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What is Luck?

Redusernab March 17, 2012 All Things Hoon, Redusernab Asks 39 Comments

Before I get into this post, happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us writers here at Redusernab!

My car isn’t green, nor was the  shirt I had on when I got pulled over in rural Oklahoma…in fact I don’t have a blip of Irish in my family history. For whatever reason though, I’ve had some sort of “luck” with the law. Three years ago, I participated in a week-long road rally with Rally North America. Driving down historic Route 66 with 50 other cars from across the United States and Canada, raising thousands of dollars for breast cancer research. The more than 3,000 mile adventure was filled with challenging checkpoints, lots of new friendships, nightly partying, sweet rides, and constant exploration of unfamiliar terrain. It was an absolute blast.

During the third day of the 2010 Route 66 Rally, my best friend John and I got…a little lost trying to find a checkpoint. Frustration over the a lack of GPS signal ensued and our hard-copy maps were becoming more and more useless. We eventually got back on track, finding a desolate road that we thought would take us to our third checkpoint of the day. Here we were in my bright red Camaro with rally decals all over it, rock music blaring out of the windows, no other cars in sight, 80 degree weather….just flying. The speedometer was comfortably resting at 75mph.

Then it happened. As we came to the peak of the hill, a white unmarked Sheriff’s deputy car sat on the right. “Shit we’re done,” I remember saying to John as he pulled out behind us to lay down the law, sirens echoing throughout the country side. Immediately pulling over and shutting off the car, we both looked at each other and jokingly asked which one of our dads would bail us out of jail. After slowly looking around at the outside of my car, the deputy came up and told us he had clocked me at 75mph….in a 45mph zone. Of course we tried talking our way out of it, of course we explained that we were from Wisconsin and didn’t know these roads, and of course we apologized. But the deputy continued to explain that going 30mph over the posted speed limit in the state of Oklahoma is a felony reckless driving. I explained to him we were doing a charity road rally to benefit breast cancer research, which was 100% true and evident by all the vinyl.

Minutes later he returned and said “This one’s on me….which means I’m not gonna write you a ticket. It goes 35 to 45 up to 55, then down to 45 and then back up to 55….just because I ain’t gonna write you one doesn’t mean the next officer will you understand?” I had just gotten away with a verbal warning, for going 30mph over the speed limit. I was amazed and thanked the deputy, who even gave us directions to our next destination. I look back at it now, and think not only how stupid I was for driving that fast, but how lucky I really was for getting just a verbal warning. That’s my luck right there. Pure luck.

So in the spirit of St. Paddy’s day, my question to you Redusernab readers is….what’s the luckiest thing you’ve had happen to you behind the wheel? I’m sure there are a fair amount of good fun stories to be told on here.

  • topdeadcentre

    That's far better than hearing, "Welllllll, looks like you're in a heap o' trouble, boy."

  • tonyola

    In late 1984, I was driving up the from the Shenandoah Valley to Washington DC on Virginia's Skyline Drive at dawn on a Sunday morning. There was hardly any other traffic and I was in my Honda CRX which was perfectly suited to the tight, twisty road. I was zipping along at nearly twice the speed limit when I saw the lights of a Virginia State Trooper behind me. I pulled over expecting the worst and tried to look as contrite as possible as the tough-looking middle-aged cop walked up to my car. He looked at the tiny Honda for a couple of minutes in silence then looked at me and said "Son, I know you're having fun out here but cut it out!". He then walked back to his cruiser and drove off. I could have fainted.

