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Review: 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder

Somehow, I managed to find the words “Lamborghini” written into my calendar. I needed to head up to Los Angeles to pick the car up, and when I arrived I found a 2012 Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder wearing a lovely shade of blue. It was mine for the weekend, and I planned to film it, photograph it, and write about it.

Besides the “work” I do for Redusernab, you can occasionally find my byline slapped next to freelance reviews for a few other outlets. One of those is , and I planned to film a review of the car for them as well. The folks at Lamborghini asked that I only film a review for Autobytel.

That means I didn’t get to create a version just for you hoons. I’m not going to keep the car from you though, so I asked Autobytel if they wouldn’t mind me sharing the review here. Click past the break for the clip.

  • Well La-Tee-Da. I would still rather have the Datsun.

    • no question.

      Although, I thought about this car on a few of the more open areas of the country.

  • OA5599

    I didn't watch the video.

    If Lambo dissed Redusernab like that, I'm not going to buy their car, and if I'm never going to buy it, who cares about the review?

    • You should hear what some other manufacturers said about Redusernab.

      • rkw

        I'm listening….

        • Lada outright laughed at us.
          Daihatsu said our reputation proceeds us.
          Pagani hang up the phone.
          Skoda lets only Clarkson review their cars.
          Holden was ready to give us their best cars, but wouldn't ship to US.
          Youngman told us to F off after we stopped laughing at their name.
          And Bugatti didn't even know who we were!!!

          • Devin

            Carol Brown took Mitsubishi out of town…

          • Alcology

            …and you haven't bought tickets to australia yet?

    • <img src=";
      Very smart…beat them to the ignore.

  • Jay

    Price is a bit steep for a Gallardo with a sliced roof, by about $50K I'd say. Not that I'm surprised by the fact that Lambo is spouting tons of diff versions of this model as its product cycle nears the end. Quarter-mil territory is for slightly more serious wheels though.

  • chrystlubitshi


    fact of the matter– if you are 6'3" (like you and me) we must be able to afford the roadster…or not be able to take advantage of bolstered seats.– I know that I cannot fit comfortably in to the fixed-top version…….

    give me a '72 Z and a roadtrip with you any day.

    honestly… find me a got TR6GT out there and I think I can give you a roadtrip to central IN, or middle WI, as long as it is in a decent working shape/needs a bit of body work once it reaches the end destination.

    I know people that want to put one next to their MGBGTs

    • chrystlubitshi


      AWESOME! I am happy for you! Keep driving whateverything you can and writing about them. You have a writing style that appeals to me and could (honestly) sway my decisions for a purchase one way or another. Keep it up!

  • Devin

    Yeah, well I saw a bunch of IH stuff at a local club meet, so I think we all know who had the more exciting weekend.

    One of the trucks there was restored by a then-15 year old girl and it was really nicely done. Her dad also has a ludicrous amount of stuff, but he only had a couple things there. I think he's willing to show off his full collection if you're willing to go to Lethbridge, AB.

  • Van_Sarockin

    I saw one go by yesterday evening. It was really orange and noticeable. I was very bored. It also looked like every single one of its pounds. Surprisingly chunky.

    • Van_Sarockin

      Good point about the top looking good. So many look just awful up.

  • Excellent review. I'm running out to buy one now.

  • Xedicon

    Yeah… This car is way past due for replacement.

  • name_too_long

    Did you remind the guys from Lamborghini that the Redusernab readership has, literally, tens of dollars in disposable income?

    • Actually, believe it or not, our demographic reports show that a lot of you make pretty good money.

      • I believe it. I myself own a variety of European exotics for street and track use. I won't go so far as to describe them as a full stable, but I do rent a chicken coop for parts storage.

        <img src="; width="450">

        • BAMacPherson

          Three hundred horsepower, rear-engine… but I prefer to be chauffeured around.

          <img src=";


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