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Ford Lincoln Mercury Day 2012 at Larz Anderson Auto Museum

Jay Ramey August 31, 2012 All Things Hoon 9 Comments

lincoln town car gray

This year’s Ford Lincoln Mercury Day at Larz Anderson had a nice turnout, owing to great weather, and even greater examples of cars from FoMoCo’s three main brands. The Larz Anderson Auto Museum, located just minutes from the center of Boston, hosts more than two dozen lawn events each year which attract thousands of cars and  visitors each summer from all over New England.

The best thing about this year’s Ford Lincoln Mercury Day was the impressive selection of Detroit’s finest galleons from the 1970s, cars that are rarely seen in original, preserved condition. One has to go to one of Carlisle’s single-marque events in Pennsylvania to see such nicely preserved American sedans, which are still largely overlooked by collectors. Let’s take a look at some of the event’s highlights.

lincoln town car gray 2

A very impressive and very original example, right down to the floor mats, was this 1978 Lincoln Town Car. This Town Car has just 14K miles on the clock, and is owned by  Leo Venezia. The interior was in great condition, and featured more square footage of leather than three La-Z-Boy living room sets. Had I been allowed inside, I’m convinced I would have fallen asleep in under an minute. Having been in the backseats of both Maybachs, as well as the Phantom and the Flying Spur, I can honestly report that those environments had more in common with dentist’s chairs or airline seats. The closest thing available to the interior of the 1970s Lincoln Town Car is really only the current Lincoln Town Car, especially in those stretched Signature editions popular in the black car trade. The only thing from GM which arguably comes close is the Holden-based Chinese market Buick Royaum, which we are denied over here (for sound economic reasons, I’m sure. But still!)

lincoln town car white

This 1988 Lincoln Town Car has 125K miles on the clock, and is owned by Robert Rykbost.  This one was in impressive shape, not only for the mileage, but for the year and the model itself. These don’t usually age well, cosmetically, but this example appeared to have been very well cared for.

lincoln diamond jubilee

A wonderful example of the the Lincoln Mark V Diamond Jubilee edition from 1978, which was the only year this model was offered. The Diamond Jubilee edition was of course offered in celebration of Ford’s 75th anniversary. This example, owned by Cliff Sawyer, is one of just 5,159 Diamond Jubilee editions made. This package came in only two colors, of which Diamond Blue was one, and this color was repeated throughout the car, in addition to a generous helping of other period trimmings.

ford gran torino

A nice example of the Ford Torino Cobra from 1970, this example is owned by Tim Flynn, and of course features Ford’s 429 engine.mercury marquis white

An impressive example if a somewhat overlooked sedan, this 2-owner Mercury Marquis Brougham from 1977 had just 21K miles on it. The Marquis Brougham featured Ford’s 460 V8, producing 216bhp, and displacing 20,000 ton of wate….uhhh..wrong stats, sorry. Everything up to 216bhp was true though.

lincoln bill blass

To answer your first question: yes, the Reagan sticker was standard equipment on these, not even a dealer-installed option. This Continental Mark V Bill Blass Edition hails from 1979, and is owned by Doug Ford. This example featured Tu-Tone Midnight Blue Moondust Metallic paint, which is a nice shade of dark blue, and various Bill Blass gold-lettered monograms throughout. To answer your second question: no actual moondust was used in the paint. Overall, there were quite a few designer editions of the Mark V from 1979, including Cartier, Givenchy, and Pucci. The Cartier editions stuck around into the present day, on the Town Cars. This wonderful Continental Mark V was last seen at Fort Adams in the Fall 2011.

mercury classic

A nicely preserved example of a Mercury 2-dr Coupe from 1951, this Mercury featured the 255 V8 Flathead engine and a 3-speed transmission with overdrive. This example is owned by R. Porotti.

ford country sedan

A very nice example of the Ford Country Sedan was this, umm, Ford Country Sedan wagon. This Ford is from 1956, and features the marque’s 312 V8.

mercury cougar

A nice example of a Mercury Cougar. Until just a few years ago, these were largely ignored by collectors (a statement that marque collectors will doubtlessly dispute) but lately they have begun catching up with Mustang values, as people are starting to notice that everyone and their dog is now in possession of a first-gen Ford Mustang. This has of course led to a situation where Mercury Cougars are getting tougher to find in well-preserved or restored condition, as they were not made in numbers anywhere near those of the Mustang, and subsequently not preserved in numbers anywhere near those of the Mustang. I’m not going to try to make any long term predictions regarding Cougar values, but its an interesting trend to watch, as people are starting to realize that these make far more interesting conversation pieces, rather than cruising to the drive-in in just another red Mustang convertible that’s been repainted every single decade and has body panels from 4 different cars.

lincoln premiere

A nicely preserved (that’s right, this one’s unrestored) example of the Lincoln Premiere, this is a first-gen model with stacked lights, which was available only for the 1956 and 1957 model years. This 1957 example is owned by Jim Dunlop, who is the car’s first and only owner. How cool is that? 

  • dukeisduke

    Wow, I love the Dove Grey Continental, the Country Sedan, and the Cougar. One day I'd like to see a Cougar parked next to a Mustang. I know that they're built on the same platform, but psychologically I've always thought of the Cougar as a bigger car.

  • There's a total babe of a woman I know whose husband bought her a Cougar just like that, but it's in good original condition, not completely restored like this one. Looks kinda evil with patinaed paint and Torque Thrusts. With said woman driving it, it's an inspiring sight. Sounds good, too.

    Myself, I like that Torino, but that Lincoln Premiere has some presence. I've seen one or two in person, and they're just impressive.

  • RichardKopf

    I love that Dove Grey Town Car. It's one of those classic colors that I wish was still with us.

  • TrueBlue315

    Great to compare the '78 and '88 Town Cars side-by-side, and then the '78 TC with the two Connie Mark Vs. Of course, I still lust after a 429 Torino Cobra. Great images!

  • B72

    Years ago, a saw what happened when a drunk driving a 71 ish Chevelle plowed into a parked '78 Lincoln Mark V at what the police estimated was about 60 MPH. The Chevelle was pretty much crushed up to the firewall. The Lincoln was pushed 20 feet up a curb and into a fence, and was most definitely suffering from a broken taillight, and possibly a tweaked rear bumper. I was impressed with it's durability, but not it's impact absorption.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    The gray Continental, the white Marquis, and that beautiful '57 Premier…I'd love to own all three.

  • Buickboy92

    I love that '88 Town Car, and the '57 Premiere is simply stunning. Also a real rare treat is that '51 Mercury Coupe, Thank God they didn't hot rod it. I love the stock ones a lot more. Although harder to find.

  • Marto

    Rear seats from the Buick Park Avenue that supplanted the Royaum:

    <img src=";

  • Doug Ford

    Thank you for posting photos and comments of my 79 Mark V Bill Blass and my son's 77 Mercury Marquis. I have owned my Lincoln for 9 years. I bought it from a Lincoln collector in Detroit. My son Bryan bought his Mercury from the original owners son. His dad passed away a few years ago and the Mercury sat in the garage for about 5 years. It didn't take much to get her running well.



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