  • BlackIce_GTS

    I don't know what to call this phenomena, but I first experienced it in Gran Turismo 3. Say you're driving an extremely powerful rear-wheel drive car, not racing, just screwing around. Put your foot finger down hard in first, and the rear wheels light up. It's okay, they're virtual tires, you don't have to pay for them. Now you have no traction in the rear, and if you try to go around a corner like this, the rear end is going to step out. Everybody knows that. Now, keep your foot finger down and shift into top gear. If you've got more than 800 imaginary horsepowers, you can keep the tires spinning up to redline in top gear, all while only really going 50km/h. NOW try going around a corner. The back end flies out like it got hit by a buffalo, you probably spin around 180 degrees almost instantly. Why'd that happen? Didn't you have no traction in first gear? How can you have less than no traction? It's nonsense! I assumed it was some eccentricity in the code that made this happen.
    Now say you're driving along in a not-that-powerful RWD car, but there's a fresh layer of slippery slushy snow on the road. Put your foot down in second, going about 20km/h. The speedometer says… 100ish, or something. But it's fine, because you're a really awesome pretend-car driver and know how to correct a drift, and you've become used to the snow anyway. Suddenly, the car has rotated 90 degrees and the front end is about an inch away from a big cement retaining wall.
    It turns out GT was right! When the tires are spinning 80km/h faster than the car is moving, you have a lot less traction then when they're spinning 5km/h faster then the car is moving.
    In the dollar theory of traction, this is the difference between not having enough money at a restaurant and you have to wash dishes for a few hours (does that really happen?) and not having enough money to pay a loan shark and getting your kneecaps broken.

    "That was excessively lengthy, and I did not go to the trouble of reading it": One time I almost ran into a wall but didn't.

    • TLDR.

      Actually, the interesting thing about tires at the limit is that they reach peak traction when they're slipping. On a modern radial, peak grip is at somewhere between 5%-10% slip, and then drops off beyond that. So a little slip is manageable, and even desireable. this is why a driving instructor at an autocross will tell you that you want you tires to be "talking" a little bit as you corner. Push it too hard, though, and you move past the peak of the curve… and then you're sliding backwards into a wall, engulfed in tire smoke.

    • wunno sev

      Thought experiment:
      Do a gnarly burnout in a black Firebird. Where is your left foot? On the brake, right? Why?

      Your assumption that GT was wrong was based on the premise that when the wheels spin, they provide no traction. In fact, this is not the case.

  • fodder650

    So it was then I said to him "Hello officer do you know I write for Redusernab?" and he told me that he was a fan of the site and let me walk.

    • DemonXanth

      And then the officer went back to his Elise…

  • OA5599

    In high school, I was driving with a lovely young lady on a 2-lane stretch of rural highway with little traffic. She found that an opportune time to, in a way that only a woman can do, show her affection and appreciation for my companionship. Unfortunately, while I was paying attention to her favors, I got distracted from watching the speedometer, and apparently passed a state trooper at 15 MPH over the limit.

    He wrote me my first speeding ticket. It was totally worth it.

    • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Back seat driving?

      Anyway I needed another excuse for a story of luck, sorry. Anybody see how closely there was a car spinning to the left and a car on the right as Danica Patrick went-by in the 500 this year? Something like that happened to me once on the 101 (though at much lower speeds) in the stretch approaching the Dumbarton bridge. An accident happened and I was in the right cause my exit was going to be coming up. I was behind a BMW 3 series and I was in my C70. That guy in front decided to slam on his brakes and stop though! My car was not going to be able to stop in time, I was going to hit him in the back and there was traffic behind, I did not want to be hit by those cars. I thought that there was room to the left of that BMW, so I went for it, then I noticed a Camry to my left hit another guy that had stopped and it started spinning towards me, but I continued on through and saw the Camry spin into the BMW just behind me in the rear view mirror. I also remember looking at the BMW driver, and thinking 'you idiot why are you just stopped there.' I was the last car through of a mutli-car pile-up that shut down that stretch of the 101 that morning.

      • OA5599

        I'm already walking the TMI line here, but we were both in the front seat.

        • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

          Oh so she was fiddling with your knob, dang that wood have been distracting with it obstructed by the wheel there in the Challenger.

          • OA5599

            That was before I had a Challenger. My high school ride was a Dodge van with a steering column that was somewhat vertical and seat tracks with lots of travel.

            <img src="; width=500>

  • hedgedigger

    yes, i have gotten lucky in several cars.

  • gearhead_318

    We a month ago I was driving on freshly salted but otherwise dry roads in my '97 miata, I was driving towards a T junction and not using my brain at all. I was going fast for this turn in normal conditions, which is slippery even when completely dry and free of any debris like road salt or sand. I went from third to second gear just before I turned and as I turned I gave the car some gas, just enough to brake the rear end loose more then I had intended, I tried to correct but ended up over corrected and spinning the car around 180*. Luckily there was no other traffic and me, my car, and more importantly my lil brother (who was on his ten days leave after graduating Marine Corps Recruit Training at the infamous Parris Island Recruit Depot). Anyway, about halfway through my spin I noticed something that I did not want to see, an Ohio Highway Patrol car. I got the car turned around, turned it off, and put my four way flashers on as the trooper pulled up behind me. Turns out he was pretty cool, he asked me what happened and I told him that I misjudged the road, not accounting for the road salt or sand (the truth), he believed me. He ran my license through the computer, told me to be careful and sent me on my way. He looked kinda tired and like he just wanted to get wherever he was going, in any case I am grateful.

    • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      I did a 270 at an intersection in my MPV. I had just come back from CA to IL and had forgotten how to drive in the winter. Also the MPV was RWD with all seasons. It was a right on a yellow onto this bridge that went over rail road tracks, so I was booking it to not have to wait and be late to my new job. Where I was spinning there was no guard rail yet but a decent drop cause it was already up high for the bridge. Somehow I did not fall but now the light was green. I continued forward and across from the wrong way lane at first to the correct on my right in the intersection. I wonder if people thought I pulled an amazing stunt to make a left without having to wait for the green arrow. Instead I was really scared and shaking from adrenaline. I pulled into a parking lot pretty soon to calm down.

  • theTokenGreek

    my best was one Tuesday night in the not too distant past, I was southbound on the Jersey Turnpike with absolutely no traffic (approx 2am), and I found myself lost in conversation with the young lady in my passenger seat. Naturally, I lost track of other things… to the inclusion of both my speed and surroundings. All of a sudden, I notice that I'm overtaking a police officer's car on his right. Freaking out, I glanced down at my speedometer only to see the needle somewhere to the right of 110. Cue life flashing before eyes. The officer's reaction was to match speed with me (I'd let off the gas a bit at this point and started mentally preparing myself for being arrested), flash his lights once, and point at me. He then darkened ship and sped off, while I finished pulling over to come to grips with how close I'd come. I managed to not learn my lesson until three tickets later, all that same year. I have never been so scared in my life.

  • JayP2112

    I've done some crap in cars. Spinning out, missing other cars, just sheer luck that I failed to cause too much carnage.

    Incident with the law: Nigel and I were driving in the old Beetle back from town after spending the afternoon at Mr Toad's Stereo shop. The road home went to a split 4 lane to a 2 lane. An old Camaro was in front and I passed it going 60 in a 40. I FAILED TO NOTICE THE UNMARKED WHITE CHEVY CAPRICE TAILING ME 10 FEET FROM MY BUMPER.

    Lights on and I pulled over… took both our licenses. I was 16 and never been pulled over and we were ascared. Comes back after what seemed an hour and asked what the hurry was. I wanted to pass the Camaro. He asked why and my stupid response was…
    Because it was there. He said, "Son, don't be stupid," handed us our license and we puttputted home.

    Supernatural: Driving on a dark highway with some pals, I slammed on the brakes at 90 just to be a d-ck. Nigel cursed, then said 'Oh Hell!' We were going the limit whereas the car that just passed me was nailed with radar. I had no ideal there was a Trooper on the other side. Nigel though I'd seen the Trooper… nope.

    The other time was on the highway- I was behind a dump truck following closer than I shoulda for about 3 or 4 miles. Passed it on a whim and as soon as I got past the rear tire, it exploded. I'd never seen such a thing and I'd been in a world of hurt had I been back there.

    • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      One time something fell out of the back of a truck in front of on the 405. Whatever it was, it was huge, I'm pretty sure it was a couch. I was going something like 80-85. My wife and kid were sleeping in the Volvo. Time slowed down, I remember everything from that instant to this day, it was really weird. I'm not a good driver, but I was able to think, if we hit I want it to be me and my kid and wife as much away as possible. I hit the brakes really hard at first, but not going to stop nearly in time, I thought that I had better turn in this way with the front dug down for the turn, that this was good, but get way off the brakes as I turn so the car would not roll. So I did. I also thought the car might slide sideways and me right into it, but again that put my wife and kid the safest away and I was fine with that. Somehow I evaded it, quick right then left. The car really did lean at a sever angle, but somehow it did not roll and I gave it gas for the left! I think that helped too, again I have no idea really just that I was lucky. I also had a brace across the front shock towers in that car. I've never done anything like that to a car before or after. It might have helped too. Anyway was really lucky that moment, the odd thing is how I can remember it all so clearly and how somehow it seemed like I could think so much through in such a short period of time. Later I read some about this, and there is disagreement about how much of that is the adrenaline and all that and how much is your brain after the fact making things fit. All I know is that at that moment we all had a ton of good luck.

