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Found: 1949 Indian Super Scout

Alex Kierstein September 4, 2012 Two-Wheel Tuesday No Comments

Haters gonna hate. And if we’re talking about the small-bore vertical twins that ran Indian into an early grave (the canon line about the demise of that storied company), that hate will glow white-hot. But someone cared enough to fully restore this , and haters be damned – that lovely tank script is worth the ire of the Indian faithful alone. A closer look after the jump.

Sure, the vertical twin Indians apparently had some problems stemming from being rushed to production. This particular example claims to have fixed the major ones. I wonder, though, if the “Super Scouts have congenital defects” line isn’t just sour grapes. It’s not as if any H-D of the era was a paragon of reliability. But anyways, I appreciate that this Super Scout is both unusual and quite attractive. It also presaged the near-total dominance of the vertical twin for small and mid-size bikes that would come later, with the Brits and then the Japanese getting on the parallel-twin train. In fact, look at this at tell me it doesn’t look just as nice (maybe nicer) than the Triumph Thunderbird, introduced in the same year, that would change the motorcycling world forever.

Or forget everything I said and look at that tank again. Beautiful.



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