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Video: Big Muscle shows us a super sleeper 1972 Nova

Jeff Glucker May 15, 2012 Hoonivercinema 10 Comments

I’m not in love with every show on the Drive network on YouTube. There are, however, a few shows that should be firmly planted on your radar. Oddly enough, all three shows are shot and produced by our friends behind the excellent videos from . I’m talking about Ride Apart, Tuned, and the newcomer Big Muscle.

It’s that last one that I’m going to talk about right now because the latest episode happens to feature a car that I think is an early Redusernab Car of the Year candidate. Host Mike Musto, AKA Mr. Angry, (AKA Mr. Surprising Falsetto) travels to Northern Chicago to meet the owner of a fairly plain looking 1972 Chevrolet Nova.

While it might look like your standard Craigslist find, it has a bit of a secret lurking beneath. I’m not going to spoil the video for you, so click past the break to watch the clip…

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  • Damn Jeff, you are a blogging machine today!

    This Nova, it is badass. I plan on bookmarking this for reference come nomination time.

    • hey hey hey…

      it's called blooging.

  • skitter

    1200hp. Puttering along, docile in traffic.
    Modern engine controls are amazing.

  • It sounds Godly. It also gives me hope for my patina-laden, rust bucket Ford… Also, what the, no power steering? Fffffuuuuuuu

  • stickmanonymous

    A little more of the car, a little less of Mr. Hyperbole please.

    A worthy machine, nonetheless.

  • That Nova is Sick. Absolutely mental. I love it, all the way down to the saddle blanket seat covers, and the crummy paint. Yeah, the ultimate sleeper.

  • BlackIce_GTS

    It is very cool and I like it, but it's sleeperness is questionable. Or relative. If I see one of these out of the corner of my eye, I assume I'm looking at a fast car, even before I figure out if it's a Chevelle, Malibu, Skylark, GTO, whatever. A car this old* in not-collector condition has no purpose but to be fast, all the regular ones are long gone.
    Maybe there are where this is not the case? When you see a car like this, do you think 'ratty old 6cyl grandpa car' or 'this drag racer does not know bodywork'?
    *I mean specifically between 42 and 47 years old.

    • tonyola

      Interesting point. If you really want to be the unsuspected wolf in the fold, pick something utterly innocuous like a mid-'80s GM G-body sedan (I'm assuming RWD is a given here).
      <img src="; width=400>

      • njhoon

        I want to do this so bad it hurts. A G body with a turbo-ed LS, it haunts my dreams even after it keeps me up.


    I read the profile on this car a couple of years ago when Urban still owned it (Hot Rod or Car Craft). I was unbelievable then and its even more awesome now. By the way, I agree, with the stickman; a little less hyperventilating hyperbole from the mouth…

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