  • owlman

    Probably many things in almost 1m miles but here's two:

    Doing high 90s in a white Maserati closely followed by a black Porsche turbo in a 70 zone near Gloucester England. The Traffic Officer was actually pointing his radar gun at us. I lived in fear of the post for a fortnight but neither of us ever got a plain brown envelope in the post…what was the guy doing?!!

    Its 1987, the motor on my Citroen BX has a habit of cutting out when I braked hard. I'm heading for a 90 degree bend with a high stone wall on the outside. The motor cuts out killing the power steering. I'm still doing 60. But I just manage to get the motor restarted and power to the steering before I have to make a sharp exit right. 900kg of lightweight composites and no airbag…that wall would have hurt… alot.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Romain Grosjean: Unlucky. Jenson Button: Winning!

  • njhoon

    The best might have been on the NJ Turnpike. Pulled over for speeding, the Trooper asked "whats the rush?" "well, I have to meet my girlfriend for dinner." He ran my license, came back to my car gave me everything back and said "No ticket, just slow down. 100 mph is too fast, even for the turnpike" I did 60 from the Raritan to the Lincoln.

  • vwminispeedster

    Got a warning from an Indiana State Trooper printed out on 8.5"x11" paper suitable for framing on the fridge for a couple mphs over the speed limit in a rented gold Buick Lucerne. I was flying home in 3 hrs and he knew I was unlikely to come come to Indiana so I think he took it easy on me. Put "N/A" for most of the info and just had to run my license for procedure.

  • AlexiusG55

    I was a passenger in a van driving along the M4 motorway from South Wales to London. I noticed that the rear bumper of the SAAB 9-3 convertible in front of us looked a bit weird, didn't think anything of it. 10 seconds later, another passenger told the driver to watch out for that bumper as it looked like it was hanging off the car. 10 seconds after *that*, the bumper fell off.
    We just about got round it (hazard lights on, slam on brakes from 70 to 20, swerve, pray), then I called the police.

    I don't have any "behind-the-wheel" stories about avoiding death or jail (touch wood), but I do have one about how I got my licence (as opposed to how I avoided losing it). The British test, as you may know, is fiendishly difficult by US standards- you can fail for unduly causing another driver to change speed or direction, including by driving too slowly. On my test, I got stuck behind a tractor towing some large piece of farming equipment that was wide enough to protrude over the centre line of the road. When I came up behind it, I was in a no-passing zone, but I knew that in about half a mile passing would be allowed again. Passing the tractor with the blades of the harrow or whatever it was sticking out would be tricky at the best of times, and I'd have to do it perfectly or I'd fail (if I got too close to the tractor or to an oncoming car). On the other hand, if I had an opportunity to pass and didn't take it, I might also fail for undue hesitation- there was a line of cars behind me, and by not passing the tractor I'd be stopping them getting around it.
    Just as the road opened out and the no-passing zone ended, the tractor turned off onto another road.

  • scroggzilla

    Not long after I moved to New Jersey, my then girlfriend (now ex-wife) and I are on the way home from the movies in Freehold on I-195, which is notorious for its heavy state police presences. I get pulled over doing 70ish in a 55 MPH zone, and I figure I'm boned. The trooper asks where I'd been, and I tell him the movies. "What did you see?", he asks. "The Fugitive", I replied. He laughs and says, "I hope you enjoyed the show", hands me my license, et al and takes off.

    Never underestimate the power of humor to get you out of a spot.

  • djam

    I was driving my tr3 in the winter in Michigan I raced to get my girlfriend to work on time everything went fine.But on my way home going the 35mph speed limit I went in to a dip filled with ice and hit a huge tree the front drivers side crumpled right in front of what they called a door the floorboard came up against the pedals I had no seat belt but held in there.I got out took the plate off and hitch hiked home just a stiff neck for a couple days.Cops stopped but no injury means see ya in Detroit no other car involved so no report.

