• Devin

    The Impala has reminded me of pictures of the new Impala, which I think looks super weird. I wonder if everything that I find odd about it will remain strange in person.

    • Smells_Homeless

      I think it looks like a Buick, which is to say it looks like it was built for China, which is to say – ass. But that's just one man's opinion. I wasn't in the market for either one.

      • Devin

        I'm not in the market either, but I find myself staring at it a surprising amount, wondering just why they gave it, for example, the weird hood line which is way higher than the headlights, or the goofy way the trunk is cut, or the character line that appears to be emphasizing the rear wheels, even though it's front drive, and the line doesn't make sense anyway.

        The design fills me with questions that I'm not sure there's a sensible answer for.

  • $kaycog

    I have big frown on my face for that NYC taxi. But that beautiful '66 Impala turned the frown into a smile.

    • PotbellyJoe

      Yeah, in the yellow paint, it really screams "Short Bus" which I assume the company would not want as their image.

  • julkinen

    We the headline image: "I only speak two languages. English and bad english" and "Boom. Big bada boom."

    • "Negative, I am a meat Popsicle."

      • RahRahRecords

        love that film

  • salguod

    I've seen an MV-1 in the wild this past summer in Springfield MO:

    ; width="500" height="299" alt="Saw this VPG MV-1 in Springfield MO, only veh designed ground up for wheel chairs. Low floor, built in ramp.">

    Yeah, it's ugly, but serves its intended market well.

    • <img src="; width="500">

  • PotbellyJoe

    Aren't the Econolines being replaced by full-size Transits? T-150, T-250, T-350?

    I seem to remember reading about that somewhere.

    As for Nissan Jumping into that market. Good luck. It's not huge (~200,000 units annually) and it's split among pretty loyal groups of contractors, churches and universities. Any idea on sales projections?

  • $kaycog

    And I think Ford should have gotten the contract.

    <img src=";

    • Vavon

      And I think Peugeot should havee gotten the contract… Hahaha!!!
      <img src=";

      • $kaycog

        Well, would you look at that! But I think you're partial.

  • Vavon

    Never mind, just discovered it's a Plymouth Satelite thanks to: …

  • Ahh, the dreaded Allpar anti-hotlink image.

    • Vavon

      I hate that! So I deleted it, hahaha!

  • smokyburnout

    I saw my first MV-1 on the road yesterday. There's a . Personally, I don't find it any uglier than the Nissan, it's just differently ugly.

  • Dr.Fine

    I thought NYC used mad mad world Plymouths 50 years ago, but apparently they used everything.

    <img src="; width="600">

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