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What’s This Song in a 1990 Mitsubishi Sigma Commercial?

I’m addicted to old Japanese car commercials. I’m open about it; I can easily spend an hour going from one dramatic slow-motion ad to another. It’s not just the wild English-Japanese nomenclature (NISSAN FAIRLADY Z SOUL SYNCHRO MACHINE for example); sometimes the music is just nigh-on perfect. And since I also dream of old Japanese cars in as-new condition, having backing music to supplement my dreams is just what I need.

Today I happened upon this 1990 Sigma ad. The car, known as the Diamante in the States with a slightly different roofline, drives through some European scenic views wearing German plates before arriving to what looks like a funeral (for the old Sigma, perhaps?). All of this 4:40-minute bliss is backed by an unidentified piece of music, with an unidentified female vocalist. What can it be?

Googling the lyrics (If I was to enter/ And vanish beyond / I know what I came for) doesn’t really help, and I’ve pretty much accepted it’s just a backing piece tailored for the TV spot by some not-very-famous artist. But still, it’s worth watching and listening, and in case somebody actually identifies the song I’d be grateful beyond belief.

UPDATE: As mentioned in the comments – yes, a year ago – the song in question is by Bel Canto. The vocalist is Anneli Drecker, also known for her collaboration with Röyksopp. -Antti

[Source: /user ronago15]

  • flr1975

    If only there were a commenter here who made a living clearing music for film trailers. If only…

    I'm checking on this. It sounds like Toni Halliday from Curve.

  • craigsu

    Unfortunately, Shazam is unable to identify it on my phone.

  • I've been trying to snatch bits of lyric and them into Google. No luck so far. Very pleasant, though.

    Kind of reminds me of All We Eve crossed with Cocteau Twins.

    • flr1975

      Yeah, I thought about Elisabeth Fraser too.

      • I often think of Elisabeth Fraser

        • Van_Sarockin

          Might not want to mention that too often to your betrothed.

  • dukeisduke

    I played it for SoundHound on the iPhone, and it came back with "There were no close matches." Of course it doesn't help that the sound is crappy.

    • Yeah, the sound quality is one of the reasons I would want to try to hunt it down, so I could find it in better quality.

  • dukeisduke

    Too bad the car is a crapcan, too. Most of the Diamantes (and other Mitsubishis) I see are huffing blue smoke.

    • Savant_Idiot

      Every Diamante I see has blown CV's and you can hear them clicking like mad…

  • Rob

    Artist sounds like Enya
    Might be from her group Clannad
    Don't recognize the tune

  • ronago15

    Hi, I am who uploaded this video to YT.

    Actually, I did it because I got tired of looking for the artist who sings it, tried virtually all the music forums since about ten yrs ago, to no avail.

    I am convinced that she must be a known artist because all the other Mitsubishi models (Colt, Galant, Montero) aired at that time had also their own known performers such as Jean Michel Jarre, Lighthouse Family, etc.

    • Nils Johansen

      I just bumped into your upload. Thank you for your enduring efforts to find the music for the Mitsubishi commercial.

      I am playing in the norwegian band Bel Canto, and we did the track for the european release of the Sigma. The song was never released on any albums, but it might be on some single b-side (i will have to look for it.)
      We have released a few albums since 1987, and the latest came 2002. Our album are available on iTunes, so please have a listen to our music.

      Hope you like it.

      Best regards
      Nils Johansen

  • Nils Johansen

    The song on the video clip is by the Norwegian band Bel Canto.
    I am a member of this band, and our albums are available on iTunes etc.

    (Unfortunately the song we made for the Mitsubishi commercial has not been released on any albums.)

    Thank you for listening!

    All the best
    Nils Johansen

  • Perley Ford

    The song and the group are Beyond the within by Bel Canto.

    • julkinen

      Thanks! Have to update the piece.



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