  • 944tim

    5 AM on the way to work, Ice and snow. I was driving a Toyota van, 85 model, looks like a loaf of bread on wheels An S-10 pickup came up beside me and just as he passed he started to spin to the right. I braked lightly, it was a bridge so it was ice, and turned to the right, we slid in perfect formation for about 200 ft, I slowed down, he overcorrected and went off the road as he looked at me in panic. I straightened out and went to work, no muss no fuss. Later that day I heard a co-worker was in the ditch on that piece of interstate and was hit by a truck, broke both of his legs, he retired on medical.

    about six months later on the same stretch of road, I had a deer jump the median and break my windshield.
    As I was cleaning up the van later that day, I followed the hole that the deer's leg had made THROUGH the window and saw a smear of mud and broken glass on the ceiling right above my left eye. . I never saw it, not the deer, not the impact, nothing, it happened so fast.
    I wish I still had that van, but it rotted away.

  • Lex

    On the way home with the new e30, i crested a hill on I-94. Speed limit 70, and i was probably around 80 … which doesn't usually get you pulled over in Michigan. I let off the gas anyhow and my betterhalf behind me did too, but crept up on me a bit. Next thing i know, she's getting pulled over by the trooper. Yes, i should have pulled right over, but i went to the next exit and waited instead.

    She didn't get a ticket. He pulled her over and warned her that she was following too close. She explained the situation and that was that. I still think that he saw the e30 and was making sure other drivers were being careful with it.

    And maybe it's just me or Michigan, but i've been pulled over many times and never gotten more than 5 over. Even when the trooper tells me that he clocked me at 98 and could see me braking when i saw him. (I see no reason why 100 on an empty interstate is a danger to others, and i don't ride up on people or pass on the right or generally drive like a jackass.)

  • 4doornomore

    Twice in my driving life I've had a car try a double lane change in front of me, clip the bumper of the car ahead of me and 270 loop across my lane. Both times I blipped the brakes and missed hitting them by a matter of feet…maybe inches. Once was in peak rush hour on 101 south of San Francisco, the other was early in the morning on the Baltimore Beltway. I've had some scary moments, but nothing like actually seeing the terror in the eyes of the driver facing you at 75 mph.

    Also, blowing an upper radiator hose on my Corrado while playing cat-and-mouse in traffic on the Balitmore Beltway. Speeds were well over 100 mph. I pulled over in a cloud of steam while the Camaro and turbo Civic sailed by…followed about 30 seconds later by Maryland's finest. I kept expecting to see another cop pull up behind me, but none ever did. Id've lost my license for felony reckless driving for sure, and rightfully so. It was incredibly stupid.

  • Alcology

    My 84 honda prelude had some rough moments with the brakes. I was driving home at 7 in the morning from being up all night (no booze) and wasn't paying attention. At an intersection there was a red light I didn't see until the last second. I slammed on my brakes, skidded the whole way through the intersection, then continued on my way. Good thing it was early and no one was around. Another time it was raining and the brakes locked as soon as I touched them. Skidded a couple hundred feet towards a line of cars waiting at a red light but I managed to guide the car onto the should and skid up next to the last car in line. Couldn't see their faces but I'm sure their pants were as brown as mine.

  • domino_vitali

    i was driving my 88 Mustang LX (4 banger) with a fresh coat of wax and a full tank of gas. the roads were wet from a recent rain, and i was turning left to go home. the light turned yellow, then red. the traffic all stopped, and i proceeded to turn. as i was turning, the truck hauling lumber (the huge pieces of wood that go under trailer homes) going the other way realized it was going too fast and didn't brake early enough for the road conditions and weight of the truck. the driver floored it to get through the light the same moment i turned. i saw the truck in my peripheral vision and floored it, which had the usual effect of making lots of noise but no real change in speed. the truck hit the back of the car, behind the rear axle, and spun me around a couple times in the busy intersection.

    i was unhurt, but the irresponsible jerks actually blamed the accident on me. i vehemently denied turning in front of them when they had the right of way, as they clearly ran a solid red light after attempting to stop and losing control of the truck (the light was already red when i began to turn, which is common in this area since many people run reds). this debate went on in the back of the police car, me crammed in there with two filthy liars. i was worried about my driving record, my beautiful car, and extremely upset that 2 grown men would blame their carelessness and stupidity on a 17 year old girl in front of a police officer.

    then one of the luckiest things happened. a couple days later our UPS driver asked whether i had been in an accident recently. i explained that i was, and asked how he knew. "i was there" he said. he was the first vehicle sitting at the light, perpendicular to myself and the truck of doom, and witnessed the entire thing. he made a statement to the police to confirm my story, and the company who owned the truck was more than happy to cooperate after that.

    i learned an important lesson that day: sometimes you have to be lucky, not just right.

