I can see why it's not everyone's cuppa : )

      People either love or hate the E21, and even fewer people own impeccable examples of what was otherwise a not particularly sporty car

      • One of my fondest childhood memories was riding in an E21 Alpina through the desert, chasing Halley's Comet, listening to Whitney Houston.

        • schigleymischke

          That's so random, it must be true.

  • Ryan McIntosh

    Great photos! Looking forward to the British cars, too. Hope you enjoyed the event.

  • Vega

    Nice pictures, a bit too much HDR for my tastes though…

    • Jay

      Thanks! Actually, those shots are pretty much SOOC (straight out of camera), they barely spent any time in post. True HDR is just not possible with moving cars. Nor would it be interesting.


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