    • JayP2112


      • domino_vitali


  • texlenin

    Got stopped, and released, on a July 4th many years back just for driving a Datsun
    240Z and smoking a pipe.
    I may or may not have been going a mile
    or two over, but he didn't mention it, so
    neither did I………..

  • sporty88au

    I've only ever been let off once. We 13-14 years ago, on a Triumph Speed Triple, heading into the city on a Friday evening. Accelerated off a set of lights up to about 80km/h, just enough to give a bit of a safety margin ahead of the traffic behind me, before settling back to the posted 60km/h speed limit. Hadn't noticed the Highway Patrol car that was 3 cars behind me.

    Anyway, on came the disco lights, and he pulled me over about 2 blocks down the road. The driver gets out of the car and asks for my licence, so, off with the gloves and helmet, and out with my wallet to get my licence.

    • sporty88au

      As I hand over my licence, a WRX with 4 young men in it comes past. The police officer takes one look at them, returns my licence, and without a word, turns and gets back in his car. I put my licence back in my wallet, slowly put my helmet and gloves back on and rode off.

      We 2 kilometres down the road, there is the police car, parked across the front of the WRX, and all 4 WRX occupants were out of the car, 2 'assuming the position', hands on the hood, and the other 2 sitting handcuffed on the footpath. I still don't know exactly what happened there (I'm guessing stolen car), but I'm glad they appeared when they did.


    My most recent lucky moment was when I drove 140 km/h where 70 km/h was allowed (That's 87 mph in a 45 mph zone). I live in Israel but drive on a Dutch license. It was on a long straight stretch of road with two lanes going each direction. The only reason there was a 70 km/h speed limit was for some pot holes, I was not endangering anyone and the rest of the traffic behind me was going about the same speed.
    When I get pulled over, I always speak English to the officers, even though I do speak and understand Hebrew. The officer didn't speak English at all, but sign-languaged me over to his car. I heard him talking to the dispatch through the cars' communication system asking how to tell me in English that I drove to fast. He managed to tell me in English "you were driving too fast" while showing me his radar gun. With my innocent face on I told him: "I see…". He then asked dispatch what in the world "I see" meant. The guy on the other side started laughing and told the guy that this was going to take too long and to let me go. I got my license back and was on my way again 🙂

    They could have taken my license and sent me to court…..

  • Saxon

    We a year ago I was driving west on I-70 in Maryland and had my at the time girlfriend in the passenger seat. She drove a BMW and I came up behind a 5 series and was showing off a little bit in my G6 GT when I blew past the guy. Immediately blue lights come on and I look down and see Im doing somewhere in the neighborhood of 115. I pull over and the cop walks up and tells me he was doing 88 and I pulled away from him hard. He goes back to his car, comes back to mine and says "I don't know why Im letting you go…but I am. Don't ever forget this." Doing 115 in a 65 and he let me off with a verbal warning

  • sport_wagon

    What is luck?

    What is love?

    Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.

  • GlassOnion9

    I have some pretty good ones, mostly about friends wrecking their (or my cars) in my presence. The best personal stories though

    I used to drive I-25 from Las Cruces to Albuquerque NM a lot in college. One time I was driving home late in my '86 300zx, probably around 2AM. The interstate was completely empty, but I wasn't really going all that fast (probably around 80). In the middle of the trip there is a region of highway with a lot of canyons and arroyos, with a lot of fairly steep hills. Well, I came up near the crest of one of these hills and a dark car with absolutely no lights on flies past me. Going the wrong direction in the left lane of my side of the divided interstate.
    If I wasn't obsessive about 'drive right, pass left' I would have been in a 150 MPH head on collision.

    More recently, I was test riding a Honda Shadow for a friend. I was on some little back highway behind a full size dodge pickup. There was something moving around in the bed of the truck. Next thing I know, one of those large rubbermaid storage bins gets picked up by the wind and lands RIGHT in front of me. It was all I could do to swerve that big old cruiser around this huge chunk of plastic that is skidding across the highway.